Betting Results December 2017

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This is my Monthly Results Roundup of the pre-game bets I posted on Steemit.

December Results.jpg

I keep repeating on how talking about results in betting tends to be meaningless unless you talk about a really big sample. To put this in context, my main betting activity I do a weekly Results roundup on so far this season is at +8.25% ROI after 544 Bets. Despite the overall upswing, it includes a 216 bet breakeven stretch. (See Chart). There is always a lot of randomness involved at this pace.

As for this month, it ended with a +7.04% ROI on 19 bets. A 6W-0L streak right after reducing my stakes a bit was followed by a 0W-5L losing run. I plan on making a google spreadsheet for 2018 to keep track of everything more efficiently. The grind continues now in January...

December Nitrogensports Record

19 Bets |9W-8L-2P| 0.148 BTC Staked | +0.010422 BTC Profit | +7.04% ROI

31/12/20170.007NFLTitans -32.076WON[Link]
31/12/20170.007NFLBroncos -51.939LOST[Link]
31/12/20170.007NFLBrowns +61.996WON[Link]
26/12/20170.007NBAJazz +52.066LOST[Link]
25/12/20170.007NFLEagles -91.966PUSH[Link]
24/12/20170.007NFLPanthers O472.056LOST[Link]
23/12/20170.007NFLRavens -131.921LOST[Link]
17/12/20170.007NFLPackers +22.146LOST[Link]
17/12/20170.007NFLEagles -7.52.016LOST[Link]
12/12/20170.007NBADallas +52.106WON[Link]
11/12/20170.007NBABlazers +102.007WON[Link]
10/12/20170.007NFLChargers -61.948WON[Link]
08/12/20170.007NBAPistons +51.987WON[Link]
07/12/20170.007NFLFalcons -22.066WON[Link]
03/12/20170.010NFL49ers +22.215WON[Link]
03/12/20170.010NFLEagles -41.996LOST[Link]
03/12/20170.010NFLFalcons -32.156LOST[Link]
02/12/20170.010NBAKings +121.997WON[Link]
01/12/20170.010BEL1Charleroi U22.628PUSH[Link]

Total BTC Bankroll

1.00691200 BTC (+0.69%)

Nitrogensports BTC Balance

0.20691200 BTC (+3.45%)

I was having an offer for people who wanted to try out Nitrogensports, but current bitcoin transaction fees make this bookmaker not suitable for smaller players.

Nitrogensports (normal link)
Nitrogensports (affiliate link)

December 2017199820.148 BTC+0.010422 BTC+7.04%
November 201721111000.210 BTC-0.00803 BTC-3.82%
October 201721101010.210 BTC+0.00308 BTC+1.46%
September 201794410.090 BTC+0.00144 BTC+1.6.%
Total70343240.658 BTC+0.006912 BTC+1.05%


There are very few people that are equipped financially and psychologically to handle the ups and downs of gambling on a daily basis. If you're not a professional, every instinct you have will attempt and probably will sabotage your success. Human nature runs completely contrary to being successful at gambling.
Make sure you always use proper Bankroll Management when betting!


Grinding it out, my friend. Cheers!

Nice results so far @costanza, keep it up!

Are you finding the odds on Nitrogensports generally favourable to other bookmakers?

Yes, The Nitrogensports odds are directly linked to Pinnaclesports who are the market leader when it comes down to providing the best odds. Nitrogen just charges neglectable higher margins. In NFL 1.952 Pinnacle odds = 1.948 Nitrogen odds.

Do you know if Nitrogen plans on supporting any other crypto in the future?

That's true. I was hitting 60% of basketball games last year with Pinnacle and I knew, that one of the biggest challenges when moving to bitcoin bookmakers will be margins. I also can not expect, that I will hit 60% all the time, so I lose some part of money because of margins, but I hope bitcoin raise will help me little bit and fill that whole with lower yield. And yes, Nitrogensports and Pinnacle have exactly the same events and offers. Only the margins and of course limits are different.

Nice information

Beautiful informative post

And its been a lively contest too..happy new year

you can check my profile give comment & upvote :)

great results! Replay in January! :) Regards!

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