Thanks for the review of 0xUniverse, as I haven't seen any other reviews about it so far. The German text on the screenshots are a bit hard to read, that doesn't really fit with the English language in the review itself.

I did really like that you are showing your own planet, and continued the review after a day, so we get some more feeling for the gameplay.

Meta review score: ☄️☄️☄️☄️

Here is my review on World of Ether

I just got a retweet from World of Ether's official Twitter handle, it feels so cool (smiles)

Good review, I like that you put the game it in context and compare it with similar games. A critical tone with good reasoning is always welcome!

Meta review score: 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

No worries @menoski, I have seen your review about CryptoKitties :)

You make a nice comparison between human beauty traits, family trees and the appeal of CryptoKitties. Very insightful!

Meta review score: 🐾🐾🐾🐾

Another good review by @menoski. I don't have much to suggest as improvements :)

Meta review score: 🐪🐪🐪🐪

I was becoming a bit worried since I got no review comment from you @mids106 on my last 3 reviews.

Thanks for the Meta review score, it was your first suggestion, I used to improve my other reviews. Thank you very much @mids106

No worries & sorry for the delay. Writing reviews is hard work 😉

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I understand @mids106 and I really appreciate your efforts

hey @menoski - Love the review! Well presented with images inserted at the right places!

What would have been even cooler, is to see a live battle from your own Axie's and/or an image from your Axie collections.

You mentioned having played many games, how does Axie Infinity compares to the ones you are familiar with?

Anyway, loved it and found it very clear!

I would make sure I make use of all you have said to get a better review article next time.

I'm glad you loved it and big thanks for reading it through @ctrlalt

Also thanks for your nice feedback

Good job on getting the first review of this task out. As I mentioned on Discord, you did certainly raise the bar :)

  • The story is a compelling read, which gives me a good feeling for the gameplay of EOS Knights.
  • You have experience writing game reviews, and that shows! Your criticism for the game is well substantiated.
  • The screenshots are not very suitable, you could crop the relevant parts rather than showing fullscreen desktop shows everywhere.
  • The initial title wasn't great and mentioned Oracle-D which is a big no-no per their guidelines, but you have improved it fortunately :)
  • Your post has too many post & unrelated advertisement for my taste.
  • Tweet is lacking flavour, has no text and has too many tags. Your Twitter profile is missing a profile picture :(
  • State of the DApps mention is subtile and fits right into the story.

Meta review score: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thanks for the meta review! I think some of those things I can improve on...

The Twitter related parts, I really have to get more use experience with it. I have the account, but I pretty much never use it, so I'm a bit of a novice with it, but I will definitely put up a profile picture!

Yes, probably I should have cropped the screenshots! It didn't occur to me, as that is how I interact with the game!

Im afraid the change to not mention Oracle-d came after I had published, so unfortunately, I couldn't edit link address, however, I was able to fix up the rest!

He he, you don't like upgoats? They are cute!

.. But thank you for the feedback, it will help improve my writing for the future!

Hey @bengy - Great review, lengthy without feeling lengthy. I like that you share some desktop screenshots, but it would have been great to have a closer look at the images.

I have to say that it is very clear, so good job on that. One thing that disappointed me for an informative review was the self-promotional part at the end... Besides that: 😎

Thanks, I will keep the screenshot idea in mind for next time, I didn't realise they wouldn't zoom easily! I will likely just take photos from my smartphone as that seems to be the easiest way to get better results.

Which part of the self promotion was not so good? The Ledger advert? Or the community banners?

Here's my review on EOS Knights. I think I earned a retweet from SOTD. will be expecting a review. Thanks.

Thanks for your review. It is a pleasure to read, visually well formatted and even your tweet is an eye catcher.

After thinking hard, I only found two things to improve:

  • There are still a couple typos that get distracting, for example frequent use of lowercase “i”. In English, the nominative form of the singular first-person pronoun, "I", is normally capitalized, along with all its contractions (I'll, I'm, etc.).
  • I would like to see more review feedback & critique interwoven with the game play description, as well as some personal flavour. Which character did you pick? Are they well balanced? Is the marketplace intuitive and fairly priced? Are the pets any fun, what is the name of your pet and does it listen when you call it?

Overall, I think you did an excellent job with your review.
Meta review score: 👑👑👑👑👑

I've never had a better review! I know what to do next! Thank you.

I've never had a
Better review! I know what
To do next! Thank you.

                 - pangoli

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for your article, let me give you my feedback:

  • Nice story, it reads well and has a good introduction, body and conclusion.
  • In game review I want to read positive aspects, as well as criticism, plus your conclusion / recommendation if and why I should play the game. You mentioned some of this in your conclusion, but I’d like to read more of your personal feedback!
  • Good choice of screenshots, they really support the story.
  • Title can be improved, it is a bold claim for an app to be the first, I would be critical in copying that. Tags and category are good.
  • Tweet is okay, a bit too many tags for my taste.
  • State of the DApps mention is subtile and fits right into the story.

Hopefully you can use these points to your advantage in future tasks!

Meta review score: 🐲🐲🐲🐲

Thanks for the feedback, it is really helpful. And I would definitely make use of them in future tasks.

Thanks again @mids106

Thanks for your article, let me give you my feedback:

  • Great story, I like how you follow up on your previous review of the game.
  • Unlike many of the other articles for the task, you give a game review and share your opinion! Much appreciated :)
  • State of the DApps is mentioned as an after thought, it could be better embedded in the story.
  • You make compelling Tweets, a bit too many duplicate mentions maybe. No need to use punctuation between tags.

Hopefully you can use these points to your advantage in future tasks!

Meta review score: 🦄🦄🦄🦄

Thanks for the points much appreciated, I will put them into use next time 😁

Compelling review! I think I'm gonna go and play the game now 😁

Thanks, the more the merrier 😁

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Thanks for your review of CryptoKitties.

As a little feedback: when you mention the 7 steps showing how the game is played, I'd write your own text to explain in your own words what the steps are. Some screenshots can provide supporting content, but reading the text with the small front size is difficult.

Meta review score: 😼😼😼😼

Can you link your Steem post as well? The link "Steemit post" isn't to your article, but to the task description.

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Edited @mids106 now Steemit post will redirect you here

Thanks for your second submission, I can see that you improved your review based on the feedback for your previous submission. Good job :)

You have some typos in your article, for example a space too many or missing. Please review an article carefully before posting it! While an article with typos can still be understood by the reader, it looks less professional and is more distracting to read.

In your conclusing you compare Gods Unchained with Heartstone. I’d love to read more about your comparison with it. How is it different? Which one is better and why, etc? This would make the review more interesting to read.

Meta review score: ⛓️⛓️⛓️

Thanks a lot for the review. And am happy I have improved a bit and with the corrections, will get through again. Thanks a lot

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