0x Protocol [ZRX] Review. November 2018.

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Today’s review: 0x Protocol

Protocol for Trading Tokens?

0x is a protocol that facilitates the exchange of ERC20 tokens. Anyone can use 0x to work with decentralized exchanges. The protocol allows you to broadcast ERC20 tokens between users in a safe and fast mode using smart Ethereum contracts. Ultimately, all assets, including fiat, commodities, stocks, can potentially be represented as a token. The 0x was created by Will Warren and Amir Bandeali, two crypto-enthusiasts. They drew attention to the high rates of development of the Ethereum blockchain and the prospects it offers.

Thanks to the ability to tokenize any asset, after a while, they felt everything would be converted to digital form. Consequently, the market would need a simple and clear common standard for the exchange of assets. This method should be the 0x protocol that allows you to perform fast and inexpensive exchange operations within the network of the ethereum.

The 0x protocol is based on Ethereum, it has an open source code that other developers can use. The new protocol is quite different from centralized sites. It allows developers to create their own DEX (decentralized exchanges). The platform does not require registration from the user, because it is a protocol, not a software. Where registration is not required, there are no opportunities for hacking.

The system has 1 billion tokens, half of them are in the public domain, the remaining tokens are distributed between developers, founders, and early investors. Any person or organization can use ZRX tokens. These tokens are broadcast in the fastest and most secure way in the system via Ethereum smart contracts.

Platform 0x was developed to solve problems and provide users with a convenient functional tool. Advantages of the project are:

  • Lower risk levels, than other typical for centralized platforms. It makes it possible to talk about more efficient integration of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into everyday life. Higher levels of safety and more comfortable conditions are guaranteed because there is no risk of hacker attacks and platform hacking.

  • Thanks to the network effect, the value of the token ZRX is maintained. With an increase in the number of operations and an increase in the activity of using the ZRX protocol, it will grow in value.

  • The protocol supports work and provides interaction with other projects (Melonport, Ethfinex, Augur, District0x), cooperation with the Bitfinex site is maintained;

  • A large number of project partners and the attraction of venture capital firms to it, interest in the token will grow. That says about profitable investments in the ZRX.

It is impossible to ignore some issues that cause concern:

  • There is a possibility that the work of the 0x project will fall under the restrictions of the SEC norms;

  • The protocol features are limited to work exclusively with ERC20 standard coins. - Consequently, if a more successful smart contract project appeared on the market, interest in the ZRX would be lost.

Currently, there is a process of converting traditional assets into digital form. One way is tokenization. Given the current trend, we can say that the 0x project appeared on the market in a timely manner and seeks to occupy a sought-after niche. Using the protocol allows you to simplify and reduce commission costs in the exchange of tokens. We can say that the project has prospects if the team continues to work on its development and popularization.

At the time this article was published, 0x Protocol makes up 0.09% of the total of CryptoIndex portfolio.
In this month Zorax made a bad prediction on this coin.

What do you think about this coin?

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Zorax codes are in public domain like 0x protocol which is hacking proof as you say or they are secret and how you will solve the hacking problem because nowadays hackers are too smart.What security norms you have made for the zorax ai based system which makes it hacking proof.

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