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Thanx for research :-)

Nordson has a good portfolio of product offerings. Earnings came in overnight with strong numbers but weak forward guidance. A case of buying in anticipation and selling to lock in profits. Likely a correction is due. Cheers!

Hey haejin, can you make an analysis for stratis or syscoin?

Hey @Haejin, I'd love to see your analysis of SunPower (SPWR). On the monthly, it looks like we may have had a wave 1 (with a wave 3 in order). With recent catalysts, especially the California mandate, I'm very interested in the industry. Thanks again for your equity analyses, and thank you in advance if you're able to get around to this request!

thx for hard research, really appriciate

Omaizing good like

Nice call @haejind. I am guessing it is easy to find stocks on the 5th wave using weekly charts. I notice you just talked about taking profits but did not mention shorts or short positions. Is the weekly chart too unpredictable to try to take a short position? Any other reason for not mentioning shorts? Dropped like a stone in aftermarket, good call or are you a market mover?

I think at this point I would definitely take profit and run for it. It's easy to FOMO on these things and be tempted to either hold longer or get back in after taking profit. I learned my lesson, that's what I did last year with most coins, instead of taking profit I HODLed, and look where we are today

Thank you good information

Thank you. I'm learning a lot.I will no longer be greedy and become a wise investor. I look forward to good posting in the future. Be happy always.

We can hope for the best