FInd, Rent And Sell Planets In The 0xUniverse

Do you think Cryptokitties is something for small girls? Maybe you would join this first, most famous and still successful blockchain game, but you cannot seriously brag with some cute and funny kittens. 0xUniverse is a game with a similar principle but in a total different genre. Here you can collect planets and "breed" spaceships. They also belong to you, hopefully raise in value and are saved in the blockchain. To start the game you need a Metamask-addon in you browser and some small amount of Ethereum. It can be less than worth of 5 US $. When you open you are welcomed with this clearly starting page. You can click on every button without harm. The trophy-button shows in very short words, what the goals of this game are:

1. Register

2. Buy Planets

3. Grow Knowledge for spaceships

4. Build spaceships

5. Sell planets (and get your money back)

Here one can see the startpage of the game. On the right side are the menu buttons.

When you click on the register-Button (the Button with the person symbol) , Metamask opens and asks you for confirmation, that this app is allowed to send Ethereum. You also need to confirm a button send in an email.

After clicking on "connect", you are requested to sign this Metamask-0xUniverse connection.

Now it's time to buy your first planet. Therefore you click on the planet-symbol. Then you get a selection of planets. The more people and resources they have, the more valuable they are. I started with one of the cheapest planets. Be aware, that it takes some hours or days, until you get the planet. This time is announced below the offer.

This is my first planet. I'm proud to own it :-)

If you don't like the name of the planet, you can rename it:

Each transaction costs a more or less small amount of money.

After a few hours I got this planet. Then I started to develop a spaceship. This also costs a very small fee: (0.003 Ethereum Gas)

This took only a few minutes.

Now I was able to build a spaceship. Therefore I pressed on the button "Raumschiffentwicklung":

When you start your spaceship, then you need to choose a sector where to start

This also cost the Ethereum transaction fee (about 25 US Cent). You need to pay a rent for the planet you start from.

My first spaceship went lost in space. I got a message, that "this can happen".

I started my ship again and chose another planet to start from. This time I paid 2,5 USD for the rent.

But this ship also was lost in the space. This is frustrating. They are not really lost, they "return" back to me, but every search costs money.

I can give it a third try, but first my (now) two ships have to recreate. I have to wait further 4 and 6 hours.


One day later:

Now I started in Sector 7,2 on my planet Achim001, the start costed 40 USD Cent

I found a planet with my fourth try.

Now I am the proud owner of four spaceships and four planets.

The number of people grow on the planets and make them more worthy. When you start a rocket, you take people from the planets, so you have to pay something to the owner or you start from one of your planets. This means, the more planets you have, the more are they valuable.

Now I want to rent one planet. Therefore I click on the planetssymbol and click on rent:

I set the recommented price:

I'm going to rent my planets later, when they are more worthy. And I am going to sell some of my planets surely, but I think renting is more rentable ;-)

All in all: This game can addict, because, the more you own, the more you get. Only the transaction costs have to be viewed. I will go on playing it in the next time. Maybe I write another post in some month about my experiences.

If you want to play from another PC, you need to have a browser with a Metamask addon. There you need to type in your secret.

Now, when you start, you have to allow Metamask to connect to that page. After that, you click on the profile Button in the game and type in your nickname and your emailaddress. Even it looks odd, you need to click on "register", to log into the game.

For more information see here: