@blocktrades + @openmic - The entries so far... Check them out!

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The Steem Fest Ticket Store is open!

You can check @roelandp´s offical announcement here to check out who are the first speakers, event prices and some other details. I noticed a lot of people already booked the ticket but, we also know there are some Steemians striving to win one f the contests @blocktrades is sponsoring and get a free ticket and accomodation in Krakow during the whole event!

For those who can´t get enough of Posts about Steem Fest, we compiled all the entries for tis contest. Remember you still have time to join this contest, make sure to check out the rules in this post

Remember that on this contest YOU DONT HAVE TO SING, you only have to make a video speaking following the rules.

Don´t forget to check out the other contests @blocktrades is sponsoring and give it a go, perhaps you are the next person to go to Steem Fest with a free ticket!

Blocktrades + The writers block

Blocktrades + Steemit Poker League - Poker Tournament

So, the entries for @thewritersblock Steem Fest Ticket Giveawaya contest are:


My entry for the contest


Hey there my Steemit friends! Blocktrades and the Steemit Open Mic is having a steemfest ticket give-a-way to one lucky member of steemit. So I figured why not throw myself into the competition with a very special Travel Pro Video filmed just the other day from Independance Square here in Kiev Ukraine. In this video you'll learn all about what I do here on steemit and much more. Hope you enjoy, and best of luck to everyone participating!

My entry for the contest


Hey guys, welcome to my first ever dtube video...or first video ever for that matter! This is my entry into the Blocktrades and Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Giveaway (Original Post Here) and it is also one more step in my Unexpected Journey - Year Of Firsts, where I am trying to be a bit more real, do things I never would before and get out of my comfort zone. So, here I am ...unedited, unrehearsed and well.. totally uncomfortable, but its me...flaws and all. I hope it’s not as painful for you as it was for me! 😉

My entry for the contest


Normally, I would meat people in real life first and then befriend or follow them online. With Steemit it's the opposite, which makes this so interesting (and maybe also a little creepy!)

I feel like I already know some of you pretty well, even though I have never met you face to face. It's a very strange sensation. I know that I'm on a friendly basis with someone when I joke around with them. When I don't know someone yet, I'm mostly serious and polite. I think I'm on a non-serious basis with a whole bunch of amazing people here already, and feel like I have a rather large circle of online friends.

My entry for the contest


My name is Yonilkar as my username, I am from Venezuela I am a person who love simple things, music is part of my life and comedy too, Steemit makes me be a comedian for comedyopenmicespanol and I think comedy is health; it brings an escape from the sadness and joy every day.

I love music so much; classical music and Metal music are my favorite
Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach their music I love so much.

My entry for the contest

This is a @Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

@anomadsoul is a proud host of this contest, if you like what he is doing vote for @ocd-witness as witness here


Do I have time left to enter?

Yeah man it's til Sunday ;D

Good stuff.

Nice entries @anomadsoul! You and your brilliant ideas, they're always so engaging and brings the community together.

Awesome! My clip is almost ready, I just have to edit it, and I'll upload it before the deadline. :)

Wow, this is amazing,i love this contest

Wow, this is great. I think I'll participate in this contest!

Awesome! Good luck and don't forget to check out the rules!

Thank you to you, blocktrades and open mic for putting this on, such a great opportunity! I do know there are a few more people working on entries and I will spread the word a bit as well. Thanks again!

Let's get the word out there's still time!

@yidneth, @raj808, @abh12345, get on this 😄deadline is tomorrow.

Awww I kind of want to do it, but I'm about to be out for a few hours (been having a nasty cold and delayed it and wasn't aware that today was the deadline) luz posted on the open mic discord the deadline might be extended and I got confident... still there may be a hurried surprise try but not sure if I can make it :( ahhhh

Looks like it was extended @yidneth! Check anomadsouls latest post

Phew good to know because I just came home, Sunday is offf grid day snd we thought an easy trail to record a video and also next week open mic, ten hours carrying a harp, finally lost, returning after a steep dead end all the way back, wipped by nettles with no trail. Just collapsing, was hilarious though

ME encanta esto, amigo @anomadsoul.
Poco a poco se suma mas gente... Eso es maravilloso.


Not possible for me to attend it this year but I hope to attend in next year. Though my few friends are going and they will update about to. Wishing the best to you @anomadsoul

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Great to know who is coming ;) You are doing really grat work here.

@world-travel-pro I am so happy he is coming. The man of amazing adventures and cool Steem brother . :)

I cannot wait.

Greetings my dear old Steemit friend :)

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I noticed a lot of people already booked the ticket but, we also know there are some Steemians striving to win one f the contests @blocktrades is sponsoring and get a free ticket and accomodation in Krakow during the whole event!
It should be accommodation instead of accomodation.

Thanks I did Nazi that coming.

😂 This made me laugh entirely too hard...

Here is my Entry For The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway



Greetings my friend and I hope it is still time to do that ;)

See you in Kraków :)

Hy @technicalasia just upvoted you ,,,,,,,,,nice post

thx for the mention. But @luzcypher somehow said i did it wrong? I "just" sung but did not present myself.

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