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RE: "Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ... Worldwide Cypher!! [MC Challenge] Round 2.

in #mcs3 years ago Done! I hope you don't mind, I thought Id kill two birds with one stone and enter it in to the open mic.... this was great fun man! Keep it coming :)


Amazing man!!! haha! Dope!!! Love the song!!! Welcome to the jam!!!!!!!!
I, myself am quite disorganised!!! I think if this beat was a person, it would file all its bank statements at the bottom of a canal or something!!! Thankyou for your entry mate!!! skilled with the words (and made me crack up!!)!! ... very kind words on your post also, Nice 1!!!

no worries bro, you've earned some praise, you're doing a great thing putting your beats out there for people to jam with. Keep it up man :)

Thankyou man and I will have some 'drums' for you soon!!