Blocktrades + Open Mic: Steem Fest Ticket + Accomodation Giveaway!

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The Steem Fest season is on. We are officially three months away from the biggest Steem Blockchain event of the year.

Some might think it is too early to start with these Ticket Giveaway contests but @blocktrades will be giving away more than one ticket for this event so we decided to start as soon as possible.

Besides, people need to plan ahead and what better way to help them do so than by starting the contest season this early?.

This contest, in particular, the @blocktrades + @openmic ticket giveaway contest is mainly for artists and members of the @openmic community but this doesn´t mean only members of the community can join. This is a contest open for everybody and you don't have to be a musicians to win a ticket to SteemFest and the accomodation in the @blocktrades sponsored apartment in Krakow.

I'll say it again, you don't have to be a music artist to win this ticket.

If you don´t know what Steem Fest is, check out everything about it in @roelandp´s official announcement here, you can also have a look at the offical web page.

General info

A SteemFest ticket is one of the most amazing prizes someone from the Steemit community can win and @blocktrades and @openmic will do their best to make it as inclusive as possible and also striving to reward quality and commitment towards the Steemit and the Open mic community.

There will be two steps for this contest. The first step is right here, the second one will be announced once the first step is completed and only the winners of the first step will be able to join in the second step.

The Contest

The first step is very simple.

  • Record yourself on your cell phone

  • Tell us about yourself. The real person behind the Steemit username. After all, if you win, we´ll be meeting in person in less than 3 months.

  • Your story on Steemit. When did you join, why, how etc. How do you engage with the community, what do you do on a daily basis on Steemit or any of the other DApps.

  • Why do you want to attend SteemFest and what can you add to the community by attending.

  • And the most important part... This is an @openmic contest, so get on the mic and tell us the direction you would like to see Steemit move towards. The idea is to record yourself telling your fellow Steemians what you want Steem to become and how you think you can help that reality come true.

  • Once you made your recording, upload it to DTube, YouTube, or Vimeo then post it on your blog. Add any other pics or storyline you would like to include on your blog.

We'll pick the best responses and announce the winner.

How to enter your video


  • It is very important to say the words "Blocktrades and Open Mic Steem Fest ticket Giveaway" AND YOUR USERNAME at the beginning of your recorded video. Posts without those words spoken in the beginning of your live, recorded video do not qualify for the prize.


1.- The Title of your post must be "My entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest ticket giveaway"
2.- Include a link to this post.
3.- Only one entry per person.
4.- You have to use these 3 tags in this order "blocktradescontest" "openmic" and "openmicsteemfest" plus any other 2 tags you want
5.- You have until Sunday August 26th at 18:00 UTC to submit your entry. Entries submited after the deadline won´t be considered to go through the next phase. find your UTC time here
6.- It´s not mandatory, but we would highly appreciate if you resteem this post so more people can join the contest.

The Judges

This is an Open Mic related contest so the @openmic judging team will be the ones deciding who gets to join the second step of the contest.

I want to thank @luzcypher and the @openmic team for joining efforts to a lucky winner going to Steem Fest representing the @openmic community.

Judging Disclaimer:

  • The Steemit Open Mic judges reserve the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading.

This is a @Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

@openmic is an initiative supported by @pfunk, if you like what he is doing vote for him as witness here

@anomadsoul is a proud host of this contest, if you like what he is doing vote for @ocd-witness as witness here


This is SO exciting and on behalf of the Open Mic community would like to thank @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for their generous support!

After talking with the judges and @anomadsoul, we think it may be better to open this contest up to the larger Steem community so that even people who are not musicians could participate and have a chance to win a ticket. What do you guys think? Would love to hear your thoughts.

We Edited This Post To Include The Whole Steem Community. You Can Read More About It At Your Chance To Win A Steemfest Ticket Plus Accommodations Giveaway Sponsored By Blocktrades And Openmic --- by @luzcypher

I am already in Poland so participating feels a little like cheating :-)

Actually I am pretty bad with a mic and that's probably the real reason for my my evasive talk. Nevertheless I'll be keeping an eye out for some great entries that I know would be made.

I also might be going to Krakow in September and do some reviews for places that would be good to stay at for the steemfest. If you guys need any help in that area - give me a shout !

I love this so much! There are so many amazingly talented musicians on this platform and I was really hoping they would be well represented this year at steemfest. Combining the opportunity with the openmic community is just a perfect fit. Cant wait to see the entries! Awesome idea.

We decided to open this to all of the community, not just musicians. You can read the changes to this post for details.

@anomadsoul, Wow, this is awesome initiative by the Blocktrades for sure and in my opinion whoever is attending the SteemFest for sure will going to get an effective opportunity and what best surprise one want.

And yes, Music is an great addition in any event and it's great that in this contest musicians will going to get an effective chance and let's hope that some amazing musicians will going to make the SteemFest more musical.

And literally speaking Steemit Economy holds so many different contests and all these contests gives one or more opportunities and these opportunities are really productive and also these Contest Economy increase the Engagement Levels.

So let's hope that this SteemFest will going to be one of the best and let's hope that after the SteemFest we can hear about the more amazing projects and initiatives for the Steem Economy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

that is a really nice initiative by not only giving chance to musicians but to everyone

Greatttttttttttttttttttt! hahaha

I'll be on the lookout for the next one. Perhaps a utopian-io analysis post? :P :P :P

Nooooo we want to hear you sing Asher!! ;)

In Poland, after I've had 10 beers and a coaching lesson😛

I just might hold you to that! 😂

Ahhhh shit! I was hoping to not see a reply like this!

oh yesss, count me in =) Thanks Eric!

Awesome! I will share this with musicians I know!

Thanks man, let's hope a lot of people join this one!

We decided to open this to all of the Steemit community, not just musicians. You can read the changes to this post for details.

Brother's excellent post, always brother's success

Brother's excellent post, always brother's success

I getting ready to be at the great event but can't contest for this cos I'm not a musician. Hopefully, another opportunity will come for me to win a ticket

There will be!

We decided to open this to all of the Steemit community, not just musicians. You can read the changes to this post for details.

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I hope thre would be drawing contest soon...😊

Thanks guys! Let's hope more people see this and join!

Lovely idea buddy - as a music community driver for electronic music and DJ I am not an #openmic guy I fear but might consider a contribution. If I win I will donate to someone wanting to go there! I personally will not be able to go I am afraid.

That is really cool.

This is great from you man to donate the ticket if you win! Lets hope some of your musician followers join the contest.

That is terrible news, I was looking forward to meet in person, I hope there is still a chance you can make it!

Resteemed - no chance to attend Steemfest but you are always welcome in Germany - hit the car with @twinner or @alexvan and let us meet then in Munich

Excellent., Open opportunities @anomadsoul with such a good publication. congratulations for your work

I really appreciate the intention behind this contest, to help relief people of their cash overload while attending SF 3 in krakow, Poland. It is really nice. I just hope the category includes poet and other artistry skills soon enough...

Kudos @anomadsoul

There will be something related to wiring skills, that's for sure!

We decided to open this to all of the Steemit community, not just musicians. You can read the changes to this post for details.

great post @anomadsoul and @blocktrades. I have NO music skills whatsoever but would totally kareoke a song with an instrument but i assume that is NOT what you guys are lookin' for right ? anyway. please le tme know and ill create a submission

Of course man, every music creator is welcome as long as an instrument is played. So you totally qualify for this, looking forward to see your entry man!

We decided to open this to all of the Steemit community, not just musicians. You can read the changes to this post for details.

I resteemed this article for #japanese community. Thank you.

Thank you Yasu!

Good initiative, it's definitely nice to see some talented musicians join the coming up steemfest. I knew a few talented musician here on steemit, will definitely forward them about this contest :D

Let's hope a lot of people join! Thanks for spreading the word!

Great lets bring it to the masses. Love it.

Thanks for the promotion!

You got a 30.01% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

Really great initiative @anomadsoul!

Thanks man, let's hope a lot of people join this one :)

I guess am late

You're not late. It says right in the post:

You have until Sunday August 26th at 18:00 UTC to submit your entry

whats going here ??? something special ?

Yes, read the post. It is a chance to win a ticket to SteemFest, the largest gathering of people on Steemit of the year.

Awesome! Maybe I should whip out my Martins...

Would a past steemfest attendant qualify or is emphasis placed more on first timers?

Man you are more than welcome to join! Of course! :D

I heard from @margaretwise that you will be there, I am so happy to meet you in person.

Thank you that you recommended the witnesses. I have just organized some of my vote for witnesses. I told @margaretwise to do it the same ;)

See you soon in wonderful Cracow :)

Hey! Thanks for the witness vote arrangement! And yeah, you guys are some of the people i started following when I joined the platform so it´ll be very cool to meet in person!

AWESOMESS!!! great idea ;9)

Thank you for sharing this wonderful information with others. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что поделились этой замечательной информацией с другими. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I follow you, I hope for your reciprocity

Very nice content

This is so nice, @anomadsoul. I don't understand very well what the price is exactly about as I can barely infer that it's related to a musical-tripping experience. Anyways it motivates me to participate in the way as I, in a sense, want to finally grab in my hands that feeling of being part of... I know I am, and something tells me it should be an even bigger like sense of integrating. I actually am going to start to write my post and gon record my video this weekend when I get confortable and so ready. Thanks again for giving so much of you, and I'll contact you to make the translation to spanish if anyone has already done it.

Check out the links I provided in the post and you'll know what the steem fest is about!

We decided to open this to all of the Steemit community, not just musicians. You can read the changes to this post for details.

Ok,cool. Thank you, both, @anomadsoul and @luzcypher.