Here Comes The News - 30 August 2018 [recording] - with @breakoutthecrazy, @yidneth, @morkrock, @breezin, @krnel, @johnvibes, @gregorypatrick & @flauwy

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In case you missed the show here is the recording of last Thursday's episode of Here Comes The News.

The show aired on MSP Waves Radio on Thursday 30 August 2018.

This was the first episode of a news news oriented show called Here Comes The News.

The show aims to promote independent and citizen journalism on steem - with different steemian presented news stories from around the world.

The music side was not forgotten with two steem musicians joining the show to present their new work, as well as a number of other new tracks from steem musicans.

The guests on the show were, in order of appearance :

  • @morkrock & @breezin - Mork and Claudette updated us about the dire situation for white farmers in South Africa
  • @breakoutthecrazy - Chris came along to tell us about the launch of their new EP 'Pause Rewind'
  • @yidneth - Priscilla joined the show to talk all about her new trending song and video Līgo
  • @krnel - Kris presented two news stories about the risks of the Gardasil vaccine and social media regulation
  • @flauwy - Flauwy from Costa Rica came along to fill us in on the new 1Up development
  • @gregorypatrick & @johnvibes - Greg Patrick and John Vibes presented a range of their news stories covering trade wars, magic mushrooms, marine animal die-offs and dirty cops

We also featured a number of other new steem musician songs of the week :

This recording is also available on YouTube

The musicians featured in the show have given permission for their songs to be included in this recording.

The 'Here Comes The News' show airs on MSP Waves Radio on Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm UTC.

If you need to convert UTC time to your local time visit World Time Buddy

You can listen to the show via the PAL Discord server, via or on Twitch at

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You did an amazing job with the new format my good man! You know I'll always be around if you need anything :)

So I missed the original, but I really appreciate listening to the recording. Awesome format. I look forward to more of these shows!

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Thank you for having me on the show.

Thanks always for the honour of inviting me in on the music half.