You still have time to join My2019: Achievements and Failures | Check out the other entries!

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Contest season is on Steemians, we will be hosting one contest per week until we reach 2019 with several hundreds of Steem in Prizes. It seems like you haven't joined in the fun, what are you waiting for?

You have until December 18th at 23:59 PST - Around 60 hours from now - to publish your entries

Write about how was your 2019! Go deep into your Achivements and Failures, obstacles and milestones and get a chance to win one of the Prizes in liquid Steem!

Check out the contest here

There's already a lot of great entries already, so right now it's your chance to get to know other Steemians, connect with amazing people and grow your Steem Network!

Check out some of the entries here:

@yahialababidi2019: You nearly broke my back, but you also gave me wings
@bambukaOf course, there were joys and sorrows. That is life
@mattsanthonyitWe all have ups and downs in life , I am not shy to voice them out
@enjarIt was quite a hectic year of so many downs and a couple of ups
@shharafatMy success ratio is very high. But one big disaster ruined me
@gniksivartOk, I was not able to get a blog going and was not consistent at all
@rokhanistories and reflections for all of us to tread the year 2020
@priyo022As the year ends, our memories of that year continue to fade
@yousafharoonkhanDear friends every year is a successful year of life
@blessed-girlMaybe this year was not the time, I wait 2020 with optimism
@steemflowNew life, new challenges and loads of hope
@shaikmashudI am Happy for everything happen in my life of this year, Success and Failures
@priyanarc2019 was rock and roll for me, it was like a roller coaster journey
@debtfreein2This too shall pass... And I find myself falling back to this quote very frequently
@josediccus2019 hasn't been too bad as much as too extravagant
@nainaztengraI personally feel it has been a very soothing and peaceful year for me
@secretman02What i have achieved and not able to achieved,I have shared in my vlog
@ashikstdI'm feeling so alone and my emotions are killing me inside out
@slwzlThank you for the goodbyes and for the welcoming that makes the road more interesting
@jeffjagoeReflecting upon achievements and failures is a crucial part of the learning process
@antoniarhuizThis and previous years have not been good, although there is no peace if I don't expect the situation to improve by 2020
@khaimiHere I want to express all that, hopefully, this is a lesson for me and others

The funds for the prizes will come directly from the earnings of this post, so if you like this idea, give it a little vote!

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Thank you for the honor @anomadsoul. My nick is @antoniarhuiz. This contest contains magic.

Already read and watched some of the entries, great job everyone and thanks for this contest. Because this contest pushed me into deep thoughts and helped me to go through the flashback of the entire year.

Thanks @anomadsoul
My nickname is @slwzl 😶 Congratulations all 🎊

Hello sir @anomadsoul

This is my entry for the contest! My 2019: Achievements and Failures made and sponsored by @blocktrades,

Many thanks, @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for this community-building opportunity and chance to get to know other Steemians better :) Thanks, too, for featuring my contest entry.

Looking forward to the next contest and wishing you continued success with your good work!
Cheers, Yahia

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Boom. Too late I did other posts first before joining this. Oh well. I'll still post it soon. 🙂

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