Maker. Review - October 2018

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Today’s review: Maker

Maker (MKR) is a digital token created on the Ethereum platform of the Maker project, whose main goal is to create a line of decentralized digital assets that would be tied to the value of real resources, such as currency, or gold, for example. On the basis of this platform, there are plans to create an exchange in which it would be possible to carry out marginal trade in tokens on the ERC20 protocol.

The urgency of creating a stable cryptocurrency - a stablecoin - is often emphasized by many analysts and developers. There is no relationship between digital money and certain values prevent its integration, and the high level of volatility does not allow full use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for widespread usage.

The Maker project seeks to eliminate such obstacles by forming digital analogs of fiat currencies on the basis of the Etherium. Similar attempts have already been tried previously, the developers themselves cite the following comparisons:

  • Steem Dollar is one of three cryptocurrencies of the Steemit social network, it has a stable cost, but its functionality is limited by the platform itself and does not allow it to fully use this money everywhere;
  • Tether - like Maker, this the project is also focused on creating digital analogs of fiat money, more and more users and analysts suspect this platform of unfair emissions and centralized manipulations;
  • DigixDAO - the project is focused on linking cryptocurrency to gold, according to many analysts it should have received recognition for being the first stablecoin.

The long-awaited “stablecoin” was developed by the Maker project. By itself, it is a decentralized organization that is completely autonomous (abbreviated DAO). The stablecoin is named Dai and supports the standard ERC20. MKR token finances the project activities. The company gained the support of the Ethereum Foundation, and,according to developers, is an integral and essential element in the ecosystem of Ethereum itself.

MKR is needed to attract investors to the Maker project itself. MKR holders are similar to shareholders, but instead of a joint stock company, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) comes forward.

These shareholders are the highest authority in the company, they solve all global business issues, they themselves distribute the profits, and they are responsible for their decisions with their invested capital.

The release of a decentralized stablecoin is certainly a very good and useful idea, opening up broad horizons of usage in the financial and commercial spheres. It gives competitive advantages such as:

  • full freedom of action in trade;
  • lack of political and geographical boundaries while making deals;
  • anonymity of operations;
  • struggle with financial monopolists;
  • savings on lack of taxes;
  • non-interference of state structures in the personal financial affairs of citizens.

All this allows it to function successfully in the modern online space, winning more and more fans.
A significant advantage of this token is the ability to implement absolute anonymity when performing any operations. This can be achieved thanks to the zk-SNARK technology already used in the Zcash cryptocurrency, or the ring signatures used in Monero.

Analysts have pointed out a certain potential of the Maker project. The exchange rate shows an upward trend even with long-term corrections. The issue of coins is only one million, while it is planned to reduce this amount over time, making MKR full-fledged shares.

Given the gradual development and further expansion of the platform, the prospects for long-term investment in Maker are highlighted. With the increasing number of stable cryptocurrencies on the platform, with ties fiat money, as well as increasing the relevance of the project at the user level, the cost of its tokens will inevitably grow.

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