NEO Has All Time New Highs Written All Over

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We are at an exciting time for the Cryptosphere! Can you sense it also? Once prices start breaking out, segment at a time, jaw dropping, orgasmic moves will be seen. What I mean by segment at a time is that first Bitcoin and the top 5 or 10 will skrocket followed by the top 20 segment and then the Altcoins. DO NOT underestimate the Altcoins, despite their tardiness in the rally, their % gains could be unbelievable! IF this is the breakout for NEO and remains decisive, then the below chart is showing the earliest signs of the next Bull Run!

Similar to Bitcoin (BTC), NEO broke out of the parallel channel and as long as it remains above it; greatness in new price heights are not too far behind. NEO is following Bitcoin which is the moon that moves the tides in the Cryptospere Oceania and all coins swim in it.

The longer term perspective shows a new impulse developing to ramp towards the $300 target and then $328 or so. The subwaves of blue wave 3 are labeled and the 3 of 3 will be a sight to behold.

The Forest View for the next 12 months or so could resemble the below chart. IF Fibonacci has any influence, the $350 zone and the $547 zones will represent MASSIVE profit making targets.

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"NEO is following Bitcoin which is the moon that moves the tides in the Cryptospere Oceania and all coins swim in it."
You made this reference a couple of months ago I see this as a good sign. Can't describe the movements better than that.


It is following Bitcoin indeed for now. But once it will get some positives from China, or any other great platform as news, it will start to walk its own way.

Hi! I hold a lot of neo from antshares and even now, the gas produced I convert into neo, to have more gas produced, to then convert it to NEO to have more gas, to then convert...


So you produce a lot of Gas. LOL. Stop eating beans :)


Hahaha. If it would be about beans to produce that gas, I would east just beans then lol! Good point!

Neo is the future!


A part of it yes, but the hidden gem looks to be Elastos.

Bull flag on the hourly chart. What do you think?

On Binance NEO currently at ~%123.89

Are you suggesting it will rise to $300, or even just $280??

That is crazy! But would be awesome as all my funds are currently locked in NEO and even worse, my Binance account is frozen so I can't even swing trade for the moment. Usually when a coin is slow I play it off against other coins (BNB, ETH for ex) and build up my kittie. THen when the breakout happens (fingers crossed), I sell and become blessed with fat!

nice insight mate. I think NEO is set to head towards $200 USD in the next 1-2 months at the very least. I personally think NEO will be a 4 figure coin. Will be good to see how ONT and other ICOs on NEO fair in the coming months to see how NEO goes in 2018

봉주흐!!!멋진 크립토애널리스트 샘 훌륭합니다
크립토 시장의 확산을 기대합니다

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good writing.............I appreciate you..thank

Haejin, just signedup for STEEM it myself, and have been following your insightful posts. I actually was short on NEO on my Forex account, earned 50pips and just got out. Saw your post, and went long. Thanks.

NEO is my favorite coin and i would not sell it on 300$ either! Unless it happens this week, then i would sell and set buy entry on 200$.

Tnx for this analyse


ps Please give me a good tutorial on How to use those tools for analyzing movement of price!


Check out


Haejin has vids also


Thank you

Hmmmm interesting time with this analysis and the targeted NEO FUD unleashed today...hmmmm