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RE: "Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ... Worldwide Cypher!! [MC Challenge] Round 2.

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"Let´s fkin' jam!!!"

Here the lyrics:**

Your presumption is your weakness between the ego that eats me x2
this is war, this is my jam, the self-steem it´s going to pump, it´s going to jump, cross the little poison clouds
so many books with broken letters, emotional intelligence
instructions to manage your thoughts, self help they want to control you
I understand what I feel
pyramids and polissons (antics) stairs down there on the sidewalk
I want to understand your magia (magic)
I walk to the bridge reading este párrafo que nunca comprendi (this paragraph that I never understood)
I´m buying things that I don´t need
I don´t want to spend it
but I spend it all
Oh No No


Yes mate!! This is great stuff! Digging the singing vibes!!! Trippy video too!!!!! Nice 1!!!!

Thank u termite <3

AHHHHHHHH fucking groooovy The YU strike again!

Ohhh Vache Vache!!! thank u <3

uniquely fresh! i dig it..

It´s such an honor Mickeymic ^_^

Love this man!

Thanks my friend ^_^