Betting Results February 2018

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This is my Monthly Results Roundup of the pre-game bets I posted on Steemit

This was a poor month with very low volume as the NFL season came to an end. There was around a 4 units loss going 3W-8L-1P. At a pace of ~100 bets in 6 months it's hard to build a betting sample with results that represent something. I'm not planning to really increase the amount of bets I take at Nitrogensports. I will switch back to my initial 0.010 BTC Flat Stakes from now on because I have been growing my overall Crypto portfolio which makes the part I use for betting a lot smaller and the impact less harsh in case I get into a big downswing which is always possible.

The core idea of these bets still stay the same and 100% of the bets I take on my Nitrogensports account will be posted exactly as I bet them right after I take them myself in a similar way to what I've done since the start. Let's hope the month of march will get me back inside the green zone!

February Nitrogensports Record

12 Bets | 3W-8L-1P | 0.091 BTC Staked | -0.036293 BTC Loss | -39.88% ROI

27/02/20180.008NBAKings +112.096LOST[Link]
26/02/20180.008NBAMavs +22.066WON[Link]
26/02/20180.008NBAHawks +02.057LOST[Link]
25/02/20180.008BEL1Standard O32.380LOST[Link]
09/02/20180.008NBABulls +7.51.863WON[Link]
09/02/20180.008NBAHornets +52.096LOST[Link]
09/02/20180.008NBANuggets +7.52.057LOST[Link]
06/02/20180.007NBASuns +7.52.017LOST[Link]
06/02/20180.007NBAKnicks ML1.977LOST[Link]
04/02/20180.007NFLEagles +32.325WON[Link]
02/02/20180.007NBABucks -21.930PUSH[Link]
02/02/20180.007NBAPacers +31.939LOST[Link]

Total BTC Bankroll

0.97641900 BTC (-2.36%)

Nitrogensports BTC Balance

0.17641900 BTC (-11.8%)

I am using Nitrogensports as a way to put some of my Bitcoin holdings to use instead of keeping them sitting in my wallet. They have been a very reliable bookmaker and suited for more serious players as they copy market leading Pinnacle odds.
Nitrogensports (normal link)

Nitrogensports (affiliate link)

Results History

MonthBetsWonLostPushStakedProfit BTCROI
Feb 2018123810.091-0.036293-39.88%
Jan 201821101010.147+0.005800+3.95%
Dec 2017199820.148+0.010422+7.04%
Nov 201721111000.210-0.008030-3.82%
Oct 201721101010.210+0.003080+1.46%
Sep 201794410.090+0.001440+1.6.%


There are very few people that are equipped financially and psychologically to handle the ups and downs of gambling on a daily basis. If you're not a professional, every instinct you have will attempt and probably will sabotage your success. Human nature runs completely contrary to being successful at gambling. These bets are posted as a way to help myself in order to stay disciplined, always hold yourself accountable if you end up following. Proper Bankroll Management can highly decrease the risk of heavy losses!

Post a link to your own Monthly Betting Results post in the comments and I'll make sure to give it an upvote !


You win some, you lose some. All is good if you don't lose the discipline. Let's see green in March.

You've already upvoted my monthly report, but I'll post it here anyways hoping the others will do the same. It would be nice to see all the monthly reports in one place.

The BtB's February Betting Report

I saw your post and wanted to give a bigger upvote which was not possible because of the auto-voting.
It would be nice to see more bettors do this monthly and I will make sure to support it from now on.

Good luck This month!

Thanks and good luck to you!

Sorry for not upvoting your stuff today. I've made a rookie mistake and destroyed my voting power. Currently at 59.10%, I can't upvote anything :-) I have to wait two days in order to get in under control.

I love your "IMPORTANT" paragraph, because bankroll and personal rules are the only way to succeed in gambling. People don't see how hard it is to follow these simple rules when one loss is coming after another again and again. Gambling is mostly working on your mindset and ability to stay calm and pragmatic whatever happens. It is not just following and analyzing sport.

Betting is actually quite boring when you have a proper longer term mindset. It almost completely takes away the gamblers rush. Only when the real downswings happen it can be quite a challenge mentally (-25+ units)

thanks for sharing, it's important to be transparent and I know it's not easy to dig in , in order to put these bad months out there

The reason it's hard for most to post actual results in a transparant way is because they are too caught up in their ego and rather go into denial in case they have losing results. To me I don't care so much even though it would be more fun when crushing it.

Not the greatest month, but hey, only way to get out of a betting slump is to keep betting, haha.

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