Official Team Malaysia Gathering #2 - CNY Gathering 2018 at Setia Sky Residence

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Last Sunday was the Official Team Malaysia CNY Gathering 2018 which was held at Pool Villa, Setia Sky Residence that was organized by @joannewong and myself with the support of our Big Brother, @bitrocker2020 and other committee members such as @littlenewthings, @elizacheng, @karinzdailygrind, @orangila and @zord189.

We had few special guests namely @firepower, @sjennon, @shenoy and @varunpinto who flew all the way from overseas​ to join us for this event, @nickychu who flew all the way from Labuan as well and lastly, @kevinwong, the strong supporter for Team Malaysia makes the scene as well. It's been an honour​ to hosting you all and Team Malaysia members for this CNY Gathering.

Starting Ceremony

Team Malaysia CNY Gathering wouldn't be complete with a starting ceremony by our Big Brother, @bitrocker2020 while the Yee Shang is prepared by @elizacheng, @bitrocker2020 and his lovely wife 😊, while I finished off with pouring some the sauces over it.

Yee Shang Preparation

Before the throw toss begins, we started off with @bitrocker2020 giving a small speech on how to lou yee shang as there are​ few international guests which this was their first time doing it as well. After the speech, everyone had ready their own chopsticks and get into position! Toss Toss Toss!

Everyone is enjoying their tossing 😂.
Photo by @varunpinto

Team Malaysia Lou Sang Video Clip

Honestly, I thought​ this Lou Sang will be like soft and easy kind of Lou Sang, well turns out it wasn't 😅. The amount of aggressiveness shown on this Team Malaysia Lou Sang is super high and everyone is wishing a lot. Below are some of the outcome​​ of the Yee Shang from the ​different group, guess which is more aggressive​? You be the judge of this 😂.

Yee Shang A

Yee Shang B

Yee Shang C

After the Lou Sang marks the starting of the event, everyone grabs​ some of the ​yee shang while some proceed to get some food over the other sides. While @bitrocker2020 and I clean up the table so other Steemians can have a seat to eat their food.

Clean up in progress, photo by @ackhoo

Food and Sunset Combo

It took us quite a while to finalize the menu as the choices given by the caterer is so much 😅, the ​number of registration​ keeps coming in and food that must be suitable for the occasion​ and everyone.

Finally, ​we hand over the menu 2 days before the event begins and voila~ here comes our food for the gathering. I hope everyone is satisfied with the food we prepared for this gathering, any feedback can let me know about it 😊

All food photos below are taken by @varunpinto which is super nice, and I got hungry again while drafting this post 😂.

Golden Fried Rice

Fried Longevity Noodle

Curry Chicken with Potatoes

Tomatoes Eggs Chinese Style

Salted Egg Prawns

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

Kung Pao Tofu

Nam Yue Fried Chicken

Nyonya Kuih Platter - Bingka Ubi, Seri Muka, Kuih Lapis and Kuih Talam

Mini Tarts Platter - Mini Fruit & Cheese Tarts

Fruits Platter - Watermelons, Grapes & Oranges

Besides enjoying the food, some Steemians also taking pictures of the breathtaking​ view and combo with the sunset making it the perfect shoot for contents and memories (Pray hard for a nice weather 🙏🏻 has been paid off).

Look at those hardworking Steemians taking photos 💪🏻.
Photo by @elizacheng

I've must have​ missed out the sunset view while doing some interview shot by @shenoy and @varunpinto just outside the pool villa and bringing up Steemians who arrived at the lobby.

Group Pictures Gathering

When all the Steemians attendant​ had arrived, it's time to gather up for some group photo. Since the pool villa has limited spaces inside, we proceed to do​ our group photo just outside the swimming pool area with the KLCC Twin Tower as our background.

@bitrocker2020 & His Awesome Announcement for Group Photos

It took a while for everyone to arrange their standing as we had 50+ of us in the group together and our photographers @orangila and @varunpinto are testing few shoots to get a nice angle. With all the setup completed, is time for that moment, 📸!

Team Malaysia CNY Gathering Group Photo by @orangila

Thanks to Steemit and Team Malaysia, I've met​ more talented people comparing last year itself, who would have thought​ of this community went from merely few people to a big amount of people

Yummmm Sheng Moment

After the group photo, we went back into​ the pool villa and this is where Alcohol got everything hyped up during the gathering, and calling Yum Sheng makes the whole gathering super alive showing how energetic Team Malaysia it is. @bitrocker2020 showing the way of Yum Sheng to our international guest making it a very funny moment to be captured​ for my post 😉

Yum Sheng moment by @orangila

Yummmm Sheng Funny Moment with Steemians

Fortune Bag Cake

As time passes away, some of the Steemians had gone​ back home as tomorrow is Monday and I totally forgot about the cake that we bought for the gathering but I managed to bring it out before the gathering ends.

Choosing the right cake is a bit tricky when @joannewong and I went to the Bakery shop as it needs to suit the whole gathering theme. I did saw a durian shaped cake at the Bakery 🙈 but not all people will like the durian taste ( @sjennon is one of them 😅 ), in the end, ​we choose this Fortune Bag Shaped Cake which there might be a lot of STEEM, SBD, UPVOTES in it 😏.

Gong Xi Fa Cai Team Malaysia

Letting @karinzdailygrind, our February baby to do the honor

Look who just arrived 🙈

We end our gathering with some cake eating, mini group photo and some of the Steemian help out to clean up the venue and bring the heavy item back to my place.

Post Gathering Session

Most of the Steemians had gone​ back at this moment and the pool villa had to be empty off before midnight, some of our guests​ stay back at our place to hang around, chatting more technical blockchain stuff, eat to fill up their empty stomach after that yum sheng​ moment and chill for the night until around 2.00 AM​.

End the session with a wefie

Check out some of the updates from other Steemians who attended the Gathering as well right below here. Sorry if I've missed out your post 🙏🏻.

Once again, thank you all Steemians who came for the gathering and I hope you enjoy it very much! Sorry for my delay update for the CNY Gathering post, I know some of you had been waiting for it after my teaser updates 😅. Below are the attendees, but some of them aren't in Steemit

Committee Members

Special Guest

Team Malaysia Members

Looking forward to​ more major and minor gathering happen in Team Malaysia, do stay tuned to​ our discord channel for more updates and Talk Kok​ Sing-Song with us 😉.

Hello, I'm Aaron Leang from Team Malaysia

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Wow, amazing line up of food :) Photos are tempting and delicious ;)

Got to know about your post through @firepower's post on the meetup.


Thanks @lifecruiser 😆, come by Malaysia if you had the chance 😉

too bad i missed the gathering ...


No worries @jikey, we'll have another gathering up for sure 😆

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haha. Finally the whole thing is up. Thank you again for hosting so many of us at one time.

We totally lost track of time until the security guards sounded us to pack up. haha.


Haha yea finally is up 😅 all have been waiting for my post... Thank you for coming as well haha, without Team Malaysia non will happen.

Time is never been tracked after the lou sang lol 😂


Time is never been tracked after the lou sang lol 😂
hahaha... that is so true!

And the yaaaaaaaaaaam seng extends it.

Wow, what a wonderful gathering.
I just join Steemit, hope that can join the next!


Haha sure, keep an eye 👁 on discord. We do our chatting there mostly.

Wow this is a very detailed one. Haha resteem it for my own use. hehe. so many photos and real good write up. You are making hungryyy.

Thank you for time and effort here.


Thanks, @iamjadeline haha I'm making myself hungry either 😬, and you are most welcome for​ the party!

Food looks so good!


Yes, but can't compete with your Burger 😂

Food Paradise, very delightful and colorful!


Yes, you should visit Malaysia one day 😉

thanks for all the effort done towards organizing this fun night! 👏🏼


Your most welcome, and thank you for joining us too 😉

Awesome gathering! Would love to do it again and again! Super awesome and the lou sang session is the best lou sang I have ever had!


Haha next year 😏 we can do durian lou sang! 😂

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wow! This is so amazing, really loved your post! So thoughtful of you!

See you next time ;)


Thanks @elvira.galina for the compliment 😊

See you on the next event!

Amazing community. Absolutely amazing. Strong and able, interesting and active. I am finding inspiration to start the Romanian community in the same way. Cheers to all of you!


Thanks @alexdory, hopefully you found your inspiration through Team Malaysia 😆 Cheers to you too!

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Haha... Finally read your version! :D
Good to read this later too as a reminder of the night!! I am glad I managed to make it, and finally met everyone... Thank you & @joannewong once again for hosting us all. Cheers!! :)


Haha yea yea finally my version is up 😅. Your next meet up should try out the Burger paid with STEEM..

Thanks 😆 for taking your time off to attend this gathering as well 🙌🏻


Most happy to be there... Yesss! Next trip - steem-paid burger!!! Yayyy....!!! 😄

ohh nooooo!!! I would've flown here a day sooner had I known about this!! Just got to Malaysia today. Would anyone be down for another mini meetup?!? This looks awesome


Hey @nomadicsoul, I'm up for it and @macchiata is also in town this Thursday, maybe we could have a meetup around?

It was great meeting you guys. Hoping to come back soon.


Nice to meet you guys too 😉 hopefully this September? 😂

This looks like so much fun! And the food looks delicious. I’m feeling hungry again


Yes, we all have fun the entire night. Come visit Malaysia 😉 lots of foods await your tummy 😂


I definitely will in the future. My brother will be getting married in Malaysia - just not sure when this will be exactly. Hopefully soon so I have an excuse to visit and eat like crazy


Haha sure, let me know when you're in town 😉, we can organize some mini meetups


That sounds good, I will definitely keep your offer in mind. It won't be until over a year at least. Hopefully by then I will be a much bigger fish in the Steemit pond :)