"Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ... Worldwide Cypher!! [MC Challenge] Round 2.

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Voices of steemit!!!

I've kept the beat real simple and ultra lo-fi this time to give you some scope. There should be room for you to get all over this!!
... Last weeks jam was SICK and I wanna say how much hearing you lot on my beats got me buzzin' !! I love this!!!!! ... and I didn't expect such a big response, so thankyou!!
I'm opening up round 2 to dj's that scratch too this time!! If you got it, I wanna hear it!! This is for everyone!!!!

  • Play the beat above and record yourself doing your 'verse/freestyle/bars/song/scratching/poetry/whatever you got' over it!
    (... I have chosen a recently made beat - 'concrete foxtrot cypher plant' - You won't hear this anywhere else but here!! (even the vid is unlisted))

Use phones/laptops/cameras/geiger counters, or whatever you want to record it!
This is lo-fi, quickfire music!!
THE RAW STUFF!!!! ... No tech! Just raw skills!!



  • There are NO rules!!!
  • Post your entrys below, or comment with a link to your entry post,
  • Votes on this post are not necessary but will get the winner some SBD!!
  • ... and upvote an entry! (not your own!!)

SBD made from this post will be split,
75% sent to the entry with the highest number of votes on their comment below.
25% sent to the first entry to the jam!!!

... so ...

Lets f**kin' jam!!!

steem porch3.jpg
Peace and enjoy.

(ps. results of round 1 coming shortly!!)
Massive shout outs to: @kenentertainment @phorecite @scribblingwilly @privat @geechidan @vachemorte @verbal-d @yusaymon @base33 ORIGINAL HIPHOP ON STEEMIT!!!

... And check out ILL MOOT here!



Dropped heavy

Awesome go for it

Makes a mental note not to get in the wrong side of you

LMAO I got you Jay

LOL I know my friend

its really burn huh ! 😂 ...

Mic is smokin doll!


Oh wow, you liked that? No effects or anything, just straight spit.

LOVED IT! Heavy bars and all. Now YOU remind me not to mess with you. lol. Great job!

Really good, you go boss 😎 glad I'm not the target... Lol

'boss', lol you know it ;)

I do know 😁lol you rock 😎

Oh damn, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that. Damn good job.

Nailed it!

Killed it! 😂😂😎😎
Need a ninja here 🤺

Woah!!! What did Ken do!!!? begged on your street? haha! Got skills tho!!! Welcome( I think!) to the jam!!!!!!!
...wouldya like some more coffee!!???

Ha ha coffee, crack me up man.

He dropped a link for his contest entry on my contest post so I flagged him, then he got mad so I retaliated. Steemit etiquette and all ;)

It's a long story termite, i dissed him first for flagging me, it's on this post.

Word! Thanks YU!

I like the energy, you sound like an icp fan(nothing lyrical)can't understand much either, we definitely have different styles, good come back tho!

Here's my diss. So yall can compare the two. If i knew how to resteem i'd put his on my original post.
I've always like'd rap beefs, this reminds me of 8th grade, after lunch we'd rap battle. Good times! But this time i don't have a group behind me going "damn" when i say something nice, enginewitty does.

So he definitely won the crowd. I feel like B-bone in this video, and he's supa hot fire. LOL

LMAO good shit man

Ya know, I never was an ICP fan. Dig metal, and even the crossovers like Rage Against the Machine and Limp Bizkit...maybe it was the clown thing idk.

I’m a use small words so your dumbass can understand
Pillsbury dough boy, you ain’t even half a man
Beggin on my street, damn right your ass gettin flagged
Then Drop you like hot casings from a .44 mag
So Get off my dick I don't fuck whiny bitches
Split you so far in half your faggot ass needin stitches
Want to start dissin, mothr fukr I’m vicious
Get back in the kitchen n wash those goddam dishes
You ain’t shit, I wrote better lyrics than you in 3rd grade
They just pity your ass, so they get your votes and get paid
I totally dominate while you shamefully masturbate
I’m origi-nigga-nal, you just writin remakes
Is that enough retaliation - hell gnaw
They should hire your dribbly mouth to fluff porn stars cocks
Discksucking muthr fukr come and spit on my block?
Disrespect my Allies I bring out the tomahawk
Scalp your bitchass with my carnal rhymes
Then Crack your fukn melon open and devour your mind
Chinchecked you and wrecked you in every fukn line
Better show some respect, I’m the Apex predator you idolize

Yea limp bizkit was the shit back in the day, now that i read your lyrics, i gotta take back saying "nothing lyrical" you went hard, i just couldn't understand b'cuz of the yelling. I had fun with this(i don't take this stuff personal,hope you didn't either) just wanted to showcase my battle rap style, i havn't made a diss track in years. So where do we go from here? You wanna keep going at each other or just shake hands(figuratively) walk off and compete in all the rap challenges like normal?

Truce is good, if the challenges get boring we can start dissin other people lol. Been awhile since I went at someone. Usually just rap about life. (fist bumps) good luck in the future holmes.

Lol, good luck to you too bro. Let me know who we dissing next lol

When I left for work it was all kickin off!!! haha
I get back in everyones friends!!!! Been drama!!!!!
EPIC!!! hahaha!

LoL... Have you ever got into a fist fight with someone then ended up being friends a couple days later? No need to keep beefing when there's all these challenges to compete in!

RAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! This is f**kin amazing!!!!!!!! ... and the strings!!!! You are a champion of champions!!!
This is TOO good man!!!!!!! ... lost for words hhaha!

Thank you I like your initiative and what you have to offer to this community, so I am doing my best to display support. Also I am enthusiastic because your beats are dope!

Thankyou geez!!

Thank you brother I appreciate it.

Holy Cow!!!!!!!! ^_^ YOU´RE AN ALIEN <3 <3

Thank you but you are the one with 2 heads in your video :)

Yes but I don´t have the Gangster mandolin talent and I don´t speak french ok ok ok we are Aliens :/

Origial stuff, love it!

Welcome to steemit and thank you for having a listen!

"Let´s fkin' jam!!!"

Here the lyrics:**

Your presumption is your weakness between the ego that eats me x2
this is war, this is my jam, the self-steem it´s going to pump, it´s going to jump, cross the little poison clouds
so many books with broken letters, emotional intelligence
instructions to manage your thoughts, self help they want to control you
I understand what I feel
pyramids and polissons (antics) stairs down there on the sidewalk
I want to understand your magia (magic)
I walk to the bridge reading este párrafo que nunca comprendi (this paragraph that I never understood)
I´m buying things that I don´t need
I don´t want to spend it
but I spend it all
Oh No No


Yes mate!! This is great stuff! Digging the singing vibes!!! Trippy video too!!!!! Nice 1!!!!

Thank u termite <3

AHHHHHHHH fucking groooovy The YU strike again!

Ohhh Vache Vache!!! thank u <3

uniquely fresh! i dig it..

It´s such an honor Mickeymic ^_^

Love this man!

Thanks my friend ^_^

One love @termitemusic! Good luck yall!

Yes Yes !!! First off the mark again!!! 24hr hiphop crew!!! Peace out KEN!!! Man dont sleep!!!!!

Like i told @geechidan "if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready"!

i like your style ken! stay ready ;)

Always, thanks 4 the vote

i might propose to the beat! haha nice man , keep her lit!

You have the flow that I need :=) amazing!!

Thanks bro! Can i get that vote tho?

Of Couuuuurse* ^ ^

thank my dude, how do you say ur name? Im'a follow you too

how pronounce my name???? "You Simon" lol @yusaymon

lol i had too ask bro, out of curiosity. Good luck bro and keep pushing

I did a bit of story tellin this week lol

True story? I love it! where's that vote G

sorry bro ive not been on here in a while, upvoted! its a true story yeah she had the biggest tits ive ever seen! lol

OMG you are da man!!! willy g!! willy g!!

haha cheers yusaymon that made my day

RAAAAAAGHAHHAA!!! mate!! A change up in pace from the spit I saw earlier!! This is sick man!! True story!!!? Dope bit of MC'in! Thank god for the memories and the mammaries!!! haha!
... those lines from about 1:11 man! .... RAAAH!! Smashed it!!!

haha thanks termite, yeah its a true story those muthafuckaz have my video! lol

Muthafukazz!!!!! haha

yo willy G where's my vote bro, i up voted yours


Thanks basilmarples! cool name! glad u enjoyed it haha

thanks mickeymic! who doesnt enjoy a bita story telling haha

is it a true story?

yeah man sure is , a bit embarrasin but sure its entertaining too lol

Haha love it!!

thanks jtulip! glad you enjoyed it haah

started to film this shit lol nice

as you do lol i needed material for the wank bank haha

My entry to the lofi challenge and also my first rap here on Steemit! Ejoy!


Yes bruv!!! Welcome to the jam!!!!!!!! SIIIICK!!!! propa boppin' to this!!!
I recognise that room!! haha! ... pass me a beer!!!!!

Cheers brother! Lovin the beats u are producing!

that room looks familiar......good job bro

Hehe! Thanks man!

PLAYING BORDERLANDS!!! LMFAO No rest for the wicked eh? Tight.

CTE haha! Thanks!

Welcome to da Jam Friend that it´s so DOPE

Cheers bro!

Here we go, with some spiritual flow! Lyrics and more in the "Original post"

Mosaic Rhymes

~ Peace and Love!

Rah!! Fire bro!! 'brainstorming more than an epileptic'! wo!! Peace and love back to you bruv!!!!!!!

Mosaic rhymes...sweet...brainstorm so much you must think I'm epileptic? Awesome man

yeah man! Im really feeling that! We are all one, peace and love!

Thank you happy you feel the same! It's just a matter of perspective, peace <3

nice1 bro! deep shit...

Thank you Mickey! Yea felt really good to listen to yours and just enjoy the vibe after working on this haha

thanks man... its a cool online jam session, lol... i'm liking the vibes

Holy Guacamoleeeee!!! I need that cup of coffee
you´re still in fire!! Joe Joe Joe

Haha thank you so much Yusaymon!

haha! that bit at the start got me! waitin for the beat to kick in! lol! rhymes are sick as usual mickey mic , really nice entry

YES BRUVA!! vibezin out to this!!! This is indeed free flowing weed noise!!!! haha!! Sick flows for real!! Welcome to the jam man!!! Glad ya here!!! T 👊 白蚁. RESPECT and PEACE!!


Dope! I'm setting up for a show tonight I will record something when I get a moment. Glad I found this I was looking for more contest to join. So much so I created one. Check it out below.



cool, U able to record u jammin on the beat mid-show!??

https://steemit.com/openmic/@basilmarples/steemit-openmic-week-53-original-song-im-so-disorganised Done! I hope you don't mind, I thought Id kill two birds with one stone and enter it in to the open mic.... this was great fun man! Keep it coming :)

Amazing man!!! haha! Dope!!! Love the song!!! Welcome to the jam!!!!!!!!
I, myself am quite disorganised!!! I think if this beat was a person, it would file all its bank statements at the bottom of a canal or something!!! Thankyou for your entry mate!!! skilled with the words (and made me crack up!!)!! ... very kind words on your post also, Nice 1!!!

no worries bro, you've earned some praise, you're doing a great thing putting your beats out there for people to jam with. Keep it up man :)

Thankyou man and I will have some 'drums' for you soon!!

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