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This is my monthly results roundup of the pre-game bets I post here on Steemit. It took me some time to find a suitable way to do this, but I think I found a good solution. Live Betting on the Belgian Jupiler League is my bread and butter, but it is impossible from a practical point of view to share these as they unfold so I stick to the weekly Results and League roundup for more insight on those. As mentioned many times before, I started using some of my long term bitcoin holdings as a mini bankroll to put to good use instead of letting them just sit in a wallet. All bets I take with my BTC bankroll will be posted here on Steemit exactly in the way I took them at Nitrogensports and I will be keeping very close track of the results.

Not much to say about the first half month which ended around break even after 9 bets. The aim is to be around +3% ROI in the long run which is realistic. Unfortunately there is a massive sample size needed in order to show the 'true results'. Because of this results won't actually mean anything no matter if they are good or bad. The variance in betting is quite high and going on a 300+ bet hot or cold run is perfectly normal within the longer term expectations. I will be writing more on this and make an article on my bankroll management approach soon.

28/09/20170.010NFLBears +31.966LOST[Link]
24/09/20170.010NFLLions ML2.335LOST[Link]
24/09/20170.010NFLPanthers -51.976LOST[Link]
23/09/20170.010BEL1Waasland Over 32.261PUSH[Link]
21/09/20170.010NFL49ers ML2.265LOST[Link]
17/09/20170.010NFLRaiders -142.076WON[Link]
17/09/20170.010NFLChiefs -62.056WON[Link]
17/09/20170.010NFLBuccaneers -72.076WON[Link]
16/09/20170.010BEL1Waasland +11.936WON[Link]

Nitrogensports September Record

9 Bet |4W-4L-1P| 0.090 BTC Staked | +0.00144 BTC Profit | +1.60% ROI
Total BTC Bankroll

1.00144 BTC (+0.14%)

Nitrogensports Balance

0.20144 BTC (+0.72%)

I am offering a win-win deal to everyone here on steemit who wants to try out Nitrogensports with small stakes without having to deal with all the funding hassle and costs that bitcoin brings along while getting a nice discount. Anyone who signs up and makes a deposit can also get a bonus and continued support through Steemvoter!

The October bets will start off tomorrow with the NFL


I can vouch for costanza. He sent me some satoshis to use on nitrogensports and I've got my NFL bets on for this weekend.

Not bad, at those odds it gets quite hard to have such win ratio. What is push? cash out?

Push is when money is returned. The Waasland match ended with 3 goals so money was returned.
Win ratio is not really important, ROI is what it is about.
winning 45% at average 2.3 odds (+3.5% ROI) is better then winning 55% at average 1.85 odds (+1.75% ROI).

True, but if you have a good win ratio, at those kind of odds, you have something to work with. you got 4 out of 8 pretty impressive, and not like those punters that make predictions on 1.12, 1.3 game odds.
I talk alot about win ratio, because I've been looking into stats more and more lately. I get more correct picks with just the technicals, but there are too many games, can't watch them all..and most of them are boring lol. There has to be a better way :P

You got to be willing to lose if you want to win, punters that take 1.12 type of odds are very unlikely to make profit in the long run. There are some alternatives to get more volume in.

Follow others. In the past this was easy, now not so much since the market has really tightened up and many no longer beat it.
Read The Market There are many profitable bettors that don't look at any of the matches but make good profit by reading the market moves. Part of my own overall betting volume comes from this.
Develop Systems There are situations where the market systematically makes mistakes. If you can identify some of those you can place some automatic bets and increase your volume.

None of this matter though if you are not able to get the best available odds, that's where it all starts.

That's interesting, do you watch market moves right before the game, or it doesn't matter?

I always watch the market and try to read it. I plan on talking about in a post soon. You never want to go against the sharp money when there is no team news. Very often the pre-game moves are info that pull me in to take a certain live bet or avoid betting others. If anything I really pay a lot of respect the asian market and rarely put myself above it.

Thats a smart move. You are more of a trader than a punter imho :)

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