Blocktrades + The Writer´s Block: Steem Fest Ticket + Accomodation Giveaway!

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The Steem Fest season is on. We are officially three months away from the biggest Steem Blockchain event of the year.

If you don´t know what Steem Fest is, check out everything about it in @roelandp´s official announcement here, you can also have a look at the offical web page.

This is the second contest from the series. The first one is sponsored by Open Mic an you can check it out here

There will be more contest like this one, so please, focus in the one that fits your strengths the most, that way, you will have more chances to win the Steem Fest ticket and accomodation

Are you a writer? Do you want to go to Steemfest 3? If you answered “yes” to those questions, do we have an opportunity for you!

@blocktrades and @thewritersblock are joining forces with @anomadsoul to bring you our next contest: Write Your Own Ticket. This contest is open for everyone, but please know that the entries will be judged on writing skill and attention to editing detail, and that the second phase of the contest will call for fiction.


A FREE STEEMFEST TICKET! Along with apartment accommodations! It’s worth putting some real effort into this. Gosh, what a prize!

The Writers Block Discord is available to everyone who’d like to improve their chances of winning by improving their craft. We do hang out and chat about ridiculous things there, but we also have regular writing workshops that focus on the mastery of fiction and storytelling mechanics. So, if you’re interested in this contest but feel unsure about your ability to hold your own in a competitive environment, drop in and let us help you. That’s what we’re here for! Click our animated gif at the bottom of this post and it will take you to the proper link.

The Contest

Make a post talking about you. The real you, not an internet persona or public image. You don’t have to reveal personal details, of course, but we’re looking for sincerity and candor.
Tell us who you are on Steemit and what keeps you on the platform. What communities are you part of? How does Steem impact your day-to-day life?

Why do you want to attend Steemfest? What challenges do you face going, and how would you use the opportunity to improve your world and the Steemiverse overall?

The Prizes

The top ten entries of the initial contest phase will receive 5 Steem each, courtesy of @curie, and will advance to the fiction round. The top three entries in the fiction round will be awarded 10 Steem each, and the overall winner of the contest will get the Steemfest ticket and apartment accommodations!


1.- The title of your post must include the phrase: "Blocktrades /Writers Block Write Your Own Ticket Giveaway."
2.- Include a link to this post in your entry.

3.- Only one entry per person.

4.- Use the tags "blocktradescontest" and "writeyourownticket."

5.- You have until Thursday, August 23, at MIDNIGHT EST to submit your entry. Contestants who submit entries after the deadline won´t be considered for advancement to the next phase.

The next phase of this contest will call for fiction. We will ask you to write a short story under 2,000 words about a character overcoming great adversity to attend Steemfest. This can be a serious story about someone facing real hardship, or a funny story about someone suffering a series of unlikely (and hilarious) calamities, or anything in between. You are free to start working on your short story at any time, but DO NOT POST IT. Only ten entrants from the first phase will move to the second phase. Then you’ll get two additional weeks to write and polish a story. If you post a fiction entry before the second phase, it will not qualify as your submission to the contest. We’ll make another post next week with more information (and some tips!) about the fiction phase of the contest.

The Judges

The editing staff and admin of The Writers’ Block Discord will serve as judges. Any TWB member with an entry in the contest will recuse themselves from this process.

Judging Disclaimer:

The Write Your Own Ticket judges reserve the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading, fraudulent, or plagiarized.

This is a @Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

The writer´s block is an initiative supported by @noblewitness, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

@anomadsoul is a proud host of this contest, if you like what he is doing vote for @ocd-witness as witness here

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I love your hustle mate! How much content you put out is amazing. Keep going. Love from Germany! PS Just upvoted and started following you :D

Awesome initiative, will work on getting an entry in. I have been to Krakow before and it is an amazing location for Steemfest3

Already saw your entry, good luck man!

Cheers, just wanted to make sure you saw it because my posts have a habit of being camouflaged of late haha

Haha gotcha, no worries we saw it man :D

Great idea for a contest and an amazing prize. You literally can write your own ticket. Love it!

Anyone interested in the @OpenMic ticket giveaway also sponsored by @Blocktrades can read more about it and the rules on this link. Good luck everyone!

Want To Go To SteemFest This Year?

Your Chance To Win A Steemfest Ticket Plus Accommodations Giveaway Sponsored By Blocktrades And Openmic --- by @luzcypher

@anomadsoul, Awesome opportunity once again and now writers can participate and can get that golden opportunity for sure.

And yes, we have to showcase the sincerity when it comes to the Practical Aspects because when we are member of one platform then we should tell what we are doing and how well we are engaging.

Hope that so many entries will be coming because in my opinion, many Steemians want to join the SteemFest for sure.

So keep up your awesome work. And good luck to all the participants in this contest. And in my opinion for sure SteemFest Journey will be fun for everyone.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I was in 2015. especially Wawel is super and the idea is very nice

This seems to be an excellent idea although I have arrived a little delayed in the date, I will put a lot of affection in that story with a bit of fiction, to brighten up our lives a little and participate in this great contest, thanks anomadsoul for the idea, maybe it's I next on steemFest.

It would be a great blessing to attend steemFest

I think it is easier than the video of singing hahaha so I can do everything possible to compete thanks for the information!

Lovely idea!

Whoa! Would really love to try my luck here. Thanks @anomadsoul for this opportunity.

Good luck!! :D

Good opportunity for everyone! Going to resteem and wish everyone best of luck in the contests.

Thanks for the resteem!

Congratulations @anomadsoul!
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Amazing opportunity, thanks for organising such nice contests Eric @anomadsoul & @blocktrades!

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This is brilliant @anomadsoul I know what it means to attend steemfest a total achievement, a step up past normality and definitely surpassing all challenges and barrier to attend the most illustrous gathering of steemit topmost people no matter the status. I'm glad you and blocktrade is bringing this, I love the fact that it's a two phase contest and definitely it will NE intriguing, you don't know how happy I am that somebody will eventually be empowered to attend steemfest and you've made this possible no matter what. There's definitely nothing bigger and better than this. Cheers my friend I'm so elated by this.

Sounds interesting. Not hoping to get the ticket. Just wanna get to write. :)

Another cool contest, Eric. You are really putting a lot of efforts in giving away SF3 tickets to the most talented Steemians!

Congrats, this post is featured on my news show today :D

Oh my God, you've just given me something new to write! :O I must get on to this because I am dying to get to Steemfest <3

It sounds very interesting. But I am a very new to steemit. I think I should practice before any competition.

Its never too early to join!

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

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Ooooh! I'm going to apply! Thanks.

Great chance for content writer to shows their skills and win something good and make name on steemit platform , I support these contest , thank you

I follow you, I hope for your reciprocity

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