Axie Infinity (Game Review) - Raise Your Axies For Battle Time

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Having played some many games, I saw this awesome game yesterday, Axie Infinity. It is kinda of similar to quite a number of blockchain games like UnicornGo, CryptoKitties, & Pokemon and that's basically because blockchain games genre are kinda of limited as at now but I think there would soon be some varieties of new games genre on blockchain. Let's get back to Axie Infinity, although it's similar to some number of games, it still has some amazing new features, which I would let you guys in on soon. I would be sharing my honest review on this cool game as usual, which currently (as at the time of writing this article) ranks at number 37 on the State of the DApps ranking. I know some of you guys can't wait for some of the new features of this awesome game that made me rank it over the other games mentioned above, so I would kindly advice that you find somewhere quite and sit back and read through super awesome game review, that I made just for you.(smiles & winks)


What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an online game built on the Ethereum blockchain, that collects and raise creatures which are known as Axie, and also use these creatures for battle. I would say, that Axie Infinity is basically about buying and selling these creatures for tokens, it is the process of doing that makes it interesting. What you need to know, is that buying an Axie or it's eggs matters a whole in this game, as that might make the best in the platform and what makes me think this game might be a major hit on the games on blockchain, is that it has this amazing feature that makes you feel or look at your Axies like real-world pets. Yea, the game gives that feeling that you have a pet and would love to take of it, isn't that just super cool. Don't worry I would let you guys in that later on(smiles).



Now let's talk about Axies. There are various types of axies in the game and everyone has their unique features and appearance. Having the right Axies makes you super powerful in this powerful and kinda of rich in real-life. Can you imagine selling an Axie for over 9.5 ETH, isn't that super massive? it is, and you have one of such Axie. Basically you need to know, how to get an Axie. You can buy a full grown adult axie or buy the eggs in the marketplace, I would advice you buy eggs for a beginner, because buying a full grown adult Axie might be expensive. After you have traded once or twice, then you can buy a full grown adult Axie, to add to your squad for a specific reason on the battlefield, don't worry we get to that soon. I know some of you might be wondering now, "You can buy a full grown adult axie or buy the eggs" Yea, all Axie's start their life from eggs which takes about 24 hours before they hatch into Larva, and then it would take the Larva about 48 hours before it morphs into a Petite Axie and finally it would take the Petite Axie about 48 hours before it will grow into an Adult Axie. So basically it takes about 5 days for eggs to become adult axie. The process of seeing their development is awesome.

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This is why I earlier said that this game gives that feeling that you have a pet, because it has how well you raise your axies that determines their strength in battle, isn't that just awesome? If you raise your Axies in bad way, you would have some bad axies. So you have to care for your Axies by feeding them,training them, cleaning them up, making them go to bed, customizing the various upgrades that you’ll find along the way.

Classes/Types of Axies

As at this very moment, there are six different types of Axies, maybe is the future there will be more but who knows, but personally I like to see more. Knowing the different types of axies in this matters a lot on the battlefield, as having the right combination of axies in your team goes a very long way to determine your victory. I wanted to just list them out but on second thought, I would give you little details on each of them.

  • Beast: These types of axies are warriors. They have high attack powers, critical hits and accuracy. They are a must have in a team.

  • Aquatic: These types of axies have high attack, speed, and hit points but they have very low accuracy.

  • Plants: These types of axies are known as Tanks as they have very high hit points and defense.

  • Bird: These types of axies have very high speed and good attack but they have a very poor defense.

  • Bug: These types of axies have high accuracy but they have very poor attack.

  • Reptile: These types of axies are very well rounded but are very rare, so if you have one, you are very lucky, because they are good at defense, attack, accuracy and also have a good hit points.


So from the different types of axies, I would advice/recommend(if you wanna start this awesome game) to make use of two beast and one plants( the game is a 3v3 battle mode). You place your plant in front of your two beasts, so that it can take on your opponents attack(act as shield to the two beasts) because of it's high hit points and defense. Then your two beasts would do their magic from behind because of their high accuracy, critical hits and attack powers and victory would be yours. I just gave you guys a hint to winning battles(smiles).


Yea, I know this is the part of the article, most you have been waiting for. As I earlier said, Axies Infinity battle is a 3v3 mode, where you get to earn EXP which used in leveling up your axies or in evolving their body parts or in breeding another axie. Your selection is key to your victory.

Before the battle begins, each player must have to set their moves order so that during the battles, the axies would automatically follow the moves, The moves that each axie use during battle is greatly determined by their body parts(Axies have four body parts, namely common, rare, ultra rare and legendary). A battle is won by the team that defeats all it's opponents axies. In Axie Infinity, everyone is a winner. The winner of an axie infinity battle gets rewarded with 100 EXP and the loser also gets rewarded with about 30 EXP.


How can I get started?

After reading through, I know you are asking the question, "how can I get started?" It is simple, first, you have to create a wallet. If you are using a system(computer/laptop) install Metamask and if you are using a smartphone, install either coinbase or trust wallet. So after creating your wallet, you need to send some ETH to your wallet as Axie is running on Ethereum blockchain. After you have done that, you can get started by buying your axies on the marketplace or you can buy axie eggs on the axie lab. If you are still having troubles you can get help from their discord.


Axie Infinity is really an exciting game to play and the reward(ETH) is quite huge(when you are the one selling, smiles). The game is quite cool as it offers a kinda of real-life gaming experience where it let's you raise your axie eggs to adult axie which is really an awesome experience. The game goes a long way in making your actions towards your axie have a direct impact on what your adult axie would become, which is super cool. Like other crypto games such as Crypto Kitties, when you get your crypto kitty, it's genes don't change, it's remains the same. While in Axie Infinity, axie's body parts can evolve over time depending on how well you raise it. Lastly, Axie Infinity will use the Loom Network sidechain, which would be very good for players as they won't have to pay for every move that their axies makes in battle.

On the other side, Axie Infinity is quite expensive, can you imagine spending over 6 ETH to buy an axie, that's not quite expensive, that's super expensive and you have to have a team which consists of 3 axies to battle. It's really expensive. Also it's takes quite sometime whenever it's loading transaction, which sometimes makes a player have duplicates of same transaction because of too many clicks as a result of the slowness of the transaction. Lastly, it is similar to quite some other games and also adding the fact that it entered the market later than those other games, it makes the developers look like copy cats and also players of crypto games have already chosen their favorite games making the market limited for Axie Infinity, except the developers adopt a massive advertising strategy and also add some innovative new features, the game would have limited users.

Although, I still have a good feeling that the game has some really good potential of becoming one of the top crypto games.


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This game does look like pokemon. I think I might give it a try. I used to play pokemon from way back, and I hope I would love Axie Infinity too.

Nice review bro

I'm glad you like the review. The game is quite fun and I'm super sure you would love it.

Thanks for reading through @samminator

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