The Alternative Lifestyle Show - Friday 22 June - with guests @hightouch of @fundition, @misslasvegas, @makinstuff and @movement19

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This week on the Alternative Lifestyle Show we have special guest @hightouch, founder and CTO of Fundition, the new steem based decentralised crowdfunding platform.

Also on the show we have @misslasvegas who will be talking about homeschooling, unschooling and family protection issues.

Following on from last week's show with @adamkokesh, @makinstuff is coming back on the show to report on the Libertarian Party event he attended on Saturday in Alabama where Adam was speaking.

JP @movement19 will also be popping on the show to update us on his current projects.

Make sure you tune in on Friday from 10pm - midnight UTC on MSP Waves Radio for 120 minutes of totally interesting talk.

On the show on MSP Waves Radio this Friday 22 June from 10pm - midnight UTC are :

  • @hightouch - founder and CTO of Fundition @fundition the new decentralised crowdfunding platform based on the steem blockchain, that has recently received 1 million SteemPower delegation from steemit inc.

  • @misslasvegas - truthseeking anarchistic worldschooling hypnotist with journalistic tendencies. Waking people up one at a time.

  • @makinstuff - solar power promoter, lifelong tinkerer and technology enthusiast; aims to empower others with knowledge to take care of their health, wealth, and self actualization; born and raised in Alabama, USA.

  • @movement19 - anarcho-agorist, writer, researcher, Zero Waste Coach, raver, DJ, MC, producer, documentarian, proponent for psychedelic medicine.

I will also be updating on progress of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project I run :

We will be opening and closing the show with songs from steem musician @darrenclaxton :

I look forward to seeing you all on MSP Waves on Friday at 10pm UTC tucked in between @Uniwhisp's Emotion Integration show and the Chaos Show with @globocop.

The recording of last Friday's show with with @adamkokesh, @makinstuff, @thegreens, @freedompoint and @freedomtowrite is available in case you missed it :

Each week the Alternative Lifestyle Show will be covering a whole range of topics including :

  • homesteading
  • prepping
  • homeschooling
  • tiny houses
  • complimentary medicine
  • alternative energy
  • cooking, particularly low meat, vegetarian and vegan
  • permaculture and organic gardening

If you have a passion for any of these subjects and would like to come on future shows please drop a comment below or find me on Discord at Pennsif#9921.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show is on MSP Waves Radio.

It is on Fridays, 10pm - midnight UTC.

If you are not sure of your local times check :

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via or on Twitch at

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