MOVIE REVIEW: Why Kong: Skull Island (2017) Was So Good!!!!

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Hello movie marauders! Kong: Skull Island was extremely well done, for many reasons. This movie came out in March, and is adding to a whole universe of monsters-from what we saw in the post credits scene- (Godzilla, Mothra, etc.) Also, if you are thinking that this movie has anything to do with the Universal Studios theme park ride, that is incorrect-the ride is nothing like the movie. Kong: Skull Island is completely different than the other Kong movies. This film does not have a love story between Kong and Ann, the characters did not come to film a movie,

and this Kong is much, much, much larger. I enjoyed this movie for the visually stunning effects, the action, and the stoty. If you have not seen Kong: Skull Island yet, I highly recommend it (If action is too much for you or a giant Kong will scare you, then you probably shouldn't watch it). Let's look at all the aspects of Kong: Skull Island (2017) that made it SO good!!! [SPOILER ALERT-DO NOT read this article if you haven't watched Kong: Skull Island yet----just go watch it and then come back to read it!!]

1. The Plot

Finally a Kong movie that has nothing to do with the others! I am happy that this movie was not a remake, but more of a reboot. Kong doesn't try to take Brie Larson's character, Mason, which I was over the moon about. I do think that she should have a gun or some kind of weapon, even if she is just a photographer. In this telling of King Kong, we get more into how sad Kong's life is. The Skullcrawlers are the real creature you should be weary of, not Kong--who is the protector of the island.

We find out that the Skullcrawlers killed Kong's family, which humanizes him. A character who is not humanized is Samuel L. Jackson's Preston Packard. I had a feeling he was evil when he had a green light on him in the telephone booth--in the beginning of the movie(green means someone is evil/the villain). Packard was crazy and tried to kill Kong, when Kong was just protecting his home. I thought Packard was a great villain, and I liked watching his transition to evil.

I liked how the story of this Kong movie was about Bill Randa (played by John Goodman) trying to prove there are monsters in the world--by going to the island. It was refreshing from the retold story of trying to make a movie and saving Ann. Overall, I thought the story was very good, and we are probably going to see these characters again in the monster universe--called MonsterVerse--that is being created. [Godzilla: King Of Monsters--with Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown(who plays Eleven)--will be released March 22, 2019]

2. The Action/Visual Effects

The action in this film was amazing, and entertaining. I love how huge Kong is, because it brings something different to this movie. The scene that stood out for me was the Skull crawlers attacking the characters. 

It was visually stunning--because of the smoke and camera shots. The camera going to each of the characters' faces before the skull crawler came was an amazing choice because of the added suspense. I loved the part in that scene where Tom Hiddleston's character James Conrad slices the enemies--in green smoke--and the first person perspective in his mask. This skull crawler attack scene was just so amazing to watch, and is one of my favorite action sequences in any movie this year. Now, let's not forget about the star of the show, Kong. His action sequences were also breathtaking--my favorite being the first one (with the helicopters)--because we didn't know how strong/powerful he is. 

Also, the showdown between the huge Skull crawler and Kong was a very satisfying match to watch. 

Kong really showed that he is King, and is a force to be reckoned with. In all, this film had great action sequences-and editing- that I enjoyed a lot.

3. Skull Island

I think that Skull Island is such a cool place. It is filled with all sorts of majestic (and scary) creatures, plus it has Kong. There are even natives that live there-including a man who has been there since his plane crashed. I really like the way Skull Island was presented in this movie, and that it does refer to some things in the past Kong movies--such as the wall between the natives and Kong.

This movie just proves again that Skull Island is not a place to be reckoned with. The only complaint I have with this film is that I think the characters in this movie should be more developed. All of them are pretty forgetful, and really don't have much of a personality. I feel like the characters should have been explored more, instead of just seeing them fight off the beasts in Skull Island. Hopefully they come back in the future MonsterVerse films, and we see them have more of a personality. Kong: Skull Island has me very excited for a future Kong vs. Godzilla, and the other monster movies.

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