My 2017: Just a normal Day - WINNERS!! 250 Steem in Prizes!

in my2017 •  last year

More than 60 DTube videos from 60 first timer DTubers! The contest was a success! And that is only thanks to you :)

Remember, making this contest and giving this prizes is only possible due to the delegation I got from @blocktrades. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!

Most of the videos got a vote from the crew behind @Dtube. Thank you very much for rewarding good posts and to support this contest with your votes my friends!

So, as usual, there are 9 honorable mentions to people who made a true effort for bringing us the best Normal days around the world.

For you, there will be a 10 Steem prize that you already have it in your wallet :)

Your normal days were amazing, thank you so much for sharing this little piece of your life with us, your fellow Steemians! Using DTube for the first for some of you was a real challenge, thank you for not giving up and bringing to the table a nice video. If I had more Steem for the prizes, yours would definitely get it.

This doesn´t mean the other videos weren´t great, it just means that to the eyes of the judges, these videos were nicer. But the other videos were amazing, that is why all of them got at least from $10 - 50 in rewards, all the videos were great!

Finally, the winners are:

3rd place:

Prize: $ 25 Steem

My normal day by @taqdirul94

2nd place:

Prize: $ 50 Steem

Just a normal day by @shresta

1st place:

Prize: $ 75 Steem

Just a normal day in Playa del Carmen, México by @mysevenworlds


I can´t stress enough how hard it was to pick the winners, but you deserve it, thank you all for joining the contest. I strongly encourage you to follow our judges, they have amazing content: @roxane @acromott and @jacinta.sevilla. If you liked this contest, resteem this post, remember the prizes come out of my pocket so upvoting this post helps out :)

Be on the lookout for the next issue, tomorrow I will be posting the next contest.

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@anomadsoul, I have had never came across with the contest but all sudden I got the chance of viewing the post. Well! I must say that it's my good luck today as there are lots of things to be learned by your activities, posts, the way you reply each and everyone's comments and the opportunities you provided for everyone seems to look like you got a lovely heart with very handsome face. Yes! I know, couldn't take part on the contest but at least I got the luck to comment on your post. So, feeling lucky and happy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🎉🎈🎊 to one of the most respectful person who inspires others for good work 😃


Hey hey, don´t despair, there will be a new one starting on January 1st so make sure to check it out!

Oh lol, you are making me blush, the photos don´t do me justice, it is just the light :P

Merry Christmas Anika, I hope I see your entries in the next contest!


@anomadsoul, looking forward for the contest and it's a fact that you got a charming face and it's not about light, it's about charm and you do give away a lot which proves that you do got a golden heart 🌺🎊 as well.


The new one is surely going to have my entry. I was part of the first one and unluckily missed the Dtube video though it would have taken just 30 minutes to make a video and post. Thank you and thanks to @blocktrades for doing and sponsoring this.

Congratulations to all the winners - I'm slightly disappointed I didn't make the top ten at least, that whole project took me 2 days (don't worry I can re-purpose it!)

I did wonder whether something so analytical rather than just individualized would be 'valued' by the judges, having looked at their profiles I had a feeling it wouldn't be, not their thing I guess. Then again, that's subjectivity.

But don't worry, I've awarded myself the prize for the most sociological video! Large Cappuccino on me later.

Something else I've found that's interesting is there's not much intra-competitor viewing and voting and commenting going on - which is maybe more disappointing than not winning!

Thanks for the upvotes on both of the vids btw (including the one that dtube messed up!) Appreciated.


I totally get what you are saying and actually the next contest will encourage more to engage with one another! That is something we as a community may lack, some users engage a lot with higher rep members but not with same rep users (i dont know if im getting the idea through).

Well, i did like your video hence the vote, but i cant decide who wins otherwise it would defeat the purpose of having judges and trying to be as fair as possible... you are right, it is subjective, that is why i try to make the jury as diverse as i can (while they ask for nothing in return).

Hopefully the next contest will be as interesting as this one and you join it again my friend :) Enjoy the well earned capuccino!


Thanks for the response - unfortunately the platform encourages us to 'network upwards' - I'm currently reading the white paper - it has a very cynical view about human nature, and the whole platforms basically designed to leverage human self-interest and enable people to profit from it... in other words while the platform does enable collaboration and communication, that IS NOT its primary purpose! Those of us who do so are somewhat discordant!

I'll look out for the next contest, I'm still on holiday, although I even now may not have the time to enter as I need to get back to maintaining my main blog over at revisesociology - it takes quite a lot of input.


It was a typo, fixed, thanks my friend!


My congratulations to all of the winners and thank you so much for including me in the honorable mentions!!! I really had fun making the video and I am happy that you find my normal day enjoyable to watch! More power to you, Eric!


Don´t thank me, thank @blocktrades and the judges, but mostly thank yourself for putting so much effort in making your entry ^^


Yes, thank you so much @blocktrades!!! :D

Thanks for the mention and that sweet prize! And an even bigger thanks for making this contest a thing, I think it is sending a lot of people into a Christmas spirit!

And I really enjoyed my time showing off my Thursday, it was so fun making the video! Can't wait for the next one :D


Thank you horse-rider, you gave the contest some exotic features :D

I´m glad you had fun, so many fun videos around and I got to see yours :)


Haha, it is funny, because for me exotic is jungle and palm-trees, horses are a normal thing, though :D

It is interesting to see how different people perceive things differently :)


Congratulations to you my dear



I feel sad about this though... After all the effort I put in making that video, dint even come up as an honourable mention. Well it's all good. Happy for all the winners. Ama try harder next time #sad

Thnaks @anomadsoul for putting together contests like this. I got to learn a few new things for that I am grateful.


I understand how you feel my friend :/ but with so many entries, not everyone can win... But hey! You still got around 4 SBD in rewards for the post, which is pretty much worth the same US dollars as the 10 Steem. Don´t feel sad man, there will be more contests and I wish you join them, your day will come, I´m sure.


Thanks alot bro... Ur a good friend

Well done to all who put videos together for this (i chickened out!)

And, @anomadsoul + @blocktrades for putting the competition together, nice one!

I'm glad @mysevenworlds has a prize, having resteemed a recent post of hers, I think she has some great stories to share!

Steem on 2018, or do we have one more week left?!


Ohh man, I wish you´d joined the contest! I guess next time will be the one ^^
The next one starts on January 1st and I hope it will be as epic as it is going through my mind!!


Sorry man, I'll do my best to get involved in the next one - still getting used to the camera over here but I think it's going ok so far.

Have an awesome new year, 2018 is going to be epic for Steemit!


hehehehe one more week to go... Yeppieeee

Congrats to all winner !! Hope you will make another contest @anomadsoul , I'm
eager to join


Yes my friend, there will be a next one very soon and I think you will like it... thanks for looking forward to it, I hope you enjoy joining the one that starts on January 1st.


Wow ,I m happy to hear that ..😊

Congratulations to the winners and looking forward to your next contest!

I'm earnestly waiting for the next challenge.
Thanks for the opportunity @anomadsoul


The next one will be amazing, sorry if you didn´t win, choosing was reeeally hard... but the next one will give everyone an opportunity to win big time!

I didn't win but I sure had a heck of a lot of fun participating (and learning how to use Dtube). Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved accolades. It was interesting seeing how atypical(for me) the typical day around the world was! Thanks @anoadsoul and @blocktrades for this contest! All the best! (ps. Hoping for a win during the next contest)

Well I never got to win, but it was a wonderful experience out of the blue, I believe you still remember my advice then?


Yea was a really wonderful experience


The next contest everyone will win, believe me my friend :) You´ll see.

Well deserved! Congratulations guys! and thank you for the awesome contest


Nah man, you have to thank @blocktrades and the judges! I´m just the middle man ^^

Thanks @anomadsoul for the contest, the mention and the prize, its a great honor.. really happy to participate, its really motivate me to do more with video



The honor was mine, thank you for joining the contest, I hope you join the next one!

omg!!! thank you so much! Love it! :)


Thank you Karen and all your amazing videos, it was an honor to have you joining the contest!


A big congrats to you my dear

awww yay! Thanks so much @anomadsoul and judges @roxane @acromott and @jacinta.sevilla! Awesome contest and congrats to everyone, really cool seeing how everyone spends their time!!

Hurray thank you so much for the first prize :) I'm sooooo happy and honoured!


Congratulations for making such an amazing video! You rock!

Congratulations, everyone! It was all fun. ♡ Excited for the last contest, @anomadsoul! :) Thanks a lot!


Thanks so much for joining again the contest! The one for January 1st will be awesome (I hope) haha. Your content is amazing, keep at it!


Awww thank you for appreciating my content! :D And yep, it's gonna be awesome. It's been awesome until now! Looking forward. Happy holidays, @anomadsoul!

Great thumps up 🤓

Proof of transfer ^^

I divirti it was great to have participated

I am really happy for the winners! Congratulation to all !


Thank you so much for judging this contest! You are the best :)

I'm stoked to have made the honerable mentions list! Lots of good videos, more then I have time to watch, the judges did a lot of work in deciding. Thanks judges!

Also thanks so much @anomadsoul for hosting this contest. You are doing great work I feel these types of contests really help build the Steemit community. Even people who didn't win a prize probably gained much from direct votes and exposure.

Congratulations to all the winners! I really wanted to participate but I haven't had enough time to prepare it :'( I'm gonna start how to film and edit videos etc. So, I hope you do another contest in the future! It was awesome contest​!!


It was a really lovely contest and you really missed (lolz)... Had fun making my own video and even though I dint win, I am grateful because I learnt a thing or two. Please do participate next time dear.

Wow very nice your post. thanks for sharing your post.

Ahhh honorable mention again 😊😍 This is making me more and more determined to win again!

Thank you @anomadsoul, the 3 judges, @blocktrades, and your stepmother for taking the time during holidays to go through and pick the winners.

Finally, congratulations to all the winners! We did great :)


You´re becoming a regular in the honorable mentions! Next contest you´ll have your chance, I´m sure ^^

Exactly, the judges and the sponsor are the ones who thank, I´m just the middle man lol-

@anomadsoul cant thank you enough. Not only for the prize but your contest made me film a video for the first time and I had a very good experience. It is so great seeing the lifestyles of people living in different parts of the world .kudos to you for bringing in such innovative ideas. Much love from Nepal .

I tried to give an entry myself.

But don't know why I couldn't upload the video on DTube..
Sad. :(

hey @anomadsoul thanks for the price still cant believe it ! peace love and light from austria :) honored to be in the honorable mentions :D

Congratulations to all the winners! I had so much fun watching your entries along the way, and there are still a number here I haven't seen!

Great entries!

Congratulations to the winners. I could not participate in time due to some important projects at hand but it is incredible to see the community coming together and sharing life together

I'm not sure If I already congratulate you for the delegation you now own and for putting this initiative on, it's great and I'm truly happy for you!! I'll be looking for the new theme. I loved the first one, but couldn't apply as I haven't had much time these past weeks due to a lot of changes in my daily routine (new work, city and finding a new home).

Congratulations to all winners
I believe I will have better luck next time

Congratulations to the winners!


Thanks for joining man, it was a very hard decision, your post was amazing! Sadly we couldn´t reward everyone... but the next contest will have tons of winners!


No problem at all buddy!
I watched the winners and they made a great job.
Honestly their videos were better than mine, so everything all right.

I'm looking forward to participate in the next contest! :)