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You were told about a place where you could make money doing nothing more than making videos and writing blog posts. They called it a blockchain and it was going to help make you independently wealthy. Going to you sign up for the "free" account and wait two-three weeks. Finally, you receive the e-mail and within minutes, you are looking a page where trending page where videos and posts have payouts in the triple digits; you find yourself getting excited, but what do you do now?

Somewhere you found a video minimally explaining what all of this is and what to do with it; then they suggest you create an introduction post. You upload a photo and write a few 100 words introducing yourself, push "post" and watch it over the next few hours to see who liked you enough to give it a vote. While you watch the votes never show up, you decide to go look at videos and posts. Since you have been told this is like a social media place, you click upvote for everything you enjoyed until you receive a bandwidth alert message. You are now frustrated, confused, and feeling like you want to leave.

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What Is A New Steemian To Do?

As a new Steemian you need to find a person or group that will be welcoming and help teach you the ins-and-outs of navigating and participating in the Steemiverse. This means you catch someone's attention and they help you find your way. This takes time and can be rather frustrating. However, now there is a place in Discord where new members can find real-time answers by real people who have experience and knowledge, documents to help them in their search, a place to learn and practice new Discord skills enabling them to participate in various opportunities to connect with other Steemians.

This Steem Terminal is much like a terminal where planes, trains, and buses come together to get the community from one place to another. At these transportation hubs, you will find information to help the travelers get from one place to the next as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like these travelers, our Steem community is trying to move between two worlds. These worlds are the Steem and platforms where the posts and videos happen and Discord where people are able to gather and talk, share and learn. This project is not to be considered as competition to any existing project that is tailored to helping users of the STEEM blockchain and DISCORD, but to teach and then assist the users in finding communities that are good fits for them, such as PALnet, WelcomeWagon, MinnowBootCamp, BuddyUp, etc.

Come and join us for a fascinating journey into de-mystifying the STEEM blockchain and DIscord!


@brittandjosie @xcountytraveler @thekittygirl


This project is not to be considered as competition to any existing project that is tailored to helping users of the STEEM blockchain and DISCORD, but to teach and then assist the users in finding communities that are good fits for them, such as PALnet, WelcomeWagon, MinnowBootCamp, BuddyUp, etc.


So excited to be part of this great project!


I am so happy you and @brittandjosie decided to join me! You have helped me so very much.

I am following you three! This is fabulous. @brittandjosie was one of the first to help me. I am now almost 3 weeks old :D

My next goal is to go on Discord... I don't know it at all.

Thank you for your vision and your work.

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Hello fellow wonderful-friendly-weirdos!

This is a most excellent idea [say it in a bill and ted voice]

but seriously... most.excellent!

This post should be in the FAQ to be honest.

This was exactly my experience.. like like like comment heart, post,

BANG! you are done sir! go sit in the corner with that crypto dunce cap on!! you have used up all your resources dummie!

it's a completely different mindset here

YOPO (you only post once. a day. at. max. only if you are in Santa's good book. and you floss. you DO floss don't you? No? no one does? BANG!!)

Good work deserves good things. Well done, Team Steem Terminal

Thank you so very much for the encouragement. We started in August of this year and that was exactly the situation we went through and it was gut-wrenching. Fortunately, we were found by many people early on and it helped us out. Not many people have that opportunity and we want to be there for them. They need the encouragement because that low RC is rough.

it's a definite killer of motivation..

Welp, it looks like you guys are doing good stuff!!

I have been going through this myself, so I welcome anyone who can help simplify this; I'm on board, if you're willing...

You are so welcome. Are you on Discord?

Yes, but I only know how to go to zencolouringcontest by @MagicCleatus, I don't know how to get to anyone else yet.

I see you found us and so excited you joined us in the Terminal.

Here is a post that I share with every real introduceyourself post:

Towards the end you will find how to get your discord account and here you will find our Discord Server:

Excellent idea

Thanks so much. Hoping to be found by many newbies.

Hey, your awesomenesses! Congratulations on your wonderful project! I'm happy to be invited to join and love to be among you. Best of luck, lovlies!

We are so happy to have so many wonderful Gurus like you.

I'm training almost every day to keep the good shape ;-)

You are most welcome , Lets fly @ravijojla

I would really love to :-)


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Hey, @eveningart, I kinda went off another deep end.

Dear ren I am to be your flight attendent, and may the flight be a pleasant one.

Well thank you much.

This is so awesome!!!! Good luck on this new venture for you all!!! I think you will being lots of help to lots of newbies!!!! Hooray for you!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Learned from the best... Yes, that would be you! @bluefinstudios @saffisara @eveningart are next in line.... HUGS FOR ALL!

Well, you know I'm already a fan, Ren. I think you're the most incredible, gorgeous, simply the best, lovely lady I know. (And I'm sure, I missed out quite a few superlatives there, but I don't want to seem like I'm overdoing it).

I have already sent this post to a friend of mine, who has just joined, and given her the Discord link, so hopefully, she'll be along soon to make use of the terminal and get down to studying all the ways of this steemiverse we find ourselves in.

For me, I'm looking forward to learning about DTube, and possibly DSound, which I still no nothing about.

Big hugs to you, and @thekittygirl, and @brittandjosie, who I know I'll love just as much as I do you.

Big Heart to you all x

Hey, @twodorks! Come join the adventure!

I love this Steem Terminal idea! I'm looking forward to helping new Steemians as well as learning new stuff myself!

We look forward to you helping out. I know I was thrilled when I saw that you had decided to support the server by placing the banner at the bottom of your most recent post! Thank you so much for that!

I would have loved to have come across something like this when I first started well over a year ago! Especially to have such a fantastic welcoming team. I already love your curation of newbies in your "Have ya met..." series, but this takes it even further. Resteemed to do my small part to get the word out!

Thanks so very much. I couldn't have done it without @brittandjosie and @thekittygirl.

Pretty cool project! Much needed service!

Thank you so much. Hoping it takes off soon.

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