AGGRESSIVE ETF Weekly Performance Update Shows 14.44% Profit

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It's Friday and time to update the Aggressive ETF portfolio. Without any surprise, TQQQ remains the winner and so the funds remain and no change is required. The exact way this ETF portfolio works is shown in this link.

The portfolio currently has 14.44% profit with a balance total of $14,441. The 703.91 shares of TQQQ remain and funds are not changed.

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we should see long term growth of any coin


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Tell me a bit about what it is.

Who is baejin?

It's Bernie the sad cave troll.

And he does not know how to write and respond, because I do not know what he does

Thank you for all you do and give.
I appreciate the grace you have facing such fear from some in the Steemit community.
I have used the mute button to silence the noise.
My pattern recognition is gradually improving. In a year or so I look forward to a marked improvement.
Will be starting investing my profits in ETF’s soon.
Appreciate the open sharing of practical information and the calm and peace that has brought me.
The profits are starting to follow.
If I may be of service let me know.


You are amazing friends .. good


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Hi @haejin , it'd be really cool if you sent me some Steem or SBD. I'm not asking or saying you have to, but it would be totally cool.

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