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RE: "Calling All MCs and Singers of Earth!!!!" ... Worldwide Cypher!! [MC Challenge] Round 2.

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RAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! This is f**kin amazing!!!!!!!! ... and the strings!!!! You are a champion of champions!!!
This is TOO good man!!!!!!! ... lost for words hhaha!

Thank you I like your initiative and what you have to offer to this community, so I am doing my best to display support. Also I am enthusiastic because your beats are dope!

Thankyou geez!!

Thank you brother I appreciate it.

Holy Cow!!!!!!!! ^_^ YOU´RE AN ALIEN <3 <3

Thank you but you are the one with 2 heads in your video :)

Yes but I don´t have the Gangster mandolin talent and I don´t speak french ok ok ok we are Aliens :/

Origial stuff, love it!

Welcome to steemit and thank you for having a listen!