NEO: IF Bottom is IN, Rally Can Look Like This!

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It's quite distinct and clear that NEO has now put in an ABC zig zag as shown by the subwaves. Wave A has five, Wave B has three and Wave C has five (blue) and all seem complete and placed. What does that mean? Could the bottom be in? The V-Neck type of reversal is quite impressive in strength. I believe the next steps are likely to complete the impulse waves UP! If wave (iii) extends to greater than 1.618 of Wave 1's height; an all time new high would be unsurprising.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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No Chinese Government FUD is going to stop the NEO train...NEO will be at least $500 or more soon!


Governments or manipulators can bend and stretch the waves but can't control them.


Neo is a strong coin and a good hold.. thanks for sharing


In fact NEO is being supported by the Chinese government, so I see only a clear path for it to flourish.


The Chinese have taken themselves out of the game so completely it's hard to imagine how they could possibly produce anymore fresh FUD.

From now on absolutely any crypto related news out of China can only be BULLISH.


I love this project. Thanks for the TA once again :)

How bout a TA on the DJIA Haejin


Will crash a little soon and very deep in less than 5 years imo
Just stick to real money and project : cryptos !!!!

Like Neo as a project and the usability of its open source smart contracts. Personally feel as if this is a growing company especially if China warms up to crypto at some point.

No one can manipulate the cryptocurrency. It is a big chance to all people to get out of poverty...


Yes but not. You know when you take profit, it's because someone put his money... So.. Its the same shit


come on man.... don't you notice alot of it is being manipulated right now?? How come most coins all drop at the same time and very similar percentage. It's just if you are lucky enough to be on the positive side of the growth of the coin.

Man! I need more money so I can invest more. Everything is going up and I'm out lol

I'm super bullish on NEO. Long term hold for sure ... I think 2018 is gonna be a big year, and when China's back in the game ... watch out

My wife says we need $50k in the bank "just to be safe"... I convinced her to accept 399 NEO instead. 😝


you a boss!!!!!! Don't think you guys will regret that move. it should hit 300-500 easily by summer/fall.

Hi Thx for the info. 2 notes

  1. can we see a bigger pictures of the graphs?
  2. together with NEO u know what follows....GAS

I think NEO will be a strong coin in the future.


me to, for defiante. Just gutted I didn't buy in during the earlier days

Just picked up so neo because I could finally get it at a price I though wasnt to high. It should have a great year and a decent roi.

I have strong faith in NEO. In the pipeline is the Neoexchange (NEX) ICO.


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Thank You! ⚜

I am pretty sure that NEO (aka. "AntShares") is going to be one of the big players, sooner or later.

It has potential, it has the whole asian market (as it stems from China, iirc) and the idea behind it is ... functional. :D

I took it yesterday.
sharing is very good. well time.

Proof of Stake Cannot be Beaten. #NEO

Neo will still come out strong

NEO has had a monumental rise to fame and most know NEO for its rapid growth. However, when you look under the hood there is a lot to discuss.NEO has a lot of hype but, does it live up to it?

Why does he get paid so much and I get paid nothing?

I love this project....thank you for sahring

I love NEO, love the project and the team. I think it has found it's bottom resistance. I also think it can easily match Ethereums price in the future. Thanks for post.

Need to buy some more Neo soon

We were almost at $200 less than a month ago, then the bitcoin fud struck

I am very happy to belong to this steermit family, I will give you my vote, give me your vote.

5 token worth 350$

I personally hold a decent amount of Neo in my portfolio have added more on this dip. The best method that has worked for me in all assets that i have investing in is Dollar Cost Averaging. Investing on fixed days twice a month for the past has helped me in building such a good portfolio.

thank you for your post. How about GAS price ? I mean is there a correlation NEO