STEEM WHISTLEBLOWER: "Hidden Gem" & "Featured" Post Makers May be CROOKS!

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"Hidden Gem" & "Featured" Post Makers May be CROOKS!

This is a "Calls It As I Sees It" article and in no way should be taken as fact or fiction, merely observations. Absolutely NO intention of personal attack, slander, fear mongering is meant to be present in this article. Please do your own research before you make your own decisions. Please leave your comments below.

The past month on Steem has witnessed rise to a new type of potentially devious scam, which at first glance is so well hidden one may even think they are attempting to help their victims. I'm sure wether you've been in the Steemit community since the beginning or just recently created an account you've noticed the latest fad of "Hidden Gem" and "Featuring" articles trending on the site and making a decent curation rewards.

An unfortunate possible truth is that these posts and the users creating them may actually be masquerading as "champions of the people" and offering people exposure for other users content at the cost of the actual reward, share in Steemit and respect the content creator deserves. It can be easily viewed as users that are having their content featured in these types of articles that they've basically sold their rights and privileges as a Content Creator and given these larger more powerful accounts the future fame their work should be getting them.

What the Steemit users in these "featured" types of articles may NOT entirely realize is that they've given up their potential future fame, reputation and happiness to the people "helping" them, which is serious exploitation of labour in my opinion.

When promoters (or exploiters) approach or are approached and talk to their featured users (aka victims) generally what you see is a the promoter promise exposure, fame, fortune and all of the other things that young aspiring writers flock to Steemit seeking. However what a large number of these promoters are failing to mention at all or at best in passing is that not only are they making around 33%-50% of the total payout from the victim's work but they're also essentially siphoning off the reputation and prestige that comes with being a "self made" Steemit success.

Creating and submitting good content is only around HALF of what it takes to truly be successful on Steemit. Sharing this information with you from my own successes on the site. You can have the most riveting, beautiful and basically perfect article written up but without proper interaction with the community and self promotion of the post it's unlikely to go anywhere. For every hour I spend writing and illustrating a "winning" article of my own at least 3 hours on top of the hour to create it is used promoting it and replying to those reaching out via comments...

Promoters may PREY on Unestablished Content Creators under a Guise of Aid.

The users crafting these "hidden gem" & "featured" posts know full well that it's difficult to get a start out on this site without countless hours of self promoting so they attempt to lure unestablished content creators with promises of fame and fortune. However the reality seems to lean towards that instead of trying to help these new unknown writers, artists and content creators out the promoters are actually just looking to line their own pockets with others hard work.

At this point in the article I feel the need to address a few usernames publically. Once again I would like to state that absolutely NO intention of personal attack, slander, fear mongering is meant to be present in this article. My first edition of STEEM Whistleblower was seen by some as a hateful or bullying action on my part and some regarded it as a "witch hunt". That was never my intention at all and I ask anyone listed below to rather than take offence and flag me out of spite or anger instead explain their intention below in the comments. This isn't being written because I mean to "start a war" or "witch hunt" anyone, this is merely a collection of information I've collected and my own opinion.

A Few Noteworthy Steem Accounts That Feature Other's Work Frequently:

I'm not here to purposefully harm anyone's reputation, say they had 100% ill intention or otherwise try and put users out of business with this article. Please internalize what's been said above when reading and keep an open mind if you do happen to find yourself on the list below:

@gavvet - While even I admit I've read and enjoyed a few of his featured authors posts I cannot help but wonder when I look at his blog if he's really even bothering to try and produce his own original content anymore. In the past month he's managed to post over 85 of these featured posts... 85 out of his last 110 posts are featured posts! What's even more troubling is that the blockchain doesn't show record of payment to all of these featured authors. What it looks like to me is that @gavvet is filling his pockets with SBD and Steem account with Steem Power as well as getting a CRAPLOAD of reputation for it. It looks like the account is on a few whale bot curation lists as well. The worst part about all of this is allegations surfacing from a trusted Steem user in which when he allegedly inquired about authors being paid out, to which @gavvet had no answer but an abusive flagging.

Total SBD made from the @gavvet "featuring" posts: ~$91272.60 SBD (as of Aug 27th, 2016)

Total SBD paid to the featured author for their posts: ~$ ??? (still trying to calculate this)

Note: @gavvet seems to be also taking note of the SteemPower owed to the authors featured in his posts. This to me is a sign of hope and helps ease my mind to the fact he's maybe got good intention. However I'm still digging into the blockchain to look into if these SP payments are being made and how much of the reward SBD has been given to the featured authors.

@dragonslayer109 - The 19 year old son of @gavvet seen above (proof), @dragonslayer109 had been very busy promoting others posts for some time now, sadly neglecting his own original content in the process. One thing to draw to every Steemit users attention is that since taking the "hidden-gem" tag to heart nearly a month ago only one of his 67 recent posts appear to have been original ideas. While I admit I haven't had much interaction with this user besides the odd brief run in with him in the "2000SP" room on In this particular instance he was confronted about not paying out fully the earnings by a few well known Steemit users. Instead of dealing with the issues that were put in front of him in a rational or calm manner chose to attempt to summon his father @gavvet into the room to defend him. I asked him a few questions at a later time in the same chat room and he seemed to want me lure me to PM him to attempt to resolve it rather than speak with it publically. Now while I don't have enough information to make a judgement either way on whether this user has malicious intent promoting others post it is brutally apparent that his lack of want to speak publically with me on the matter and the fact he's seemingly abandoned the notion of working on his own content could raise suspicions to some.

Total SBD made from @dragonslayer109 "hidden-gem" posts: ~33275.57 SBD

Total SBD paid out to users featured in his posts: ~$ ??? SBD (still trying to calculate this)

Note: It appears unlike his father @dragonslayer109 takes the SteemPower earned from his featured authors and keeps it for his own account. I refuse to name call or anything in this article, as this isn't what this is about.. However I HIGHLY disagree with @dragonslayer109 keeping all the SP for himself and reaping both massive reputation rewards and Voting Power for merely reposting others work. This type of behaviour enforced will have a negative impact on the public view of Steem. Nothing he's doing in my opinion merits such reward when he may infact robbing his authors of the Steem Power and Reputation they deserve.

@knozaki2015 - Now this user is actually very decent to deal with and any time I've run into him he's always on the go, positive and working hard. Compared to the two listed above his "featured" posts are only a small percentage of his actual recent blog posts. Besides the obvious that he may actually be stunting authors growth while legitimately trying to help them I personally do not believe that @knozaki2015 is promoting others for his own personal gain and actually cares about his fellow user rather than using them to possibly farm reputation like the example given above in @dragonslayer109 mention. The only reason he made this list to be honest was to be brought into the spotlight and be thanked personally by myself for putting in what I consider an honest effort to help people on Steemit. Keep up the good work man, Hopefully you can help the community more in the future when we dream up some better ways to promote up and comers!

Total SBD made from the @knozaki2015 "Featured" posts: ~$6108.15 SBD

Total SBD paid out to users featured in his posts: ~$ ??? SBD (still trying to calculate this)

Note: @knozaki2015 is the type of guy that I think is good for Steemit. I do not know if he's paying out SP as well as SBD for the posts he's featuring so I'm unable to comment on that at this time. Will be further looking into it shortly. Hopefully I can get a faster way other than adding all the posts by hand and having to sort them manually and crunch numbers by hand to get calculations.

@stellabelle - Regarded by many (including myself) as the godmother of Steem @stellabelle was one of the first users on Steemit to start featuring other people's articles. One huge advantage her style of featured writer offers that must be touched base on is the anonymous posts. Not only have I found myself enjoying a number of her anonymous and somewhat "risque" articles she's spotlighted for users but with the freedom to write without fear of backlash while maintaining a neutral identity is awesome.

Total SBD made from the @stellabelle "Secret Writer" posts: ~$28,978.43 SBD

Total SBD paid out to users featured in her posts: ~$ ??? SBD

Note: As mentioned above I think the idea behind letting established users write anonymously through your account is amazing! I would however like to see 100% of the SBD and SP that the authors work generated sent to them. Not only is it the right thing to do but at the end of the day you're already so damn influential around here that I can only speculate that leading by example may change the ecosystem around here for the better. You're a trendsetter, attention getter and all around bad ass godmother to Steemit, I believe you'll do the right thing!

@jacor - Steemit users have brought this user to my attention and I will be investingating him and doing the a post update when I wake up from a nap.

If you're listed above, I challenge you as a Content Creator to shy away from featuring other's work and start focusing on your own stuff!

You are all talented individuals from what I have seen and read, even if your intentions are to help people you NEED to realize that you aren't actually aiding people succeed on here. None of what has been written above was intended to harm any of the users feelings and I hope to hear from all of the users listed above in the comments below with their reply to my whistle!

A Plea to return your featured authors their STEEM POWER!

Those who made the list above I'd suggest checking out the chart below to see what sort of estimated Power Down you have a week and urge you to power up those who've been featured in your articles or send them the STEEM. It's rightfully the authors power, reward and reputation that they've earned.

(credit for this sweet array of info goes to

With the exception of @stellabelle anonymous secret writer style articles which serve a purpose greater than to just "increase exposure" whether knowingly or not the other users listed above are actually harming the users they are featuring! While I highly doubt this was purposefully done, the need to increase awareness of this sort of thing in order to combat what I feel is a trend that devalues Steemit and it's authors as a whole is a must.

Using your popularity and followers to help promote your fellow Steemit is one thing, Making articles that are full of nothing but reposts with the intention of keeping any money earned off of it could be misconstrued as some as embezzlement. I'm all for people everywhere helping each other to achieve goals as a community.. But when you have people basically exploiting others (perhaps unknowingly) under a false pretense of helping them eventually someone is going to raise the issue.

With all of that being said I do not believe that these "hidden gem" and "featured" posts started out entirely with bad intentions. Fundamentally, the way promoting other users posts is done must be looked at closely in the future. Various examples need to be discussed and the strength and weaknesses of them need to be clearly outlined with something implemented to prevent this potential abuse of new Steemit users.

While I must admit even I from time to time toss other users links on my articles in an attempt to promote their work I have not and will NEVER make an article with the sole intention of promoting other users, especially if I know fully well I've been followed by mindless whale curation bots. Promoting and helping new users get a foothold and become successful on Steemit is a task that does need attention and I'm in no way condemning those that I've mentioned above in their attempts to do so, but artificially increasing users exposure and using your popularity and power to gain votes while seemingly skimming some for yourself off the top could be viewed by some as selfish profiteering.

Do we as a community want to send the message it's ok for people to use others skills, time and content under the guise of supplying help? By upvoting these "Featured" and "Hidden-Gem" articles you're effectively saying that! Steemit and it's users NEED to be aware of these things going on with this recent trend of posts and come to consensus!

REVISION: Where I May Have Went Wrong Writing This Article

When writing this article the intention was to bring awareness to what I thought could be possible exploitation of author for the benefit of the promoters without coming off as demeaning or a complete arsehole. What I failed to even comprehend at the time was the promotional business aspect side of this.

When originally working on this article I was viewing it from a purely altruistic view and it seemed infact rather dire, but when looked on through philanthropists goggles with a dash of capitalism tossed in the mix it became painfully apparent that I'd overlooked a key element in what the hidden gem and featured had been trying to achieve.

With the business angle brought into light it became apparent I'd perhaps not considered all angles as I should when the article was originally written and therefore while it did receive an amazing amount of positive feedback from the community I cannot help but feel I didn't live up to my own standard I'd set when deciding to start voicing concerns of myself and others. All angles must be considered if one is to accurately paint a picture and I failed to do so by not taking into account that this may be a business venture to some rather than what I initially thought which was people truly wanting to help people.

REVISION: The Aftermath, Steemit Community Response & What's Being Done About It!

While writing this article it was never expected that such a response would be heard from the Steemit community. To be completely honest I half expected to wake up to being flagged into oblivion and being shunned. What happened was quite the opposite and the community and nearly all those listed above answered the whistle and not only replied but also went on to exceed my expectations by pledging to pay larger portions of the authors SBD and in some cases Steem Power as well!

The comments section below is full of community feedback to this article and most of those that were listed above replied below with very agreeable actions to help get their teams of authors better compensation for their stories.

After looking at the community feedback and viewing a greater picture I'm proud of the way most of the users reacted when brought under scrutiny by myself for what I perceived to perhaps be far more sinister than they had intended. I personally apologize for failing to consider all angles before posting and in the future will spend far more time researching and considering all possible aspects of current events on Steemit before raising alarms.

Google Docs Spreadsheet Where I'm calculating the math:

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Thank you to all those who've voiced their opinions below in the comments! A special thanks to @stellabelle @knozaki2015 @dragonslayer109 for getting ahold of me in regards to this post so quickly, both of you so far have shown me that even though you were on the list above you weren't intending to exploit users for power and profit.

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What you are doing is a service true
Steem parasites the truth will screw
@stellabelle and @kn not the crew
I see publishers when I check the shoe

If the shoe fits then so does the label
If they come to her a deal is on the table
The others post whenever they are able
Treating posters as a horse in their stable

If I come to @stellabelle with my hand out
She will take time and say what its about
The others will post away with no doubt
Yet all I'll get when they steal is a shout

Hey I featured you on my really cool blog
As their numbers climb feel the flog

While you sit there and watch them get rich
You quickly realize you are simply their bitch

You do have in your post the good and the bad
Hope the permissionless leeching is only a fad


this is a brilliant poem. thanks for writing it.


It's my pleasure
For a treasure

I always take people at their word until I know otherwise. I would think that the individuals involved in the story would let us know their side. My only input concerns @stellabelle. I think with her history of promoting others without compensation (comments, mentions in posts, upvotes to improve their rep), I think it is unfair to ask her to give 100 percent to secret writer authors. She is spending her time and energy. She is taking away from her money generating posts, which are significant. I think the percentage is right where it needs to be. Good job klye on the informative post.


100% may be a bit high in some people's perspective. I can see that for sure and agree with you.
However what we need to realize as a community that not everyone is out to promote users for the sake of actually wanting to promote their stories.

I'd almost compare the state of these "featured" posts as something similar to a factory farm.
Sure someone is making money there, But at what cost are we willing to allow author farming to continue?

Klye, I believe you and I started here around the same time. I love your content and have really enjoyed chatting with you. I follow you and will continue to. But I personally think you are way off on this. I will not speak for anyone else (I wish you would refrain from this as well) but I have been featured by @gavvet several times and I am thrilled with the arrangement. It is completely symbiotic. I am not a "victim" and I am not being "exploited". I am not being scammed. My name is on every single post. I have been given credit. I am extremely happy.

Although it is still in Beta, there is one thing that is completely clear about Steemit... this is a community that relies on teamwork. No one can thrive here completely alone. This teamwork comes in many forms. Maybe it's forming a bond with 30 people who always vote for your content. Perhaps it's getting lucky enough to get noticed by a "whale". Or it could take the form of a publisher/content creator relationship.(I'm sure there are many more.)

I write for enjoyment, but I'm not writing in my personal journal. I'm writing here because I hope others will gain from what I write. I hope that maybe they have a laugh or they go hug their kid after they read my work. I also believe in this site 100% and am excited for what it can offer people who have never had a platform or who could never earn money for their creativity in the "real world". Because of this, I want to help it grow. The best way to do that around here is to provide content that people want to read... and to have enough vesting power for your vote to matter. @gavvet has provided me with a means to reach all of those goals.

You said you spend 3 hours for each hour of creation. It takes me 6 hours to create a post. If I followed your method, I would need to spend 18 hours promoting it. I am a father, a husband, and a teacher. I can't spend that much time on promoting. I am very happy for you that you can (no sarcasm here I'm being sincere.) If I had to spend that much time, I would have to quit writing. I know I'm not the best, but I think my work does add some value to the site.

If I were paying someone half of my proceeds to promote my posts, would you think it's a problem? Would I then be exploiting them?


Thank's @hanshotfirst I absolutely love your stuff, I guess the question now is.....
Does the real eye witness testimony trump the assumed ulterior motivated assumption? or are you now going to be called just one of my many sock puppets?


Thank you Sir for this lengthy and detailed reply. I value your perspective and input on the matter and when I get the time to revise the post above I will be bringing to light some points that you mention here, I failed to properly reflect all angles when I originally wrote this and I see that now.

We are a community here. You're 100% correct in saying that. No person should have to spend the time I do in a day promoting their work to have it be successful (the reason I have to promote my articles so much is because most people write and draw better than I do). If you've been featured in @gavvet posts and he's paid you the amount that was agreed on previously then no scam nor exploitation has gone on in your mind and your deal is mutually beneficial. I can't deny that and I'm glad that @gavvet is able to allow you to achieve your goals on the site and if you're happy with his service that's a good thing.

Originally when writing this I didn't fully grasp the lengths people were willing to accept to have their work validated by their peers. After reading a number of the responses from people I talk to daily here on the site it became apparent I was missing a piece to all of this: Users are infact willing to pay huge sums of their possible rewards just for the chance to have their articles mentioned by these promotion mill accounts. Doesn't sit particularly easy feeling some of the percentages some of these featured authors originally received but it looks like those that were mentioned have answered the call and will hopefully in the future consider greater compensation for their featured stars.

Your question: "If I were paying someone half of my proceeds to promote my posts, would you think it's a problem? Would I then be exploiting them?"

If you both agree on the deal and believe it's mutually beneficial and all amounts are paid in full it's likely not going to be viewed as exploitation. What percentage of SBD and SP one considers fair is completely up to the author and promoter at the end of the day, my opinion or others shouldn't matter if it's good business and all parties feel fufilled.


And thank you for showing your character and editing the original post. You are a good guy. I knew you just were missing part of the picture. Once you had the whole picture, you adjusted your view. That is difficult to do. Pledging to try and see the angles first next time is also a sign of character.

As far as the "paying to promote" question, that was rhetorical. Lol. I was just trying to use it as an analogy to show you a piece of the picture you were missing.

You summed up this entire debate with your answer to that question: "If you both agree on the deal and believe it's mutually beneficial and all amounts are paid in full it's likely not going to be viewed as exploitation. What percentage of SBD and SP one considers fair is completely up to the author and promoter at the end of the day, my opinion or others shouldn't matter if it's good business and all parties feel fulfilled."


You're a good man. I just think that you fell into the "Ready, Fire, Aim" trap.

You did fall into the trap one more time when you assumed my goals involved "being validated". If you want to know my goals, just ask.


I did fail to recognizre that point when I originally wrote the article.

That is where in my opinion I went wrong here. I'm just glad that basically everyone came to reply and did something about the issue when asked (even when I didn't fully view the picture).

Thank you for your kind words.


"I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." John D. Rockefeller



While I'll still need some time to go through and crunch all the numbers to get estimated payouts to users featured this will save me hours of time. Thank you very much for this info.

Please upvote @inertia parent post above. This guy is an asset to our community.


You said:

[he] seems to be also taking note of the SteemPower owed to the authors featured in his posts.

He's copying the full text of his author reward to the transfer memo.


Ah. I still need to look into if he's paying out the SP to anyone.


Thanks... @inertia real evidence as opposed to assumption... can I hire your services next time I need to perform a reconciliation.... Ohhhh wait... I code python... piston is python.... recon already done all "sudo-investigators" needed to do was ask.


If I would have asked would you have given me your spreadsheet and all your info?

Can I be bold enough to ask you now? Honestly I'd love to get my hands on your data just to compare it to my counts. I don't think you've got evil intention to be honest @gavvet and after talking to a number of different folk including your son and reading some of the comments on this post I've got to say it didn't even really don on me that people would willingly give up a large chunk just to have their posts seen.

You're providing a service and I think you deserve to be compensated for such. At what rates you charge your clients is entirely up to you at the end of the day and I will apologize for neglecting to see the positive aspects of your business endeavors on Steemit. When I get the chance in the next hour or so to revise the article above I'll be sure to bring into light the positive effect you have had on a number of accounts here.

@knozaki2015 is a very nice man. He always helped me with my questions and yesterday, featured my post for which I'm thankful.

I was helped by @dragonslayer109 , @gavvet and @jacor and I never had a problem with any of them though. They are helpful members and I don't see bad intention or any kind of bad stuff behind them.


Thank you @steemist for adding your thoughts on the issue.

While writing this post I never considered the promotion business aspect side of things. While I agree that the folks you listed above do a great service and at the time of writing the article before the added revision I had not taken into consideration that some viewed it as business rather than the "I'll help you but I'm really helping me" angle that I initially began to see when I started looking into things.

Exploited!? Klye I have always found you amusing but this is the most entertaining thing you have ever written! Thank goodness you came along to save me from getting paid handsomely while many people enjoyed my HOW TO RUiN AN EMPIRE series. You are my savior! I didn't even know I was being exploited every time @dragonslayer109 sent me the exact amount we had agreed upon. Although several times I have thought about saying "I'm altering the deal. Just pray I don't alter it any further." But that would be just to get a reaction. I'm actually getting the better of the deal. Lord Vader exploited!!!! ROFL!!!!! You are the best! Are you ever going to draw me like one of your French girls?


Thank's @lordvader, I love your series.... you are a true find on steemit... I guess the question now is.....
Does the real eye witness testimony trump the assumed ulterior motivated assumption, disguised as a neutral expose...?


Thank you for your support. I hope others see that I am a very reliable eyewitness. I would find their lack of faith disturbing.


I have sent a new transmission that address this disturbing issue.


"I didn't even know I was being exploited every time @dragonslayer109 sent me the exact amount we had agreed upon."

When I was going through your comment this sentence stood out. Besides your obvious hilarity going on in the comment above you raise a point, I did fail to mention in the original submission that the promotion of users when both parties agree and perceive they are both benefiting off of it might not be a terrible thing.

If folks agree to "bad" deals and still figure they're being helped then I might be viewing everything a bit critically.

Promotion on Steemit has gone from helping people out because you actually wanted them to succeed to what I view as basically factory farming of new talented content creators for profit/power. While I do see that their is a need for promotion of new users that do not know how to promote themselves or do not have the time.. at what point do we draw the line where something that some parties may view as exploitive?


"at what point do we draw the line where something that some parties may view as exploitive?" I believe probably when the person involved feels exploited... not when some third party proclaims the exploitation is happening...without checking first. I am a master negotiator. This is not a "bad deal". If it were, I would simply alter the deal. I am lordvader after all.

I need to build a Death Star.

50% of $500 will help me do that faster than 100% or $3. You have to master one more thing for your training to be complete. You must realize that your opinion of good and bad does not extend into the minds of others... yet. They still get to judge that from their own point of view. But once you master the Force, you will be able to get everyone to see the world exactly as you do. Then free will and choice will disappear. There will be only KLYE! Then we can rule the galaxy as Sith Lord and guy he met on the internet... who has a crush on him.

This is an interesting post, and though I don't fully agree with everything I am glad you posted it. I do a regular series called The best photos on Steemit today. I only post photos and now I ask for permission before I post anyone's work. I get that you feel some people may not understand that they could potentially lose some profit by having me post their photos, but I think that there is benefit for them and they see it, which is why they allow me to post their photos. I have personal experience with being posted as a "Featured artist" on many websites, here, here, here, here <----- this one they didn't even ask us for permission, I actually just found out about it now, here, here, here, I could keep going, but the point is we have never, EVER been paid for any of these posts, in fact these publications have likely profited from posting our work. We are ok with people sharing our work because it directs people to us, showcases our work on a platform that we don't normally have access to, and gives us exposure. Getting exposure was worth it because we eventually built a following which likely would never have happened had we not allowed our photos to be showcased. I know that I always duly credit the artists I feature and make it point to encourage anyone who likes my post to go and up vote the artists posts as well, and if my posts ever become popular I fully intend to divide the profits equally between the artists I feature. I'm not trying to start an argument, but I just thought I would give you my perspective as someone who has benefited first hand from having my work featured. Thanks for the post!

'may be' lol.

To me the issue is more on mutual consent for both parties. As long as both sides are very upfront on how things are split, are agreed to, and followed through on, the terms themselves are moot in my opinion.

Beyond this I see it back to the whale bot author list issue, like you touched on. We all know that this on some small level is a social game and rules are driven by the what is and is not permitted in the code.

From a 'minnow' point of view, it only makes sense to look at the featured with the current state of whale bots; make at best $5-$10 payout posting it myself, or toss something in front of a whale bot and hopefully others, to garner a minimum of $75 SD in my cut.

Even though it's not the sole driver, we all know that money is the ultimate metric, especially for those who are excited to be content creators. We can all say it's not, but if you get less than 10 cents on a post indefinitely, it's going to take something MASSIVE from the community to offset demotivation.

While certain instances may not be the case, I can't agree on the side that minnows shouldn't be submitting posts to be featured. There are people who market market market market, can even garner minnow attention, and not break a dollar. To those minnows especially, I can't blame them for submitting to be featured by a person on a whale bot list, it isn't a negative, it's smart. (This was in comments, not your post)

Apologies for wall of text.


I agree 100%. There seems to be a misperception here. I am not being exploited. I won't speak for anyone else because I have not spoken to them personally. Has anyone asked the other "featured" authors to see if they feel exploited?


While this contract is for mutual benefit of two parties, it comes at the expense of the platform as a whole. The tragedy of commons, as it were. Steemit is suffering from high centralization of voting power. Such arrangements only serve to centralize the power further at the expense of everyone else. While it is beneficial in the short term, it is destructive in the long. Initiatives like project Curie, Robinhood Whale and your own Steemprentice, among others are much better for the platform.


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+To a large degree I am on the same page with you.%0A%0A%3E
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@@ -352,199 +352,1267 @@
-While it is beneficial in the short term, it is destructive in the long. Initiatives like project Curie, Robinhood Whale and your own Steemprentice, among others are much better for the platform
+%0A%0AThis is a multi-fold issue in my eyes. Just by me submitting to be featured doesn't necessarily hurt the community. I completely agree that the whale voting patterns that follow some who feature people is an issue that seems to be slowly dissipating with RHW, curie, etc. %0A%0ATo me the point of a featured author is to ACTUALLY give exposure to new, good quality authors. While some who feature others seems to keep this in mind, it's not always the case. I don't see the benefit of featuring the same author a dozen times, nor feature those who are established. However, there ARE a number of good quality authors that stuck around because of the ability to be featured once or twice.%0A%0AThere's always some trade off, but I don't see featuring inherently to be a problem, especially until whales change their voting patterns (which I am not one to tell them how to vote.) It's more a matter of how it's being used. In my opinion, if a person who is featuring others isn't able to find new, good authors, they just shouldn't post that day.%0A%0AI've not followed others, but I've personally seen Knozaki2015 focus on new or unestablished authors, especially those that are german speakers. This is a great way to fill out under served area like non-english categories


Yeah, I know that, and the good thung is that the pattern is changing. I mean check that latest post by @gavvet, about the end of hidden gems. :-) Exciting times are upon us.

the secret writers are paid 50% of the SBD. I began paying everyone in Bitcoin because of anonymity issues. Each secret writer is paid by the day after at the latest. I set this up originally outside of Steemit, and I created this service on Medium with no monetary rewards. I was doing this work entirely for free, as a real service. Here's the link to that original service:

I am doing this as a service and many of the secrets come to me in broken English. Some secrets I have to rewrite and rephrase quite a bit. I see this as a job, and I also need to get paid for the work I do, both in editing and the choosing of the images. While I hear what you are saying that the secret writer, you believe should earn 100% of the rewards, many of the secret writer posts are hovering around $100 in total rewards now. The whales have mostly stopped voting for them, so this is not a lucrative endeavor, actually. I never intended it for it to be a lucrative endeavor, and I think the rewards are perhaps where they might be realistically.

I will continue to do this project because I feel that it serves a greater purpose. I also, have rejected several submissions because I detected that they were not secrets. If I have any indicators that the secrets are not by the person who is submitting it, I don't accept it. Generally, most have been quite happy to get anonymous feedback and the 50% of the SBD. None have expressed that it should be more. I am sticking to my original setup because that is how I feel most comfortable running the Secret Writer. It's a voluntary service that I have decided to run. If anyone can run it better, please do so. If any secret writers are upset that I didn't offer them 100% of SBD, they are free to set up their own system or go with others who offer that.

I am the head of my household, entirely responsible for providing for an extended family. If I did not have direct needs associated with survival and providing income for both of my parents as well as a child, I might be interested in just volunteering my time. That, however, is not the case.

I could send you screenshots of all the bitcoin transactions, if you want. However, keep in mind, I have paid out every single secret writer post 50% of the SBD. If I hadn't paid, we all would see that anger on the blockchain and I wouldn't have a high rep. I have never missed paying anyone.


@stellabelle I think there is a misperception about what you are trying to accomplish. You have provided a voice for those without one. You have communicated with the authors. If they are happy, you have done them a service.


I think he noted you as an exception because your service provides a service greater than just exposure. I was glad to see that, because your style of featuring authors is still my favorite on Steemit. In my opinion, this is a great topic to bring up just in case anyone is abusing style, and you're perfect to include in it because you do it well and have been upfront always.

Hell, one interaction with you re-sparked my writing obsession.


I didn't realize you were having to edit the pieces @stellabelle. That can be a lot of extra work. I view you more like a publisher. You can publish your story in a local newspaper and a few people might read it. Or you can send it to a publisher and they'll get you in all kinds of magazines so you make more money. Yet you have to share the money with the publisher. Yet you ask people or with you it is better, they ask you.

These other people just feature people and send them a note saying "you're featured in today's super secret sauce post, congratulations!!!!" :)


I agree that if he's putting in work and helping people she's eligible for some form of compensation!

However I think as a community it'd be sweet if we could come up with a range of percentile that we figure is "fair" so that in the future people whom are looking to get featured are the ones benifiting the most from their work.


The difference is that @stellabelle talks to them up front. They agree to her terms. That makes it fair. What people do on a contract and agree to is not for you or I to determine fairness. That is between the people the contract involves. If they are fine with her taking what she does, then so be it.

I can tell you if I wrote something and gave it to @stellabelle that 30% would likely be my biggest payday to date. I'd be ecstatic!!


What you're trying to tell me here is that you figure your time is worth over 70% of the author's reward for adding a few images, making it look pretty and having it featured by you? Cmon now Stella. Even though you are one of the brightest here on Steemit when you start putting your own needs in front of others and making large amounts of money on other people's blood, sweat and tears I'm going to blow a whistle and make it apparent. In no way do I look down on you. I truly believe deep down you're a good soul and will do the right thing here. :) It's impressive you set up the secret writer on twitter, that is awesome! However I have to raise the question... Why are you insisting the authors of Steemit you feature now pay for your previous unmonetized efforts? Seems a wee bit short sighted from my perspective and I know you're an intelligent woman.

To put things into perspective for you a little better:

Your account is currently already valued at nearly $150,000 USD.
You can power down over the next 2 years and receive roughly ~0.91 Bitcoin worth of every week.
Assuming BTC and STEEM stayed the same price you'd make around $520 USD weekly doing NOTHING.
So assuming steady price (doubtful but used as an example) you make $2080 a month just for being you.

Making that $2080 a month with 1 dependant in the USA still puts you in the top 5% of wealthy in the world.
So already before having to even work ever again in your life, you're now in the top 5% of the wealthy elite.

Now I know you're not going to sit idle, it's not your nature. You are always doing something!

A 5%-10% off the top to feature authors articles I would be completely behind! But when you factor in SP and the 50% SBD you're taking currently the math starts to look more like you're taking a far larger chunk than most would consider fair. You're a good person Stellabelle and I know you want fairness and justice for all, I feel it.

To be honest 3 months ago I had all the free time in the world and would have snapped at the offer for a job to help you disperse the funds to their owners. Sadly these days I barely have free time at all to do anything.

<3 Stellabelle. Thank you for replying. I do appreciate hearing your side of things.

I ask you not only as a young up and comer on Steemit but also as a future witness and guardian of the Steem Network and her people, consider getting those SBD and SP you decide fair after sleeping on it back to the people whom created the content.


@klye,,,,,I'm asking you to let this go. For you to insinuate that the highest rep ambassador of Steemit is greedy is out of line. She has explained that she has paid each one of the secret writers according to their agreement. She is helping them with their emotional baggage. Hell, psychiatrists charge 150 an hour to hear that stuff. She deserves monetary reward for her efforts. Please concentrate your efforts on the other ones who have yet to be heard from. Thanks.


Yes, but psychiatrists are also trained (ie. have years of education) to help individuals and potentially prescribe.
Not really a valid comparison.

He's simply sharing his opinion and prompting discussion... And continuing on that discussion in a civil matter.


I'm all about discussion. I'm being civil also. This article is mostly about people being used and not paid. She is not using anyone and she has paid them. Any question about that? I would think not.


I spend a good 4-8 hours a day counselling people on the Now I've got not much for education but a bit of Psychology 101 and life experience.

I'll never ask for money or feel that I'm entitled to ANYTHING for helping people.
When you start charging for "help" it no longer is helping and becomes business.


It's entirely focused on the wrong aspect. All of the above users, are brilliant. I would love to have thought of this and joined early enough, and paid my "dues" with the quality of work they have each submitted to be eligible to do just this.
I have heard them referred to a few times now as the "problem" with steemit. I think the absolute worst thing that could be said, is that they are opportunistic.
Both of your whistleblower posts deal with a problem, one I am happy to see being addressed, but offer no solution.
Is it safe to say that in the last two days since "How to Stop Worrying About Money" your attitude has changed?


Is it safe to say that in the last two days since "How to Stop Worrying About Money" your attitude has changed?

Absolutely not. Infact I have a pretty high respect for most of these users listed above hence why I'm not raising a bigger issue and really getting into it. There is something sinister going on here in my mind. Whether or not I'm entirely correct on this matter is null really.

The possibility exists. People had concerns so I wrote an article.

I don't just wake up and go "Hey, Let's go piss in @stellabelle cereal"
She's a respectable woman and I consider her an asset here.
However I do infact think charging 70% of a writers earnings is pretty steep.

@stellabelle - @knozaki2015 and the rest all deserve a bit of pay for sure for helping people, no one making an effort should go unpaid... But when you start putting yourself first in monetary rewards rather than the people you're claiming to try and help, I will raise the issue!

I'm learning every day. A lot of issues behind the curtain.


I'm in a fortunate position where I get to see a lot of what is going on in the Steem ecosystem.

I love reporting things. Although my first STEEM Whistleblower post was hastily written and I admit I let my emotions get the best of me I've tried to address that in this edition and hopefully will continue to improve.



YES I SAID FUCKING! and in all caps no less.

Seriously, there is so much squelching of emotions. It's not healthy for the platform or for us.

These problems need to be addressed and discussed openly. Ignoring the problems does NOT make them go away.

Hype only gets Steemit so far. At some point it needs to stand on its own feet and perform or die.

So tired of shit posts getting rewarded again and again because they are part of a cabal.


I support emotions!

Facebook has "share" and twitter has "retweet". I'd love to see a feature that allowed any user here to "reSTEEMit" someone elses work (or even a list of different works), and automatically get a small share of the rewards.


I think the developers should really think about adding this feature. This is an excellent suggestion!


I really like the "reSTEEMit" idea. :)


resteemit is a great idea.


this can eliminate a lot of doubts

After discussion in, I have an idea:

All this authors ( @gavvet, @dragonslayer109, @knozaki2015 etc.) are simply can go on a market and buy Steem for the SBD they have from posts, and then Power Up authors they curate.

It’s a plus for the featured authors:
Minnows gain their weight in Steem Power and their voice becoming stronger.

It’s a plus for curators:
They still get 50% of SP as before, but avoiding the unnecessary talking about money and geting rid of the people that wants only money.

It’s a plus for the platform:
This way they support a Steemit economy, when buying Steem on inner market.
Also, it decreases the amount of plagiarism (which is seen in featured authors posts already).

One minus:
For the featured authors who want a fast cash this way of colaboration is not suitable.
But you are the ones who creating a rules for them.

For the rest of the authors who's looking forward on a development of a platform and themselves in it it’s a win-win situation.



This is a pretty neat idea and I think something like this could easily be implemented in the future by some of these promotion company styled accounts.

As mentioned in the revision an other comments I was viewing this as these people helping under guise as altruists and had not really considered an underlying business aspect of it and how it was helping their clients.

What future promo authors decide to agree on for compensation is between them and the clients they reel in. While I think some of the rates charged in the past may be a bit costly I do see the need for their existence now.


I talked to @gavvet in the and his point of view sounds resonable to me.
Anyway it was just an idea to find a compromise.

Is it possible to transfer SP to other users? Or does it need to be powered down first then sent? You may have mixed up SP/SBD a few times in your post.

Regardless, I agree with you. Endlessly reposting other people's work and keeping 50-100% of the rewards while also increasing reputation score feels exploitive. On the other hand, people with voices that need to be heard without any followers need exposure somehow.

As I've stated in a few of these threads the past week, I think the happy medium is what The Lost Content Digest by @biophil does (I have no monetary gain by promoting it). He does keep the SP generated, but he posts links to content that received little to no traction after the payout period, and pays out all SBD. The authors are given a chance to promote the post for at least 24 hours, but posting an aggregation of links to unloved material later is a different story than reposting stuff for authors with a small footnote mentioning them.


You can power down SP into liquid STEEM and use it to power up others accounts actually!

If folks need exposure they need to get out and advertise their work or risk have someone else take a large chunk of their well earned pie. It's a pretty steep curve to get a following base and find your niche on Steemit but if I can do it so can anyone. I'm not anything special, merely a man trying to hopefully help the platform that has helped him take back control of his life.

First off, I want everyone to support Klye for being honest and sharing he's opinion and observations. Steemit is the perfect place for freedom of speech. Big support for that Klye!

Interesting, I didn't know that dragon is gavvet's son, but nevertheless that doesn't change anything. I think all of them who feature other's have only the best intentions to do so. But it's not their fault that, they are getting up voted for it and that their readers don't follow/up vote the "original" artist (I'm referring to hidden gems). You see in my time here I've experienced some very bad comments and hate on my posts due to ignorance(that drives me crazy). People would read my posts and somehow skip the disclaimer or base their comment by the post title, resulting in a generic or most of the time very offensive comment to the author(me). That also explains why people don't necessarily "visit" the featured posts. Fact is people generally skip any links you have in your post(speaking from my own experience). Another thing I'd like to add is, all known "vote betting", users will up vote dragon's feature post just, to "bet" on it and trying to get that curation since it's a "safe bet", what is wrong. I do partially agree that they "reap" to many benefits, but than again with a great spotlight comes a great price? To sum this up, it's not their fault, it's mostly the users fault.

Klye I made your "follow button" to work:

This is the code:
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" src="" /></a></center>


Thank you @minion you've since day one always been fast to give me praise on my work and I appreciate you commenting on most of my work. We all have voices here and we must not be afraid to speak our minds out of fear of larger accounts attacking us. While I do not agree with some of the things that may be done I cannot help but see it in a different light after reading all of these comment and talking to so many about the issue.

The safe bet idea is a neat one. The curation system soon becomes gamed when you have people getting whale botted and you'll see both intentional and unintentional abuses of parties when you start blindly shooting copious curation rewards on posts that really do not merit it.

Thank you for the html code Sir!. I was trying to figure out how to trigger the actual function the follow button uses for a few minutes briefly a few days ago but nothing came of it. Will add your work and credit you for it. :)

Cheers man. Thank you for speaking your mind on the matter.

Amazing investigative work Klye. I'd like to throw out there too, as a suspicious "hidden gem" author who has featured fradulent authors, and repeats the same author base over and over again.


Will keep an eye on this account as well!

I think we'll see a fair amount of these style accounts spring up in the future. Seems to be a winning recipe to power up accounts and fill your 4 daily posts n pockets without having to actually write your own content greater than a few hundred words. :)

Could be viewed as business, could be viewed as helping, could be viewed as exploitation.
All depends on what lenses you look through I guess.

@klye you inspired me to create a transmission based on the subject. Do you want to link it?


I'll check it out vader. knozaki already posted a link from like 3 weeks ago without asking so hell you may as well lay it on us. :D

The Force is Strong With You

@knozaki2015 is paying out , i was once in his hidden gems and get paid. He is helping the community a lot.

This took time and work, well done. If there is any truth to this ultimately uncovered, you'll have helped the ecosystem, which makes you eligible to be my hero.

Not to worry all, Klyombo is on it


Still plenty of stuff to be done on this post and after the revision I'll likely do a follow up some time in the future to see what the state of the promotion business is on steemit. It's not inherently a bad thing if it's done properly and when I get myself up and running with the proper tools in the next day or so I'll be able to start looking into it in even greater detail.

That being said I'm going to be releasing a number of non-whistle blower posts before writing my next in this series (unless something nasty i brought to my attention) as I've got a number of other subjects I'd like to get put down in word on Steemit before I focus my attention to my witness election campaign.

Hey Klye,

Thank you for your kind words! 100% of all SBD earnings have been paid out to the authors.
I have invested around 20.000 $ in USD into Steem (i bought around 6500 Steem) and I build up my network (which is super hard work)

I got a lot help from others, @donkeypong @kevinwong @andrachy so I always try to follow their example of helping others.

I have started this
where I am paying 10% of all my SBD earnings to authors, I find while reading articles. You can check in the comments how much i paid out so far.

I would like to point out, that i am not powering down any SP as i really believe in Steemit and Steem! I would only considering powering down SP, if the authors asked me for the Steem, this has not happened so far and everybody seemed to be happy.

why does this article only have earned 15$??


Hey knozaki thank you man for the reply!

100% of all SBD is a great start man and awesome. In the future should you choose to power down some you can always power up your authors accounts with the STEEM withdrawn weekly. You've got great drive and initiative, personally I think you've got a bright future here.

I'm powering down currently. The only reasoning behind this is I have some SP I owe to a few folks that I'd planned on doing a talk show with but had to back out due to reasons of my own stupidity.

This article's first version was ok but I did fail to even think about or mention a business aspect of it. I was looking at it from the angle that these people were sort of taking advantage of these people under a pretense of helping them.. But now I see it's more of a business thing and not so much people trying to help people in some of the cases. I do still see good intent here from most parties, it's just what I would personally call acceptable fees for services may be crossed in some cases. :/

Thanks Klye for the advice which is helpful when you have just joined Steemit. My view is slightly different on it . I have been in the blogging scene for over 9 years. I see this type of posts more like a guest blogging approach. Alternatively these post promoters could also be seen as publishers. While in guest blogging you never earned a dime at least with this setup an authors gets Steem Dollars. And these Steem Dollars the author can turn into Steem Power if he/she wants to increase the influence. I have seen post featured which made a decent amount of money. Yet these post I would say with the effort and quality put into it the featured author would have never made this amount of money or even no money at all. Besides having a slightly different view as you in your post I think you post gives this new authors a holistic view so they can judge what they can expect from using this channel.


Yeah when writing this the first go I completely blanked and did not even consider the whole business of promotion itself. It's one thing to throw other users links in the bottom of your own original post that is trending . But when you do start making posts just strictly featuring compilation / links of work you like or just outright posting others authors writing with their hopes of more exposure I think a blurred line between helping people and it being a business needs to be drawn.

It didn't even occur me the business aspect of it. The revision afterwards near the end in the article above was after reading the communities thoughts and comments below and talking to multiple people in the SteemSpeak TS (TeamSpeak) server: and the community on

We attempted a little experiment to help reward authors for their posts. There is a lot of quality post being overlooked. We also think, if done right, it could work. Me and my wife paid all the authors we featured $5 Steem Dollars up front. Then we would hope that others would up vote their content for a second award. And lastly we would provide all the income from the post, minus the steem power because we could not, split between the authors for a third reward. (A possibility of three different rewards to these authors)

It did not work out and the Steemit Community did not want to reward the authors. We also tracked the up votes and most only received a few after the feature. We will attempt it again after the website for FreeSteem is completed.

I really liked this article and I would find it really sad if new Steemians were being preyed upon for their SP and the community chose to let it continue.

Thanks for raising awareness of this issue. As a relatively new user this is a dimension of Steemit that hasn't crossed my radar yet. I will definitely exercise a healthy amount of caution if I ever get approached by such promoters. Reaping the rewards for other people's hard work is not something that should be tolerated.


I agree with you wholeheartedly and glad you stumbled upon this article before ending up on the short end of the exposure scam stick.

@klye I agree with you on all of this except one thing. There is no way to send SP to other people. So if people are featuring it for someone they should at the very least give the person they featured ALL of the SBD because they will get to keep the SP (can't give that away - not liquid).

People featuring multiple people would likely need to divide all of the SBD equally among those they featured.

Yes they would be making a ton of steem power off of it, but they'd also be making those people a lot of SBD which they could convert to steem and power up their accounts with if they want.

Just my opinion. I am not a huge fan of at least one of these people. I've seen them seem to be milking people other ways, but not in dicey ways like you found... just the same way their analogs in the non-internet world do.

EDIT: I see @gavvet post quite a bit of religious stuff that people like to hear. As with non-internet religious talk he gets a lot of up votes. Yet he does not really answer challenges when he puts them out there. Just milks the religious teat so to speak. I think he is brilliant in that he does that. I noticed it awhile back. I learned it was a waste of time to take any post where he is asking a controversial question seriously though. He'll respond to the people that are his "echo-chamber" but not those that actually answer the challenge he posed. I tried it multiple times... even called him on it... he said "time zone was the issue" yet I watched him casually replying to people that agreed with him. I kind of see him as a smart con. It is not really as bad here on steemit. At least he is not literally dipping into your pocket. Still uncool, but could be worse.


There is. You must power it down to STEEM. Then you can actually power up anybodies account you want believe it or not. :)


Since that is 1% power down per week it may or may not work too well. I am actually fine with anyone keeping the steem power if they are posting someones work with their blessing (like stellabelle) as she is doing extra work and she is more like a publisher getting a work to a larger audience. If she then gave the people SBD that's cool. However, since people come to her everything is up front and that truly is between her and the people she is publishing.

These other people though don't ask. They just take other people's work and repost it. They don't ask if you want to be in their HIDDEN GEMS, and tell you what kind of deal they are willing to make with you. This is more parasite than publisher.

I think it would be healthy if these newbies got to keep their steempower. -- @health


Agreed 100%!

By featuring users you may be getting them views... But you're not encouraging them to be successful.

Being a star on Steemit takes a fair amount of work, I don't like seeing people exploiting others for profit and power.


What I don't care for is how Steemit has this promise of removing the middle-men from interactions then creates its own middle-men that promote others content.

There are a lot of really talented users that get nothing when their content is under their name and then the same sort of content they produce gets promoted and makes hundreds. How is that at all healthy? It doesn't translate in to very many followers for the featured writers as far as I've been able to tell.

Anyway, back to the grind. Keep up the good work.

Good article and about time! I have just stopped upvoting content like these and would like more users to look into it and understand. I am also alarmed that this trend is picking up as I see a lot more of "featured" stuff these days. I agree with you that this can only affect steemit adversely in the long run.


Ditto. If I could pat the original writer on the back, I would... But I'm not about to upvote a middleman.


The curation automation problem has gotten out of hand...

The first post in this series addressed it head on. Whale Bots are cancer in the Steemit ecosystem when not properly monitored and tweaked.

I agree with what you're saying.

I started one to feature quality content because I found these other ones featured a lot of irrelevant content IMO, but I guess that's not proper is it?

"This is my way of aggregating and sharing what I value as quality content on Steemit. For those who want to gain value from this content, great! That is the goal. If you want to upvote, great it helps everyone involved. If you don't want to upvote this and just get access to quality content, that's fine too. I will be dividing the payout I receive for this post to the authors."

Still not good? I am tired of the 90% filler garbage here, and want to do like on Facebook where you can share anything you find. I'm trying to make quality material known to more people.

I make my own content that does decent. The features get under $1 potential payout, but maybe that's because I just started.

Let me know what you think of my efforts. Thanks. Peace.


Hopefully the message here is that it's ok to help promote an author as long as you don't exploit anyone. It doesn't seem like you have any interest in exploiting anyone (quite the contrary, you are trying to help bring more good content and reward the creators). If you and the content creator are both happy, I don't think anyone is being exploited.


The share anything you find aspect is cool but as a content creator it scares the hell out of me people are willing to give up a good chunk of their profits just to potentially seen by more people.

You're doing well here krnel, that last post of your is taking off I see! I think original content is king but if you do want to feature people in your posts do it in your successful trending posts and shy away from posts made with sole purpose of just showcasing links.. Your feed and who you follow are visible to all. Let your feed be your featured posts so to speak. :)

Thank you @klye As a relative newcomer to this platform (not even here a month), I was desperate to be featured by one of these promoters. But I can't beg, it is not in my nature, so I decided to forget about it and carry on. I've since had some moderate successes (though for me they were awesome!!!) and am cottoning on to the Steemit method of self promotion. What I take away so far is that it is a series of HONEST, positive interactions with like minded people.

I was recently "featured" by one of your above mentioned, but found it strange that I wasn't asked first. Still, my article was already posted under my own name, so no harm done. I think open and honest discussion of all topics is the way to go. Without seeming overly dramatic, I wish for a societal change, and many of the Steemit articles and actual atmosphere, seems like a (very tiny, but better than nothing) step in that direction.

Thank you for bringing attention to this matter. It's like you can read everyone thoughts when they encounter a situation like this. We thank you for clarifying to everybody on steemit about this potential situation while it is still in beta. And for valuing the original content creators.

Regardless of what some might think it's absolutely right to air these issues and I love it that you have. I like several if the hidden gems posts, however recently I have saw some garnering massive payouts and in my head I was always thinking yeah you pay out the SBD by what about all that SP is something that had to be called out.

I've up-voted this and whilst I agree that it is not great if people don't share their earnings with the poster I think in the case of @Stellabelle this is really unfair criticism.

The whole point of the "secret writer" posts is anonymity without it people would not be so candid. I don't see a way for her to share the money with people without compromising this.

Also I do think the majority of these posts are done as a service to the community. I would raise your own example of @knozaki2015 - I don't think anyone doubts he is trying to help.

As for the others I will let them answer the accusations as I don't know enough about them or their posts.

I think the solution to this is an open policy about "featured authors" and how they get paid so there is transparency and no confusion. That way people can make up their own minds.

I've seen other people doing it, and also came with the idea on my own, but a much better way of featuring peoples articles is just link to the articles in question.

If more people post some links with the blurbs to even a couple of articles that they feel are undervalued, then they are sharing their own reputation, readers and the like with the author. Without actually taking SP/SBD.

Besides, once people who write good content are recognized, and your own stuff falls through, you might get some of it in return. Which should be really cool!
Oh. It also build the community. Which is the actual idea behind that.

I have a post that outlines the ideas about all of that here, but it basicly says all that was in the comment, so it isn't necessary to check it out. Also, I think it is somewhat less coherent thar what I write in the comments. But as you said in the article. Promotion! :-D

Nice post again, @Klye. I love your cartoons!


Thank you for the support and love. <3

I am glad you brought this to light and now we can be on the look out.


I'm looking out for the network and it's users.

Not trying to start fights.. But these things need to be brought to light. :)

Nice interesting @klye so these promoters are taking advantage of writers? Why don't they just publish the work them self? Is it because whales only follow certain people?


I imagine it's partially due to wanting to remain anonymous and hoping for a greater outreach. Others may not want to bother with making an account here. These things are all fine, it's just unfortunate that they are heavily profited off of to do so.


Part of it may be them genuinely want to help folks..!

But I think as I dig deeper and the community does as well you may see some unfair play come into light. :/

Excellent work, well done. :)


Thank you sageboba!

Took me around 8 hours of writing, looking into accounts and doing math to get it this far.

I am currently working on figuring out the calculations to see how much was paid out to the authors.

If ANYONE has an idea on how to do this in a way that won't have me doing it manually. PLEASE let me know!


Thanks for the effort. I hope you will do a lot more digging.... perhaps you will even find out what is really going on here... I just hope your mind is open enough to accept the truth when you find it.
I have already published some of the stats you are looking for.... you simply needed to ask.

I always believed that it was kind of pathetic to profit off of others' stories and work... But that goes to show you that there is little to no altruistic intention. At the very least, with the secret writer type of deal, there is presumably permission to post after the individual is aware of the terms of posting. So in that aspect it isn't outright theiving.... Just a crappy deal.
A counterarguement may be that these individuals wouldn't make as much money because their accounts aren't as powerful.

Interested read, regardless of stance. Here's to hoping it stimulates intelligent discussion on both sides.


I appreciate your input on this matter..!

As you mentioned above some of these ideas do have merit and perhaps would warrant some rewards.
But some folks on here are exploiting people. It's not good and I hope as a community we can fix this.

Wow, great research and fascinating debate!

I am one of those users who features other people's work and makes money off it, but it is quite transparent and the people submit their work to me. I'm talking about the Steemit Photo Challenge. I keep all of the Steem Power that comes in, of course, but I give away the majority of the post rewards. Users know that they stand to win with this contest, and enter in hopes of winning. So I consider it a win/win scenario.

You can see it in my wallet even today.

I have had various requests, some rather aggressive, from content creators to feature their work and I have refused. Not only do I lose control, but I open myself up to attacks like this.

In your title you talk about how they "may be crooks", then you say that it is in no way meant to be inflammatory, if saying to someone you think they're a crook isn't inflammatory, I don't know what is.


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