Edwards Lifesciences (EW): Bearish Wedge Alert!!

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Edwards Lifesciences (EW) has trended quite nicely in a classic five wave separation. The below chart shows that white wave 3 is currently in progress but nearly, if not already, complete. White wave 4 could deliver a sizable 40% decline and this is often why I take profits at wave 3 and 5 and not just wait for 5.

Subwaves qualify the higher degree of trend count. What is quite apparent is the upward pointing earish wedge (white). It's not to be ignored. As price reaches closer towards the apex, the decline for ABC is likely to onset. Be cautious!

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Thanks for the current status and information 😊😊😊

Well informed, thanks for coming by.

Good news, thank you verymuch

great news man. thanks for @haejin

Hey haejin. Thank you for the new info and the warning. And thank you for all you do for the community. Go have a look at our new Daily BTC TA summary of different Technical Analysts views. I think you might find the overview of different TA's interesting.

It looks to me like extended 5th that is coming to an end.


Yeah, 3rd makes more sense. I didn't spot the extended flat on 2nd wave. And I'm marking first waves way to low.