Opression Lends No Justification To Genocide!

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Oppression in South Africa is often on the forefront of discussion, however the topic always revolves around the oppression of black Africans who are currently demanding land expropriation without compensation in order to fill a void that their oppression has left in their lives, who demand free education and medical but eagerly burn down the schools and hospitals before demanding new ones if they want higher wages or more privileges to be provided by the government with money taken from tax. They demand everything for free and use their oppression as an excuse.

Let us have a look at how white farmers got to where they were today after the oppression that they endured:

White South Africans certainly did not get the things we have today for free, we have worked hard to rebuild and earn what we have after an extensive and horrific oppression, that stripped us of everything but our dignity!

On the 16th of June 1900; Proclamation 5/1900 was implemented by Frederick Roberts stating the following:

“Whereas small parties of raiders have recently been doing wanton damage to public property in the Orange River Colony and South African Republic by destroying railway bridges and culverts and cutting the telegraph wires, and whereas such damage cannot be done without the knowledge and connivance of the neighboring inhabitants and the principle civil residents in the districts concerned;
Now, therefore, I, Frederick Sleigh, Baron Roberts, of Kandahar and Waterford, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., Field-Marshal, Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty’s Troops in South Africa, warn the said inhabitants and principle civil residents that, whenever public property is destroyed or injured in the manner specified above, they will be held responsible for aiding and abetting the offenders. The houses in the vicinity of the place where the damage is done will be burnt and the principle civil residents will be made prisoners of war.”
Pretoria 16th June 1900.

This happened after the British (with half a million soldiers) realized that they could not overpower the boers (a mere 55000 soldiers) , and decided to hit them where it hurts most - their woman and children. This act was then used to "even the odds" during this time; just about all the farmlands and homesteads owned by white farmers were burned to the ground, livestock killed, crops burned and the women and children were sent to concentration camps, where more than 35000 Afrikaaner woman and children (woman and children of white farmers) were tortured to death.

This was a nation left in complete and utter destruction, however we managed to leave all of that behind us and despite our oppression, and we built towards a better future:

To counter the struggles that we had with hospitalization provided by the british after the war, where a white boer child would only survive by miracle - We built medical facilities and offered our people a place of healing.

To counter the education system where children were politically manipulated tortured and punished if they even just spoke in Afrikaans (their mother tongue), we built our own schools with Afrikaans as a subject alongside other languages such as English, German, Latin and Sotho(still one of the dominant African languages of the black South Africans).

We carried on teaching and educating our children so that they could excel in every field and be on par with the rest of the world. We also taught our children the value of morals, hard work and civility in order to build a better future in stead of teaching them to harbor hatred, act in violence or acts of horror against those who had harmed us in the past, we taught them that it is better to work hard and earn the things that they need in stead of expecting or claiming unearned privileges.

Not once did we vandalize or burn down institutions put into place by the British as an honest attempt to help us rebuild our future - despite the unbearable inequality that they bread, we did not run through the streets angrily protesting, throwing rocks, raping murdering or claiming FREE LAND, IMPLEMENTATION AND FARMING CONSUMABLES in order to start again. We rebuilt everything that we have today from scratch.

The 16th of June we are no longer able to celebrate as a reminder of our heritage and it is now celebrated as National Youth Day in South Africa

This is even being recognized by highly empowered black south Africans - here is but one example:


From the writings of William Mametsa on facebook with Thuli Madonsela (23/01/2018)

Thulisile Nomkhosi "Thuli" Madonsela is a South African advocate and Professor of law, holding a chair in social justice at Stellenbosch University since January 2018

"Black people use racism as an excuse for their failures in a lot of things.
Racism makes us feel like victims and remember that victims never rise.
Black people use racism as an excuse for their failures in a lot of things.
The reason we don't succeed after every war is because of our inability to move forward.

  • We don't forgive,
  • we keep focusing on the enemy instead of picking up the pieces and building afresh.

I think the reason the Afrikaner nation was able to build themselves into a formidable nation was to forget the past and found ways to empower themselves.

The Afrikaner was

  • oppressed,
  • confined to concentration camps by the English.

Yet he rose and sent his kids to school.

  • they were murdered in thousands,

  • their women were raped and

  • their babies starved to death in camps.

  • But they rose because they moved beyond the hatred of their enemies.

  • Instead of them toyi toying, they:

  • built their own schools,

  • taught and trained their kids to:

  • work hard and

  • farm the land.

  • they taught their kids real values of respect (ubuntu).

  • The problem with us Black People is that:

  • we see ourselves as victims.

  • We feel sorry for ourselves and therefore believe we deserve free things.

  • Free houses,

  • free money.

  • We don't teach our kids the value of hard work.

  • Our greatest enemy as a black nation today is blaming everybody and hating ourselves.

We hate ourselves so much that:

  • we destroyed the things that belonged to us.
  • we destroy our schools, our libraries and our hospitals that were all given to us for free by white money!

Check this out:

  1. Of all the black women raped yesterday, most of them were raped by black men.

  2. Of all the black people that were mugged yesterday, most of them were mugged by black men.

  3. Of all the black owned houses that were broken into yesterday, most done by black men.

  4. Of all young black men that were shot and killed or stabbed to death yesterday, by black men.

  5. Of all the black owned cars that were hijacked yesterday, most by black men.

  6. Of all the ATM cards that were swiped, by black men.

  7. Of all the black owned cars that were involved in smash and grab yesterday, mostly done by black men.

This is self hate, and it's destroying the black man.

Let's face our real demons as a black nation and rise to the occasion.

We have destroyed the culture of learning in our communities and replaced it with entertainment.




  • LET'S LEARN FROM THE AFRIKANER AND GOD WILL HEAL US." ~ William Mametsa with Thuli Madonsela

White South Africans are currently enduring a great injustice, and standing on the verge of a white genocide that is being blamed by the majority of black South Africans on their oppression; an oppression that myself aged 36 never witnessed. Our land being forcefully removed from under us, our woman and children are tortured, raped and/or murdered, while media smears the facts over with propaganda; and still a great deal of the world is oblivious to what is actually happening in this country!


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I see the Racism-Card come out all the time in UK as an excuse for their failures.
I think their lack of intelligent control will be their ultimate downfall... If they get what they want... The will just continue to destroy their own kind and their own way of lives...


It is a very sad reality!

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Hello @breezin. I hope you continue shedding the light on this matter. When both sides stop looking at the skin color, it would be the best thing to stop the powers that be from dividing all of us.

Although it might be that this land expropriation without compensation is just a ruckus for a higher evil. May the good people prevail but also, please be safe. If only it's logistically/economically feasible for you and your family to leave for safety reasons...

And I heard they're asking for the people's guns now...


Oh they have been doing that for a while now - I will try my best to stay safe - and yes, I agree with you, skin color should not be used as a weapon

yup, it's a nightmare, keep Trump informed of the atrocities on Twitter.