My Entry For The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway

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Hey guys, welcome to my first ever dtube video...or first video ever for that matter! This is my entry into the Blocktrades and Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Giveaway (Original Post Here) and it is also one more step in my Unexpected Journey - Year Of Firsts, where I am trying to be a bit more real, do things I never would before and get out of my comfort zone. So, here I am ...unedited, unrehearsed and well.. totally uncomfortable, but its me...flaws and all. I hope it’s not as painful for you as it was for me! 😉

Your Chance To Win A Steemfest Ticket Plus Accommodations Giveaway Sponsored By Blocktrades And Openmic --- by @luzcypher

Blocktrades Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Accomodation Giveaway --- by @anomadsoul

Thanks for going on this journey with me!

Much Love,

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I'm watching with crazy attention and loving every second of this...

That makes two of us!


❤️❤️❤️❤️ your support means a lot brother 🤗

Look I made a video and didn’t even pass out!! proud moment

Me too.


OMG count me in this love-and-fan club. 😍

Really? Were you so "afraid" to talk in the camera? Yayyy, I'm happy you did it, it came out all naturally!! Looking forward to the other clips that you're going to post! <3

Good points on Curation and about the engagement. I strongly believe as well that writing a comment, for example, is much more valuable than the vote cast itself.

You're such a lovely and cheerful person, I hope you win!

Ask me how long it took me to get up the courage to push that red button.. yes!! I was terrified hahha

Thank you, it was a good thing for me to do and I hope more videos happen due to it.

Thank you ❤️

So, how long DID it take you to push that red button?

I'm more wondering how many takes it took ;-) Pushing that button took you years ;-), but my guess this was the first take or maybe the 2nd or 3rd one if you count the testing with it. And zero cuts!

I wish you made some videos of your food stuff! Combined with the photography it will be making a lot of people hungryyyy!

  ·  last year (edited)

Loved your video and so many of your points resonate with me. Especially the part about building a bridge between the authors and investors of Steemit. I've been chewing on ideas about that for a while now.

Can't wait to meet you in person. So glad you're getting out of your comfort zone but have to say you looked very comfortable making this video. Very natural feel in front of the camera.

I've done lots of homesteading myself, but now I'm in a new phase in my life. I sold everything I own. Can fit all my possessions in one suitcase, a guitar, and a camera bag and am traveling continually to different places in the world. In a way, I guess you could say I'm getting out of my comfort zone too.

Maybe we can try some of your baked goods at Steemfest. Yummy!

Thank you! Yes, it’s something that I think could be a real turning point for the platform. We will have to chew on some ideas (and cookies) together at the festival to help make it happen.

I love that you are on such a journey, you are truly living outside of your comfort zone.. and what an experience! Looking forward to meeting you as well, now we just need to find an oven to make some baked goods 🤔

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support, it really does mean a lot ❤️

I have a place rented in Poland with some Steemians and it has an oven.

I heard somebody is bringing pies at Steemfest, though. :D

Lol @hiddenblade I feel a bake off coming on! Not to toot my own horn.. but I think mine are better than Mr. Pie’s 😏

I watched the ENTIRE video with a huge smile on my face. Love your perfect imperfection LL. :) You are such a sweet and genuine human being. I really have no words. Best of luck on all your new life changes, it's awesome to get out of your confort zone.

Thank you so much Gaby.. that is incredibly kind ❤️

I’m pretty sure this is as far out of my comfort zone than I have ever been before hahh. Your turn! 😉

Moves to @llfarms's vicinity so he can get visited with cakes and cookies...

This video was great , I loved it :D .. even tought you might not agree with me you are a camera natural ;) . I'm so glad to see you doing this and venturing out of your comfort zone with such a positive vibe , every new adventure brings experience and treasured moments .. so I'm glad you are going out there to collect those :) !

Well , I'll be cheering for you in your journeys !

I'm also keeping it real

Thank you, no I don’t agree with you but hey.. maybe they will get easier after the first one and it’s something I can start doing more 😬

Love the real ness little piggy 🤗

It always gets easier the more you do it.

me too Pechi, and handmade lotions and lavender sackets and cookies and cake....
I am moving too! I'll help in the garden!

This sounds like heaven..

She is very natural on the camera I must say.

What a lovely and honest video. You are so sweet! :)

I also love baking! But I don't have that many friends in Switzerland so my husband has to eat most of it, lol!

Thank you so much ☺️

Haha! I am sure he doesn’t mind too much! There is just something so warm and homey about baking... the experience is almost as good as the end result 😉

Oh, he always asks me to bake just 1 piece (as a joke) so that he doesn't have to eat the same cake for more than a week!

You know.. I like baking but don't like sweets so at the end of the day he's left alone with it :) are a dork. jk...great video I hope you win.


I totally am though! Thanks so much, I appreciate the support ❤️

Welcome to dtube. I'm left handed too 😁 you did a great job on video. Keep making those videos! Love that you homestead too.

Thank you so much!!

Oh you get the struggles then? Haha

I appreciate the kind words and will do my best to continue with the videos, thank you!

This makes me not want to enter the contest!

I don't think I've seen a more honest, open, friendly, sweet blockchain entry than this, and for that you totally deserve to win this contest!

So impressed with your first video for dlive, good luck to you, and hopefully I'll see you at the festival :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Nope, you can’t get out of it that easy! I expect to see a video by this weekend or I am coming for the pies.. it won’t be pretty.

you can cross that sweet part off your list up there if you need to.

In all honesty.. thank you for your amazing encouragement, you really are a good egg! I appreciate all you do 🤗

Apparently your pies are better, you don't need mine!

I'm working on my entry, just to make the numbers up. 😜

You deserve it, Carl getting naked for ya is a sure fire sign.

Yes, look forward to your entry.

Thanks! Happy to see it's been extended!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hahaha... when you have reached the level that men are taking off their clothes to get you to SF... there really is nowhere else to go. I’m pretty sure I just won the award for coolest friends.. now, when can we expect yours 😛

Of course you read the comments and saw that 😆.. I just meant I think I could out bake you.. no one can make better pie charts than you 😉

Looking forward to your entry.

Saturday or Sunday morning I think, i'm waiting on my fan club :P

when you have reached the level that men are taking of their clothes off to get you to SF... there really is nowhere else to go

I have no words other than, I agree!

You are so genuine and grounded. That's a rare trait to have. Every second of this video brought a smile to my face. Continue being amazing and real!

Wow Jazz, thank you ☺️... that is incredibly sweet of you. I’m blushing a bit.. ❤️❤️❤️

You go girl! I'm proud that you were able to do this video and actually publishing it. You are so inspiring <3
And uhmm you look badass!!! And sexy when you talk :D
Okay boys, take note. XD

You're telling me if I look like @llfarms I'll be a sexy boi?!?!?!

That is not what I meant originally but.. Yeah and THAT too!!! LOL :P


Good luck, girl!
That says a lot that Steemit made you record
your first Internet Video ever! :)
Greetings from Berlin,
& Respect to all
"free" / independent

Thank you! Right!?! I’ve gone 32 years without a video in existence... it took Steemit to make it happen haha.

Still, i recommend you stay as you were & use the internet as little as possible...haha ;)
Just a little steemit...
Let's start with telepathy :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lele, you are so adorable * ___ * love you and your spirit <3 gosh~ so brave, too <3 certainly you're inspiring me heaps and heaps <3 oh i also join in january 2018 :D AMAZING PEOPLE OF JAN 2018 AM I RITE


and you're so real and beautiful and and and i love how you see the world and your passions, like self sufficiency and yeah totally i think people are too busy being busy and really it's such a terrible burn out on the world's minds and resources... . __ .

I listened all the way through and I think you're wonderful * ___ * even if you're a little dorky, you're a great and warm person that brings so much <3 <3 <3 I've been fortunate to have come across your path and to have met you through steemit <3 i wish you all the best :>

Love you and all your imperfections and I need to work on mine also, trying to be less shy and all that, yeah. You're really motivational * ___ *

Um, good luck in the contest <3 I think you are amazing * ___ *

Oh spider... you are just the sweetest!! We are the Jan 2018 club!! Funny I always like to see who is still around and active who joined at that time. To join when Steem was so high and still be here today, dedicated as ever shows a lot I think. We are in it for the long haul 🤗.

It means a lot that you feel motivated, that’s my whole goal.. to inspire others to go for their goals too.. step out of the comfort zone and really start living. Thank you for that ❤️

So happy to be on this Curie journey with you too.. you are such a phenomenal curator because of the passion you have for supporting the amazing content creators on this platform.. that is so important. Thanks for being you ❤️

Very well done. I wish I could exit the comfort zone so successfully as you. You speak very well to the camera :) I hope it is not your last video either.
Good luck on the ticket giveaway!

Thank you!! I appreciate that.. I have to say that if it was for the accountability of telling individuals I would, it probably wouldn’t have happened. I am gonna do my best to not let it be my last, thanks 🤗

You're too pure and inspiring! I don't know what else to say

You are much too sweet to me 🤗 thank you

I agree curation and retention is a huge deal . Curie and helpie, one love , pal. We are spoiled with many groups to give support both technical and emotional :)

I agree 100% and thank you for the moral support today, very much appreciated 🤗

So glad to see your face and hear your voice! Look forward to getting to know you! There’s just something weird about talking to a camera. I feel your pain. My husband pushes me a lot!

Oh my gosh, so so weird hahaha! Thank you, I really appreciate that. I’m glad he does! You guys have really done something great ❤️

Thank you! 😊

You did a great job with the video. You are a natural

Thank you so much! I appreciate that, you guys are pros 😉

All the power to you! So happy to see almost live!

🤗 Can’t wait to see you come November! Thank you 🙏


Really enjoyed listening to you, you have done very well and it feels like you prepared well for your interview and touched all the area of your activities, glad to learn you more Justine. By the way, the scene bhind you looks really beautiful nature, I love the big tree behind you.

I wish you all the best and fingers crossed you give have a chance to visit Steemfest!!!

You’re are too kind, thank you! I don’t know that prepared is what I was exactly.. I just sort of winged it. But I was going for something a bit more raw and exposed so I’m glad it worked.

It’s a beautiful oak tree that is perfect for reading a book under ❤️

You're more beautiful than I imagined. So spirited and awesome. You are bad.

Dante is here No Fear


Well goodness Dante, Thank you! ☺️

That was a wonderful look into your character and the foundation of your philosophy of life ... we are fortunate to have you involved with the Steemit platform ;9) Have an exceptional time at Steemfest ;9) Cheers!

Thank you so much Gibber 🤗

best wishes, totally hope you get to go, well deserved!

Thank you!! I am hoping everything works out as well.. thanks for always believing in me 🍪🍪🍪

Great job! You killed it! I am a South paw too we are special LoL
Someday will have too introduce you to my daughters. I think you all would hit it off. @justhempit is my youngest. I have not got my other daughter posting yet. But we all live around the hills

Thank you!

Lovely! Bet I'll beat you with dorky issues...Loved every moment of it!

Hahaha! Thanks so much, really appreciate it ☺️


That was a very nice intro - I joined last Nov but have not really used steemit since recently. But from my little knowledge you hit on some good points with curation and connecting with people. Much happiness to you and your endeavors - peace

Awesome, you make me create my entry.

You're beautiful! Great job and good luck.

Thank you ☺️ very sweet of you

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Wow youre so down-to-earth and very inspiring! Kudos to you LL for getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to try out new things! Looking forward to your steemfest stories! Godspeed! 😀

Hey thank you so much Andy, that means a lot ❤️

wow.... you're so awesome @llfarms!

then i watch it 1.25x speed and you were 25% more awesome!

then I tried 1.5x speed and daem...woman! you became 50% more awesome!

it was way too much I dare not boost you any further to 2x speed! :D

oh yeah...u so deserve to steemfest hope you win plenty.....Muuuuuaaah!

Dear llfarms, I am so proud of you. I just have no words for the respect you already have from me. I can really relate to your story and if you want to know a bit more about me please feel free to visit my page! I just uploaded a song for the competition aswell and I think you will maybe like it aswell. your not alone and we are all searching and trying to find that what makes us happy. I wish you all the best and enjoy and good luck her on steemit but also in your offline life! much love, Laura xxx

Oh thank you! I really appreciate that! Good luck to you as well and I will check out your song 🤗

Such a beautiful video... It made my day... very pleased with it... I Wish you great luck for your future life.. May all your dreams come true and you get successes..

Thank you ❤️

Hi @llfarms! Like I Said loved watching your video I resteemed it to let you know my support! For how long are you active on steemit? And what do you like about the platform the most?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hey! I started in January and have posted at least weekly since then.. I think I like that it is bringing people together and sharing stories, talent, knowledge as well as building relationships. I think it’s special.

Awesome first video on the internet ever! I don't like heights either...

Thank you! Yeah I am such a wuss 😂

Wooooo enjoy also help us on this platform, as i am new and need ur support...

˙ƃuᴉɯɯɐds ɯoɹɟ sƃɐlɟ ǝɯos ɥɔʇɐɔ ʇɥƃᴉɯ noʎ 'sʇuǝɯɯoɔ ɹǝɥʇo ɹnoʎ ʇno pǝʞɔǝɥɔ ˙˙˙ʎppnq ɹɐɟ noʎ ʇǝƃ ʇuoʍ ƃuᴉƃƃǝq ǝʇoʌ

If you need help join discord communities and network. Be a good steemian and the votes follow.

If you hadn't mentioned it was your first video ever, I wouldn't have any idea! Haven't actually watched any of the other Open Mic entries yet, but you sure seem like a good fit for the ticket. Wish you great unexpected events on your journey!

I've not been disappointed. I knew it, I knew it. This video is lovely... no, not really, it's you who is lovely. Your spontaneity​, the simplicity and the honesty you transmit is priceless...

This video exceeded my expectations :-D

I wish you all the best.

nice video @llfarms =) I wish I had watched yours before making mine, because I think the 3 random facts are a great idea!!! I guess it's too late now =( But I look forward to meeting you in Poland!

I’m looking forward to meeting you as well!! Heading over to watch your video now ❤️

Maybe we can do 3 facts in one of the roadtosteemfest posts, that might be fun!

Thank you!

yes that's a brilliant idea =)

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Damn dude... harsh.

It’s super confusing when discord jokes transfer over to my posts. Lol... been happening a lot lately.