March Madness - The Crumpled Letter Part Eight

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This is the next instalment of The Crumpled Letter for March Madness with Freewrite House. You can read previous instalments by clicking the links below.

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Deirdre looked at her kitchen clock, noting It had just turned ten past twelve. She was meeting Doris at one thirty and had already decided she’d drive, so she had just shy of an hour before she’d need to leave. It was annoying hanging around. Michael had gone to work and she’d finished all her morning chores, so there was nothing for her to do.

Looking at her nails, she decided they could do with a fresh polish. That would take up the time and ease her nerves into the bargain. Sighing, she left the kitchen and went upstairs to the bathroom to collect her nail kit.

Deirdre enjoyed looking after herself. She had always done her own nails and relished it when people asked her where she went to have them done. It was pleasurable to experiment with new designs and since she’d joined Instagram, she’d gained herself quite a following by taking snapshots of her nails. Some of those following had even said it was a pity she only painted her own nails. They’d love to have their nails done by her.

It was just something to keep her occupied though. She hated having nothing to do and was always on the go. When she sat down and began working on her nails some of the jittery feelings she tended to feel, lessened. For her, it was a meditative practice that brought out her creative side. Usually, it was an evening activity, while she sat next to Michael and they watched their shows together. Today though, it would fill the bit of time she had left before leaving to meet Doris.

Returning to the kitchen, Deirdre opened her nail kit and began taking out all the bits she’d need. First she needed to soak her nails and remove the old polish. This meant getting a bowl and some silver foil out of the kitchen cupboards too. Once she had everything ready, she sat down at the kitchen table and looked out at her garden.

One by one she soaked cotton pads for each nail with the polish remover she’d poured into the bowl, and wrapped it onto the tips of her fingers, finishing the process by wrapping some silver foil round to keep the pads in place. She didn’t have the full amount of time she would normally give to this part of the treatment, but knew that fifteen minutes would suffice. When she had completed her left hand, she picked up her phone and, with her usual careful dexterity, positioned her hand so that she could get an elegant shot that included the greenery from her garden in the background. She’d spend some time this evening editing the picture and upload it to her Instagram account. Now to do the right hand, she thought.

Once the fifteen minutes were up she removed the cotton pads and got up to wash her hands. It was now time to file, buff and push back her cuticles before she applied a cleanser to each nail. At each stage she took another snapshot and smiled as the images began to tell a story. She’d show Doris when they were at the restaurant to get her opinion and possibly offer to do her nails. Now it was time to begin adding the base coat. She felt such calm as she concentrated on applying the thin layers. While she waited for the base to dry, she looked at her large selection of gel colours and decided she’d keep it simple today and just opt for red.

Finally, she finished. She’d dried her nails carefully using an LED light and then held up her hands in front of her, admiring her handy work. Another quick snap, and looking at the clock on the wall again she saw it was now one o’clock. Time for her to go.

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You are doing so good.
I got plenty of catching up to do...
I am in the midst of something which will end on Saturday... then full onnnnn
I cheering for you @juliamulcahy ...

Ah, thanks, @kaerpediem. It's good of you to stop by here. Good luck with your catching up. I can related to having something on. I'm not sure what kind of madness took me when I said yes to this! ;D

excellent post julia, I made this gif for you, thanks for donating for my work tool ... if you need help in something that is within my reach do not hesitate to find me.


Thank you Jim. Glad to see you are online. I hope this means there is restored power now where you are. Sending you and yours much love. <3

You know I was wondering why I never see your stuff on my feed. I just realized I don't think I hit the follow button right.

You have been busy! And I now have a lot to catch up on.

I found myself hiding my nails as i read this .... I don't even cut them straight Lol!!!

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Lol! I know what you mean. I've done the same myself on a few occasions. I think I'm following someone and then find out I'm not. No wonder I keep getting lost!

As for the nails. Mine are awful. I had a friend who did her nails though, so thought I'd put a bit of her into my Deirdre character. Lol!

I'm not a nail person, but admire the dedication Deirdre has to the craft, and to herself. She seems a placid peaceful sort. Can't remember what her relationship is to Doris though. I'll have to go back.

Same here (not a nail person) but the way Deirdre gets involved in this little task to ease her anxiety is another great "telling detail." It takes a Jamesian touch to carry a story forward with only a manicure as the action. Maybe later on the scene could be revisited with an eye to more action, but for now, it's just right.

Funny, I'm not a nail person either, but I know many women who are. I have a friend, like Deirdre, who spends hours doing her nails and creating little designs. ;)

No wonder you're so skilled at describing the procedure - you must have seen your friend in action. :) (Why am I not surprised a fellow author isn't into manicures...)