SteemTerminal: The Concept

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Not only can it be daunting when one is new to the STEEM blockchain, but even longtime users — myself included — can be overwhelmed by all the activity taking place here. There are so many communities, so many curation projects, so many Discord servers... where do we "belong?" After we've spent some time here, we find our niche, dig our heels into the place and feel comfy. Newer users sometimes need a little help in navigating.

We are not in competition with Minnow Support Project, Minnow Boot Camp, The Hive, Welcome Wagon, Buddy-Up, Minnow University, The Alliance, Steemit Ramble, or any other community that has a goal of helping new users. Instead, we intend to help new users to find those locations after they have learned a few basics of navigating the many wonderful destinations in the Steemiverse!


This project was conceived by @xcountytravelers, who delights in welcoming new folks to the STEEM blockchain by scanning posts with the introduceyourself tag and posting an encouraging comment to them, welcoming them to the platform. Then, @xcountytravelers would highlight the good posts by those new users with a curation post such as this one.

It was during these comments & curations that @xcountytravelers realized that new users did not know about the @minnowsupport and their awesome PALnet discord server. They did not know about @welcomewagon or @thehive or @buddyup or @minnowbootcamp or @steemitramble or @thealliance or any of the other great opportunities for learning and growing on the platform. And thus, the concept of the SteemTerminal was born. By providing a little education and then pointing users in the direction that suits their interests, we can help them grow and feel welcome.

We also hope to provide basic information about the existence of the ever-helpful @ginabot, @dustsweeper, @steembasicincome, @steempress, @share2steem and other great projects. We could also make them aware of fun activities such as @steemmonsters, @chibera, @actifit, and @spl.


So, here is to a successful project that will help the new users on the platform and be a benefit to many of our communities, too! It should be a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation, as @dreemsteem would say! 😃







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That's awesome! Honestly I wish I had that when I came along. I was so lost. But I got lucky and saw an invitation to a Discord server. I went with that and it unlocked so many doors for me. This will help them get there faster.

Oh, my! @thekittygirl you have made me out to be a saint! hahah. By far! I just know I loved doing it and felt there could be so much more done for them if we had a way for them to find and connect with the groups that take in new people to educate them.

I could not have done any of the discord server work without you and @brittandjosie. You keep me grounded so I don't totally overwhelm myself.

Thank you so much for an amazing post explaining what we are trying to achieve. You are the bestest!


This is such a great idea. I've been on this platform for about a year now, and did not know of many of these projects until I read this post. I found the amount of 'activities' on the Steem blockchain daunting when I joined, and I'm aware of only a handful of things that have occurred since I joined, so it must be quite intimidating for someone joining now.

I also had the benefit of being introduced to the platform by a friend who is a whale, so he was able to show me around a little. I think without that support, I might have not been here now.

Again, great idea.

THANK YOU for your comment! What you said is positive proof that this project is needed! 💙

When @xcountytravelers told me her idea...she was worried that it might be perceived that she was "competition", but the bottom line is... And I told her this... Lol "there are so many people coming on and not all of them are being reached. More help isn't a bad thing! Not only that but Welcome Wagon wasn't the first "helping" group and we shouldn't be the last". Ren was, is, and will always be part of our WW family for as long as she will have us! And she took off with this idea (with you @thekittygirl and @brittandjosie) with our blessing. ♥️ I'm sure other helping communities feel the same way too! No room for competition when we are all here to help! You guys are doing a fabulous thing! It's needed and we support you. Fly, ladies!!! Hehehe

(Ren knows all this hehe but I wanted to make it public that she, and you two, have our support- in case others wondered too! Hehehe)

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Thanks mom. Be home soon. What's for dinner?

Pasta and sausage! Hehehe

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I'll definitely be home for dinner.

I popped by on Ren's post, so of course I have to stop by yours and throw out some support! This is a wonderful thing you all are doing, and it only enhances the existing support systems. It's hard to find these types of groups when you first get started, so the more the merrier to make sure the people who check Steem out stick around!

Great work, we all need to pull together and this surley does that. Nice one 😊

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Nice concept my friend.
Awesome post.. thanks for share with us..

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very interesting!
After a full year here on steemit, I realise that there is much more to it than I realised in the first place.

I am going to check these things out!

grtz, @vjbasil

I love the name SteemTerminal! What a great idea. I wish you all the best success!

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A M E N love helping out

Have I told you lately how splendid, you guys are! I am so pleased with the good job you are doing here. Keep rocking!

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