Betting Results November 2017

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This is my Monthly Results Roundup of the pre-game bets I post on Steemit.

The month of november ended with a small loss. Not really much to say about the results on these tiny samples. Profit over time is the aim and I'm still quite convinced that it's a +EV situation to take these bets.

Most people who bet Sports or gamble in general are blinded by the potential big winnings, they want to win a lot with a little at stake. I strongly believe the opposite approach is much better, have a lot and aim to win 'a little' with a primary focus on avoiding losses instead of chasing profit. This approach can actually turn gambling into long term investing if you manage to obtain an edge over the bookmakers which itself is not easy.

November Results

21 Bets |10W-11L-0P| 0.210 BTC Staked | -0.00803 BTC Loss | -3.82% ROI

30/11/20170.010NBABucks +31.958WON[Link]
29/11/20170.010NBAMagic +52.037WON[Link]
26/11/20170.010NFLPanthers -62.046WON[Link]
26/11/20170.010NFLJaguars -62.156LOST[Link]
26/11/20170.010NFLBengals -8.52.066WON[Link]
24/11/20170.010BEL1AA Gent U31.832LOST[Link]
23/11/20170.010NFLGiants +6.52.016LOST[Link]
22/11/20170.010NBANuggets +101.967LOST[Link]
19/11/20170.010NBAWizards +51.895LOST[Link]
19/11/20170.010NFLRavens -21.957WON[Link]
19/11/20170.010NFLDolphins ML1.966LOST[Link]
18/11/20170.010BEL1Kortrijk +01.936WON[Link]
18/11/20170.010NBAKings +71.912WON[Link]
18/11/20170.010NBAKnicks +72.066LOST[Link]
18/11/20170.010BEL1Charleroi U2.52.063WON[Link]
15/11/20170.010NBAHornets -12.027LOST[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFLSteelers -101.948LOST[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFLBears -4.51.986LOST[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFL49ers +22.106WON[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFLFalcons -4.52.116WON[Link]
05/11/20170.010NFLWAS O45.52.026LOST[Link]

Total Nitrogensports Record

51 Bet |24W-25L-2P| 0.510 BTC Staked | -0.00351 BTC Loss | -0.69% ROI

Total BTC Bankroll

0.99649000 BTC (-0.35%)

Nitrogensports BTC Balance

0.19649000 BTC (-1.76%)

Everyone who chooses to bet in Bitcoin saw their betting bankroll grow with a whopping 55%+ this month! These gains off course come along with the possibility of Bitcoin collapsing which from a betting angle I believe is very much worth the risk at this point.

I am having a win-win offer for anyone on Steemit who wanted to try out Nitrogensports with low stakes. I am offering a Bitcoin transaction cost refund along with the option to deposit with Steem or Steem Dollars and continued support through steemvoter.

October Results
21 Bet |10W-10L-1P| 0.210 BTC Staked | +0.00308 BTC Profit | +1.46% ROI

September Results
9 Bet |4W-4L-1P| 0.090 BTC Staked | +0.00144 BTC Profit | +1.60% ROI


There are very few people that are equipped financially and psychologically to handle the ups and downs of gambling on a daily basis. If you're not a professional, every instinct you have will attempt and probably will sabotage your success. Human nature runs completely contrary to being successful at gambling.
Make sure you always use proper Bankroll Management when betting!


Nice recap, @costanza. I appreciate your organization and approach to the game.

You've inspired me to put together a similar monthly recap of my bets.


Nice, keeping close track of everything really works. At least for me it does.
It can be quite confrontational on bad times but will help a lot if you keep doing it during those times.

Good Luck !

I didnt even know you could do this with bitcoin

This is only the start, soon there will be working blockchain projects that allow betting and offer 1.98-1.98 lines. The industry is really about to see huge changes next decade.

I appreciate your idea.

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