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RE: Behind The Scenes Look At The Steemit Open Mic Selection Process - How We Pick The Top 3 Entries

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Holy Crap my man! That is..a lot of freakin' thoughtfulness that goes into selecting the winners...

  • Honestly I do not think I would be able to make it through all of them, I'm too fussy lol.. Much respect to all the judges for doing so.

  • The more I read this the more I though, this is a crazy post.. Goes a lot of places from start to finish and of course it brought me real low when read this part..

"it amazes me to see people trying to scam the Open Mic contest to get the reward but they do and we catch them and call them out."

  • WTF, that's just sacrilegious. Didn't think ppl would go that far. Glad that the screening process is so vigorous as to block that bullshit from happening.

BTW _________

Congrats on your steemfest tix! SteemFest is gona be that much better with you present and the music shenanigans are gona get crazy Mwhahahahaha .. cough cough...

Oh! and thx for the SteemBirds Include, I wasn't sure exactly why it was in the post, but in any case I...we both really appreciate the support immensely. We've been having a freakin' blast making music for Steemit, for Open Mic & of course for ourselves too.


I put your video in the post because it's fun.

We definitely are going to have some fun at SteemFest! I wasn't thinking of bringing my guitar though, are you?

Oh right on lol.

Ummm, we'll either bring 1 or we'll rent 1.

don't know the deets yet, however i'm pretty sure we'll be performing.

Awesome! What a blast, man. Can't wait to hook up.

Just made this post about you guys I think you'll get a kick out of.

How To Use The Steembirds To Keep People On Steemit And Make Them Fly Straight --- by @luzcypher

Ya, I read through it. It's pretty funny actually!

I might start responding to some of those msgs i get with a SB's vid haha.

We might have a new tune for ya this week. It's gona be pretty rough if we release it since we wrote and recorded it in like 15 minutes Sunday. I think you'll enjoy it though.

I'll Keep ya postd !

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