Spotify (SPOT): All Time New Highs?

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Spotify (SPOT) just recently had their IPO and so the amount of price data available is very limited. But, as requested, the below is the analysis using 1 hour charts. The pattern that strikes first is that of an ascending right triangle and this is bullish! Price moves alont the top horizontal and the rising lower trend lines. The blue arrow is showing a probable future price pathway and yes, an all time new high given that the IPO was only less than a month away.

The MACD is also keen in displaying more upside potential. The bullish buy cross over of the 12 hour moving average (white) of the red 26 hour moving average is very clear (blue circle) and the white arrow projects it's move in support of the upcoming higher highs.

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Can you please share ETHBTC pair

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I'm sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. just shines as proof of how delusional some TA meme line drawers are...

like @crispier-bacon mentioned, "Spotify has a net loss of 1.5 billion last year alone and a 1.6 billion dollar lawsuit hanging over their head"

On top of that you're justifying a 29billion marketcap of which most revenue is generated from the however many 80mill subscribers that pay premium, but most is from free users ad revenue, margins of which pale in comparison. How much more growth can you expect from a net negative growth stock like this?

For perspective, Pandora's market cap is $2bill, I'm unsure of the user count, apple I think is 40mill subscribers, and then you have Sirius xm SIRI which is nearest in market cap at 28.3... They just posted 33mill subscribers, but SIRI has some very good metrics going for it. THEYRE ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY! but it's been a long time coming for them..
Such a THICK Cashflow cow...

Price target $110 before $160.

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  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Great! Spotify is the real revolution of artificial intelligence and music.

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Thank you for sharing thinking. your topic is really exceptional.
[zahiduli] (

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At the start, I'd like to say SPOTIFY appears to be a no-brainer investment; but, most thought the same about other music apps that didn't have 'staying' value. I could be out of touch (lol); but I do believe that company with the missing bite on the apple still has the reign on this industry.

It shall be interesting to see. That said, IF I had the opportunity to invest in SPOT, I wouldn't hesitate; but, I would, as with all investments, keep in touch with 'current events'.

Thanks for the post.


no it's not. you're better off burning your money

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

you're better off burning your money

After remembering a conversation with 'expert' investors, I agree with you; and rescind my comment about not hesitating to buy.

It was said that once a stock is offered as an IPO it's pretty much 'spent'..."garbage" as I recall hearing it. This was long before Steemit came into my life; and, I began to study charts, and try my hand at investing.

Bottom line: It's more about the numbers, and very little about the inflationary hype.

Thanks for your input.


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thanks for the share it does help

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Thanks for the ongoing info.
Good power to healthy overall growth.

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good and interesting info but unfortunately I do not understand English but not brrarti I can not write it, because now there's already google translate

Good post

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Spotify has a net loss of 1.5 billion last year alone and a 1.6 billion dollar lawsuit hanging over their head makes me cringe to think about where Spotify is headed. Especially in an industry where the new and shiny is right around the corner.
Some legit technical analysis and some strong signals for so little data though. Good work.

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