My Entry For The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway

Hey there my Steemit friends! Blocktrades and the Steemit Open Mic is having a steemfest ticket give-a-way to one lucky member of steemit. So I figured why not throw myself into the competition with a very special Travel Pro Video filmed just the other day from Independance Square here in Kiev Ukraine. In this video you'll learn all about what I do here on steemit and much more. Hope you enjoy, and best of luck to everyone participating!

[Your Chance To Win A Steemfest Ticket Plus Accommodations Giveaway Sponsored By Blocktrades And Openmic ]( ) --- by @luzcypher

[Blocktrades Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Accomodation Giveaway]( --- by @anomadsoul

With over 12 years of travel experience I answer travel and international lifestyle questions. Leave a question in the comments and I may make a Steemit post just for you!

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Video/Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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Thanks for the shout out!

You've been consistently creating amazing value that will live on forever on the Steem blockchain. As my family travels in the future, I look forward to reviewing all your content and benefiting from it. I hope you win the contest!

He shouts out to you @lukestokes (and the story he said in the video) all the time. First time when I met him in NYC as well, exact same Steem life story! haha :D

Great talk right there @world-travel-pro and the video's much smoother just like @chefsteve said and I love the bg where you are ! :D haha

I've been making all the contents from what I've been traveling lately and didn't find time to enter the contest just yet. Now that the SF3 ticket price just announced.. That really makes me feel like, I need to make my post SOON! LOLOLOL

Hope to see you at the SF!! ALL OF YOU!! :D xoxo

Mo! So good to see your lovely comment. Thank you for stopping by. It was even better seeing you in person in NYC. What a great surprise it was. Along with Steve @chefsteve, and then hanging out with the @sndbox guys Mike and Kirk. It was a lot of fun....too bad it had to end in a traffic jam with me jumping out the car and running down the street to the bus station! lol

Steemit, the great uniter of all things good!

Looking forward to seeing you Krakow this November!

Same!!! Hope to see you again very soon! :) ❤️

How funny you met him too. We met at my house in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

@luzcypher, @mythrilweed, @donnaincancun, and @world-travel-pro

we met unexpectedly as I was intending to meet @chefsteve and he was meeting @world-travel-pro at the time in NYC! I love steem for this !!!! :D

It's so cool, right? Connecting in real life with Steemians is like meeting strangers but not strangers because you already feel like you know them from their blogs. It's remarkable and so much fun.

Thanks Luke! As you know, none of this would be happening for me if it wasn't for you! You're the best!

I totally agree with the good life of paying less get more. Actually, one reason why I have settled down in Romania temporary was to live cheaply and working on my steemit and investments. for 150 euro for an apartment in one of the Europes most beautiful cities with endless adventures.

If I was to get a job in Romania I might be able to get 250 euro after taxes for a full-time job. So basically blogging makes much more sense for me already.

It is lovely to see your perspective a little deeper on things and certainly motivates me, even more, to keep this lifestyle a reality. cheers bud! Hope you win the ticket :)

Thanks for leaving such a nice detailed comment. Romania, part of Eastern Europe where you pay less and get more. Great spot to let that travel budget recover. Smart! Of course stick to the blog or some other form of western style income.

I would never in a million years work in a pay less get more country, because as you say the other side of the coin is that you're paid a salary far less, a salary fit for the economy and expenses of such a place. The secret to a good, wealthy life for me and many who've figured this out, is a first world income, while living in a second/third world country.

A small western online/investment income of 2,000 dollars a month while living in a place like you are now, allows one the lifestyle of an income of maybe 10,000-15,000 dollars a month in our home countries. I recently had a luxury pent house sweet with a jet bathtub looking over the Black Sea in Odessa for a week. Cost me $24 dollars a night off airbnb! That would have been probably $240 dollars a night in South Beach Miami!

Pay less get more my friend! Life is good!

The secret to a good, wealthy life for me and many who've figured this out, is a first world income while living in a second/third world country.

Bingo! That is the ticket man and why I left the US. Life is SO good in other places in the world with so much less money, especially if your tastes lean more towards experiences rather than material things. You are wise beyond your years my friend.

Thank you so much for the kind words! It's going to be great hanging out with you and so many other like minded people in Krakow this November :)

Sweet video, one of my favorites you made. Your awesome for Steemit and there needs to be more like you here. When Bitcoin has its next big break out I’m really gonna get some more freedom. When that happens I wanna come with you for about three months or so and really see a grip of stuff. The good news is for you, I’m gonna bring A LOT more than 3k and we are both gonna live it up for a couple months. (I’m payin) I like your style man, keep em comin....and include donut grease in the videos so we can boost these views up! Bahahahaha

Haha! Mr Nutz! We need to get you a little Ukrainian Donut Grease of your own!

Don't be frontn'! West West Modufuka! As my Gs down in Compton say. You, I, a wallet full of bitcoin and Two Bags of Hot Ukrainian Donut Grease!....Let the games begin!

On another note, you're right! I should have my girl in the background of each video wearing a bikini and rubbing tanning oil into that soft smooth skin of hers! lol

Also I think I'll have to take your advice and do more videos where I just tell it how it how it is on a range of topics. Thanks for the encouraging words brother! BroncNUTZ all the way!

You and I travel the same way. I'm about to go to Thailand for 4 or more months and will have to pick your brain about it.

Thanks for making this video and look forward to seeing you again soon in Poland. Great video and love your content.

Thank you so much. Thailand is a great choice to hang out in for a while. You just have to choose the right places. My first time there was in 2002, a lot has changed, some places that used to be great have become over touristed, others have become sleezy, while other places that didn't even have electricity are now the perfect spot to go.

Chiang Mai in the north is always a big bang for your buck. Krabi Town Thailand and Raily Beach is one of my favorite places along the gulf of Thailand, Tonsai Beach I think you would enjoy thoroughly.

You may like Koh Phagnan just north of koh Samui, that is a great island. Haad Rin is where the full moon party is which I went to last year in October. But the Island also offers many other beautiful and more laid back spots to go, also this Island is still on the cheaper side. Compared to neighboring Koh Samui which in my opinion used to be a gem, but it got too built up and even now has somewhat of an economy of it own where things are just simply much more expensive. There is still no McDonalds in Koh's got a flavor of Thailand years ago also another reason I really like it there. Lot's of people to socialize with as well.

If you have any questions let me know. I've been all over that country with over a dozen trips and 2 years of my life. Thailand, total pay less get more exotic gem! I'll probably be heading back in January-February time frame for a few months.

But first the lovely Miss Travel Pro and myself are looking to take a trans-atlantic 17 day cruise from Barcelona Spain to Buenos Aires Argentina for 900 dollars first. Leaves shortly after steemfest, so the timing works out well. Then we'll work our way north towards Florida to see my dad, then fly Ft. Lauderdale to Bangkok hopefully for about $500 per ticket. Well see. Thanks for the support and glad you like the video!

You're going to love Barcelona. Incredible city throbbing with life, you can feel the pulse of centuries coursing through it.

I just went to Isla Mujeres today and on the ferryboat over sat next to a couple from Thailand who told me about an island called Similan, an untouched island off the beaten path, still pristine. I felt like I was handed a map by Daffy, the character in the movie The Beach.

May have to find my way there at some point. Do plan to make Chiang Mai my home base for a few months though.

Haha. I remember being 17 years old watching that Movie, the beach. Let's just stuck with me ;) Those hidden gem newly developed Islands in Thailand are the best. Like going to some enchanted place lost in time. So happy for your new Thai adventure, you are going to love it! ....y Barcelona, estoy seguro me alegre muchisimo. Q tenga un buen dia amigo :)

Great video @world-travel-pro. I hope you win the tickets and you get to give a talk at Steemfest.

Nice to hear my name mentioned.

I came here thinking you were going to sing a song because I thought that's what this open-mic competition was all about. 😂

Thank you. I'm thrilled that it held your attention. If I sang a song, your sudden reaction may be to throw your computer out the window! We wouldn't want that ;) Have a great day Gill!

your sudden reaction may be to throw your computer out the window! We wouldn't want that

Nope. We wouldn't want that @world-travel-pro. That would be the end of Steemit for me as I'm rubbish on my phone. 😂

  ·  last year (edited)

The beard is a new look for you, Dan! I think I like the new look. And a new girlfriend too! Life is good for you. Happy that you have found someone to share your passion for travel with. Good luck in the contest. I am not going to make this year but I can attend vicariously through your eyes when you go!

Thank you. Yes I try sometimes intentionally don't shave for a good 4 days, but after that things get a little itchy ;)

Thank you again for the kind words on finding a companion to share my Travel Pro Life with! lol It would be great to win these tickets and I'll certainly have a uniquely Travel Pro experience there to share with you:) Have a great day Cici!

I'm so glad you stuck with Steemit and it's paying off for you. Love your blog and content.

Totally agree about the community needing more of a middle class as you put it. This is a great video and I'm sure inspiring to many Steemians. Good luck!

I'm so glad I stuck with it too. Hopefully we can see a growing, thriving steemit middle class in the near future. Thank you for the kind words. -Dan

Hey Dan, I hope you win the tickets! I was wondering did you get one of those camera sticks that @waybeyondpadthai showed us in NYC? Your video looks a lot smoother now. If not your arm is a lot more steady now!! haha! I wish you all the best my friend!

Thanks Steve! Yes, I did. I got the exact one she showed us. I just need to use it more often. You know me, I never know when I'll be making my next video as I wander around. But it's come in handy and certainly improves my videos when I do bust that thing out!

Good luck and I think it's amazing how you can wander and document your time, we live in a great digital age full of possibilities.

Thank you. I've been wandering for well over a decade, but now documenting it and sharing it with others. Wow, a whole new rewarding thing for me. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon! -Dan

nice "meeting" you, @world-travel-pro! I like this get more pay less way of life =) Have been doing this myself for a while now. Hope to see you at steemfest!

That is great. Fellow pay less get more traveler. Love to meet like minded people here, and even better to meet them in person! See you at steemfest!

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your video is nice..i really enjoy your video 😊

Thank you!

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice move.

Thank you!