Orangila's Photos of TeamMalaysia CNY Party - Part 2 of 2 - TeamMalaysia CNY Party @ Setia Sky Residence - 25th Feb 2018

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Following TeamMalaysiaBabes Chinese New Year Potluck, I made my way to Setia Sky Residence. It was a tough decision to for me to decide to attend both events, reason is simple. For every social event, it first starts with introduction/catch up session, followed by ice breakers and proceeded with building rapport before going crazy, that is true even when hanging out with your close friends. Leaving the first event at a high and coming to an event where most people who already broke the ice isn't as fun, nevertheless, I was looking forward to it. I love to host parties because I am always the first and last one at the venue, so I get to hang out with every single one. However, it has to be a manageable crowd or I might as well be a butler/waiter/helper/maid.

Firstly, I would like to personally thank @aaronleang & @joannewong for being an amazing host. Being a seasoned veteran when it comes to hosting events myself, I know how much work is put in before and after the event, especially when it involves a huge crowd and food. It was clear that the hosts were so busy that I didn't get to really see them until around 10:30pm when most already left. Because I am in the WhatsApp group with a few others for this particular event, I know that we all contributed one way or another. Then again, Aaron and Joanne contributed the most.

Secondly, I always like to thank the foreigners and anyone who have to fly to Kuala Lumpur to make it to our event.

TeamIndia & @sjennon:
@firepower - Absolutely amazing guy who got along with every single one at the party. I can tell that he lives his life to the fullest and devoted his life to Steemit. Also very passionate about growing Steemit in India. Please vote him as a witness.
@shenoy - tall, handsome, charming, welcomed me with a smile and he interviewed William, @zord189 & myself for his video clip.
@varunpinto - He is a mirror of me, you see him in every corner of the room, looking for the perfect shot. Can't wait for the photos he has taken.
@sjennon - Sorry but didn't have to catch up with her although I took a few shots of her.

MindValley Team: I believe most are in Malaysia for a few months for work, will need to check out about the programs and I heard nothing short of amazing events from MindValley.
@joyceann21 - from The beautiful Philippines. We had a few short chats and she has a warm personality, definitely hope to see her in future events.
@cshaw - Always great to meet a fellow Canadian. Being half a world away from home, I never shy myself when meeting another Canadian.
@elvira.galina, @vikapuzach, @chuazm - Didn't have an opportunity to talk to them but sure they are amazing.

@nickychu - The gentleman from Labuan where you can play music and enjoy cheap alcohol all day round. I was shocked when he told me he owns a store in Labuan that sells musical instrument. That is just insane for an island where you can travel entirely by foot.

Time of arrival was around 7:40pm thanks to the very specific and detail instructions from the hosts.  Sadly, the lou sang session was held before sunset although the unofficial agenda stated that it would be held at 8pm. When I reached 33A floor, I was greeted by a breathtaking view of the city, walked past many individuals whom I didn't recognise until I reached the door. On my, everyone was already having fun, I could feel the adrenaline and party atmosphere. 

First thing I had to do was to look for a space for my camera equipments and the perfect spot was one of the bench by the swimming pool at the balcony.
I was very happy because first people I interacted with were the young and little ones.
@halleyleow - she pass me the a heart shape paper quilling mandalas, I immediately put on my ear (as an earring) and she burst into laughter. I then tried to put it on her but she ran away, laughing all the way.
William Foo - William and I were already acquainted from past event together at Neo One. He giggled and laugh with me the entire night. He was pretty much my shadow, best friend and photographer. Spent so much time with that I didn't have much time to take photos or socialise with others.
@chloephuan93 - I was playing with William and then gave Chloe a hug and playfully told her that I would throw her into the swimming pool, like I did to William. She ran away and half an hour later, Eliza asked me what I did? I was extremely confused until Simon had a chat with me. Anyway, I am very sorry as I startled her. I didn't mean any harm to her or anyone.

@iamjadeline & her son - So glad to finally meet Jadeline. I love her blogs because she posts are like journals filled with tons of photos and comments. I post a lot of photos on my Steemit posts so I understand how much time and effort it takes into preparing journals. Have a look at her posts to get what I mean.

@happycrazycon, @iamjadeline & @joyceann21. I think I met @happycrazycon before at the first Big Hug Burger event, but now I will remember her after our brief conversation.

@kimzwarch (one who is design & architect, nice bloke), @bitrocker2020 - our big brother who needs no introduction & victory sign by non other than the lovely @halleyleow

@dianaxiaz (the lady from Panama who specialise in architectural and landscape photography, she is a also a 3rd generation Chinese like most Malaysians my age), @aaronteng (in the same line of business as I - video production and digital media), @kokuryo, @aaronleang (the very first Steemian I got to know) & @khimgoh

Another group photo of the same gang, with @arwinzen. This time, I did the right thing by asking them to stand closer to each other because I set my aperture to 2.8 which caused the non-focal point to be blur (refer to the previous photo above)

@khimgoh & myself - photo credit to William Foo

@khimgoh & family - She was also at the TeamMalaysiaBabes Potluck event but was alone.

Venue is just amazingly beautiful and so is the view~!!!!!

@deborism in serious conversation with the ladies

@yasminep & @khimgoh

@khimgoh's murtabak & chapati...:) Photos that just melt you heart

@cshaw, @joyceann21 & @deborism

View from the balcony

My Aunty Debbie (@deborism) - Photo taken by William Foo

@yasminep & @khimgoh with the majestic background of Kuala Lumpur City Centre skyline

@aaronteng, @kevinwong, @branlee87, @firepower & @sjennon

Our growing TeamMalaysia Steemit community... 

William Foo - my friend, my punching bag, my brother and my photographer

@aaronleang sharing tarts with the crowd

@aaronleang enjoying his tart

@michelleloh168 - She is very popular and famous among TeamMalaysia because of her singing and song writing ability. 


@maverickfoo & @deborism - They looked shock or impressed with what @Michelleloh168 had to say

@firepower & @wackybecky

@bitrocker2020 (please vote him as a witness) & @sjennon

@littlenewthings, @natalielo & @michelleloh168

Boys chatting. Before I forget, I would like to thank @kevinwong again for his support to us all

@elizacheng & @ackhoo saying their goodbyes

Another photo from William Foo~!!

@bitrocker2020, @karinzdailygrind, @deborism, @nickychu, @maverickfoo - deep conversation about Steemit

@deborism striking a pose

@shenoy interviewing William Foo, @asherlee playing games

@firepower, @dianaxiaz & @sjennon

@kevinwong, @natalielo, @joannewong, @bitrocker2020, @crypto3d & @zord189 who looks "naked" without his usual toque.

For some reason, this is my most favourite group photo of the day

@zord189 has something to announce, but didn't say a word because he thought I was filming him... 

Birthday cake for birthday girl @karinzdailygrind


Final shot of the day~!!! Isn't it amazing?

@digitalmind - sorry but I didn't have a single candid photo of you... but glad you came. See you some other time.


Hi @orangila. Fantastic shots! Nice meeting with you guys! Catch up with you guys again in the near future.

Thanks bro and great to meet you... yes, catch up again in the near future:)

Amazing photos @orangila! Digging the candid ones as well. Hopefully we'll get to talk more during the next meet up. So many talented people. Thanks for doing a wonderful job!

Thanks bro, I don't recall talking to you... hopefully we will cross path again soon and yes you can expect me in future events:)

Ahahahahaa.... thank you so much for your photos @orangila ... omg... I saw someone's face (you know who) red almost like a tomato!

And truly no one is left behind by @shenoy! Even kids are interviewed! hahaha!

@michelleloh168 , @natalielo , were we talking about the raffle at the time? Nat looked serious hahaha...

@maverickfoo 's shocking face was epic!

Awesome captures as usual. Thank you so much for rushing over and taking these awesome pictures.

Hahaha.... someone is so so so happy...

Welcome and thank you for everything~!!!

Thanks for capturing the best moments of the night! Hope, we will be able to connect and chat next time :)

You are welcome and I don't believe I even spoke to you at the event, but there will be next time. Cheers:)

Pro shots and highlighting the moments. Thanks for being the always energetic photographer. First time meeting you in person and wah, you are young from how you look! @deborism agreed on that too haha

It was great meeting you and many people I've never met... we will definitely have more events in the future and keep in touch.
If I get an up vote every time @deborism inform others of my age, I would be a whale by now.. lol

Hahaha.. I can capture how frequent is that 😂😂 keep in touch.

So how old are you? @orangila?

Hahaha... Guess my age, DM me on Discord:)

Wow so much work to get these photos out, I'm sure, thank you @orangila :)

It's the first time we met, actually. Wasn't at the first Ss15 Big Hug teammalaysia meetup. This is my first joining an official meet-up, besides meeting some like @elizacheng, @littlenewthings and @joannewong in a food tasting event in Setapak Big Hug. Nice to meet you too, the man behind the lens

Yup.. it took me 10 hours on the 2 posts I made today... but it is good to share with everyone and we can use it for marketing purpose for teammalaysia so it is worth it.

Oh, I am still confused with the first Big Hug Burger event, so many of us and it was the first time I met anyone. But it gets better now that we meet more and more of other fellow teammalaysia steemians.

I couldn't be at the Big Hug tasting event as I had another engagement, but glad to finally meet you and Daniel... we will meet again soon..

Really good job. Cos you need to do resizing too, compared to our phone photos, 😱!!! See you around and hope to chat more with you next time, if you aren't busy with the lens again! Perhaps William and you can take turns

Ah.. the 10 hours I spent does not include the time it took or me to edit/resize/touch up for the photos..... it was mostly spent on tagging, writing and pasting photo one at a time...

Haha... don't worry, we can catch up, I am used to networking/socialising while taking photos... :)

OMG you have my deepest respect, salute!

Hehe.. thanks

Yay! Official Photo from sifu @orangila.. Always nice photos taken by you, let me pinjam some of it 😬

Resteemed as well 👍🏻

okay, go ahead and borrow the photos.. thanks again for being and amazing host with Joanne.. it was just a memorable night, especially for one of our friend

Thanks for capturing the essence of the CNY party! And the look on @zord189's face? Totally epic! Upvoted and resteemed

Welcome and yes, he was extremely happy.... hahaha... Thanks

My dear bro @orangila, fyi there is an error to the link in the "Following TeamMalaysiaBabes Chinese New Year Potluck, I made my way to Setia Sky Residence". I am amazed with your ball of energy! Love your work at both events!

Funny, I tried the link and it worked perfectly.. I'll ask others to test tomorrow... thanks for letting me know...
Yeah, I had fun in both events, but I socialised more at the teammalaysiababes event tough.

Works perfectly for me 😊 for the link

awesome pics as always, crazy man! Good job! very lovely!

Thanks bro and great seeing you and your wife again... you, your wife and Aaron were the very first people I met in TeamMalaysia~!!!

Really? Wow! I didn't know that, man :)

Was great seeing you too. Hope to catch up at the next one!

Love the photos! Thank you @orangila

Thanks and welcome my dear friend:)

awesome photos! we're lucky to have you around :)

Thanks bro, one day, I need to go over to one of the Steem-Music events to take photos

alright man. you’re always welcome :)

Thank you @orangila for all the photos! 😊

You are most welcome~!! Great catchup with you and your husband... see you guys soon:)

Awesome post and awesome photos. I rrrreally enjoy reading I read and viewed the photos twice. Aiyo I should have taken you take photos of others. How do I get the photos? Thank you for taking a nice shot of me. I was like "Ei how come suddenly I look nice? @orangila took one, of course lah." Nice job here. And professional photographer. 😊 See you again.

Thanks... really took me half a day to post 2 blogs yesterday... yeah, I love taking good photos so everyone can enjoy...
If there are only few photos you want, you can just drag and drop on your computer, if you want a dropbox link to the photos, please let me know and I will DM you the link....
See you again.. and soon:)

hello, @orangila! Nice to meet you, lets meet up next time and get to know each other :D

Really enjoyed reading your post :)


Great... we would definitely love to meet up with you and your Mind Valley colleagues.

Thanks for reading my post... Cheers to you too:)

Thank you for coming @orangila, the amount of time you had put to edit the photos. Appreciate it very much!!

Thanks and you're welcome... it took you and Aaron even more time to prepare for this event... thanks again

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Thank you and I will check out sndbox-alpha and learn more about your program:)

Wow, what a complete and comprehensive compilation (pictorial and steemit handles too) for everyone who was there! Great pics, of course... and pretty useful to cross reference too! ;) Love the candids! And as with everyone else, good to meet you since it was my first steemit TeamMalaysia meet-up. Cheers!

Thank you and see you in future events. Cheers:)

Super duper awesome shots and captions hey, @orangila! So much effort into compiling photos from the major events eh. Hats off to you!

Thank you so much... I will be posting more photos of teammalaysia and related initiatives... stay tuned