My Entry For The Blocktrades + Open Mic SteemFest Ticket Giveaway

Your Chance To Win A Steemfest Ticket Plus Accommodations Giveaway Sponsored By Blocktrades And Openmic --- by @luzcypher

Blocktrades Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Accomodation Giveaway --- by @anomadsoul

Sorry guys i did not mention my user name @felix.herrmann at the beginning. Hopefully you recognize my self made Steemit shirt and my continous posting on the plattform since October 2016.

▶️ DTube


Gundermann - Trailer (German)

Gerhard Gundermann: DIE ZUKUNFT

Gundermann - Der singende Baggerfahrer (MDR)

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This is really cool but did you read the rules to enter? It's not a singing contest at all. We decided to open it up to everyone even if you are not a musician.

Please read the rules in both the links to the contest you added to your post and try again. Thanks


Ok. I will check.