The Southern Company (SO): Let's Hope the H&S Pattern is Avoided

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The Southern Company (SO) is undergoing a topping process for white wave 5 which would conclude a full impulse move. The below chart shows that a top is not necessarily an event, but a process involving price, pattern and Elliott Waves.

The ABC is shown as an Expanded Flat type. This makes the price to be in a red C wave down sequence which consits of five subwaves. The blue subwaves of white 5 qualify the label and the B wave is certainly above the origin point of red A; which is what an expanded flat is.

IF the red 3 and 4 of C actually generate the RS (purple) of a potentila H&S Top; the implications can be quite scary. The purple line shows that IF such a bearish H&S event gets completed and confirmed in price and volume, then price potential could be as low as $0.44!!

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Wow..!! it's a great article my friend.well done.

It looks like the Market Cycle on SO is completed. I see a curve on that chart. Is it bouncing on the support now?

Real nice little run by Southern over the last month. Hoping it doesn't fall too much

Thanks to update I followed this

Reposting due to downvote.

The original post was still worth 3$, you made it grey by removing your upvote on it.

Also, I don't see you giving any retaliatory flags to @thejohalfiles. Oh that's right, he would fucking destroy you. You only flag people with less STEEM power than you. And then still cry like a bitch.

Hmmm, don't you find it odd that posts about stocks on a crypto site do just as well as your posts about crypto did? I thought you had such a great following and that you helped so many people get into crypto. Where were they all this time?

I guess the answer is that you never really had much support at all, at least not much more than you did back when Bernie was upvoting you.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.