True story? I love it! where's that vote G

sorry bro ive not been on here in a while, upvoted! its a true story yeah she had the biggest tits ive ever seen! lol

OMG you are da man!!! willy g!! willy g!!

haha cheers yusaymon that made my day

RAAAAAAGHAHHAA!!! mate!! A change up in pace from the spit I saw earlier!! This is sick man!! True story!!!? Dope bit of MC'in! Thank god for the memories and the mammaries!!! haha!
... those lines from about 1:11 man! .... RAAAH!! Smashed it!!!

haha thanks termite, yeah its a true story those muthafuckaz have my video! lol

Muthafukazz!!!!! haha

yo willy G where's my vote bro, i up voted yours


Thanks basilmarples! cool name! glad u enjoyed it haha

thanks mickeymic! who doesnt enjoy a bita story telling haha

is it a true story?

yeah man sure is , a bit embarrasin but sure its entertaining too lol

Haha love it!!

thanks jtulip! glad you enjoyed it haah

started to film this shit lol nice

as you do lol i needed material for the wank bank haha

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