LiteCoin (LTC) Mid-Day Update: Like BTC; LTC Return is Beating Apple, AMZN, Tesla & Nvidia and will Continue to do so!!

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Does this very healthy and nice and pleasant correction have you down? Do you feel blue? DON'T!
A $100k in BTC put in during 2011 would now be $3.7 Bil. What do you think it'll be in 5 more years? We are getting a near lifetime buying opportunity being handed to us on a platter and the fear, the panic, the sell, sell, sell mentality is suffocating....but a very good indicator for me to use in that the bottom is near!

Here is Litecoin (LTC/USD) showing the bigger picture of waves and pattern. Are we near the bottom? Hmm, we should be. IF this is a WXYXZ wave, the Z is the last remaining and so close to the apex too!

A closer up showing the myriad of subwaves. So many abc markings! Should the bottom be near? I believe the bottom is close. For this, the bottom support line MUST HOLD! Any decisive breach of the bottom line triggers a new count. Even if the bottom line is breached, is it the end of the world? NO! Would I still buy below it? I'd cast my ladders.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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This selloff has been painful all the way around. Litecoin has been my go-to coin for transactions. Much preferred over Bitcoin. Sad to see it pull back so hard.

25 @ $275
60 @ $225
112 @ $178
175 @ $140

Only one last ladder buy to hit;

500 LTC @ $100

I wish I had so much cash to invest ... Good laddering though.

You will have much if you invest in LTC now.
It's killing me to sell off lots of stocks that are down by 50% to buy my crypto's before the worlds Greatest Wealth Gain Ever!

The next 3 years is unbelievable to imagine how high Crypto's go.

$25,000 LTC by end of 2018

You've invested some cash dude !

I am prepared to buy another 1000 LTC @ $50 if it drops that low?
I see corrections as blessings.

dang thats a rough ladder at 275......

Not so bad because of my ladder down buying with increased amounts.
Cost average is $174.25

Bad day today every hour lost 200usd

I feel for you. I look at the chart free falling and still some people buy in! they must have a big gut but I feel sorry for newbies who believed things will turn ok soon and invested their hard earned money. The hearing on USTD on 4th of Feb might turn out to be another blood bath. it could seriously push BTC to below 5K... so let's be careful everyone.

Whats happening on 4th of feb...please?

Keep cash just in case ... and HODL, will go up anyway before june.

might be better off on the sidelines until this crap clears

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Clif High is all about Litecoin too. Litecoin will be pumped from all angles.

Coinbase+any other exchanges. Charlie Lee. A plethora of other communities and marketplaces using LTC.

TA doesn't always result in outcome, but trends are good to analyze.

Clif High: Litecoin 1/5 of bitcoin and useful for smart contracts. Clif High uses a linguistic data to forecast. Very different approach but complimentary, imo.

I do not understand how everyone think this is a bad day. It is an opportunity day! We just jump back in the past and we can correct our mistakes. Do not hesitate to use this opportunity!

Exactly, when you are looking at a chart and thinking "I wish i could have bought that down there" , this is a time machine that lets you do that!

that was definitely a learning experience and I myself am suffering from too much FOMO about a month ago. BUT I have learned a lot since and I'm planning to learn more. Damn you Ripple ! ;)

Well, the people who bought LTC at $300 a few weeks ago and have no more cash are feeling pretty crappy right now, as half their investment has disappeared. I understand it should go back up, but those people could have twice as much now, and that is killing them!

Still better than the people that bought SPR at 2.8 xD

Damn dude! Ouch!

yep... same with RDD.. bought in 2.2 after haejin's up prediction. but anyway such is life. let's take this black humour and have some laughing time. it will make the day better at least and hopefully coins bounce up soon.

I feel really bad for newcomers to this market. The corrections have to happen. How else will we learn that crypto is not get rich quick scheme.

Believing in this new technology is the key to success:)

guess anything is better than a Bitconnect or something like that.

yea dude we are using the shit version of a time machine right now.
Don't complain when the cryptomarket starts picking up in a couple months and you didn't buy the dip.

Reminds me of one of my favorite jokes. "I'm a time traveler! I travel one second, per second. And, only in the forward direction." :)

Anyone hodling? I know I am!

hodling and BTFD here on the east coast!!!

The hodl force is strong in this one!

Kudos for calling it bearish at 11k. You hit the mark saying the bearish trend would continue to below 9k. If it bottoms out around this price you would have hit your call.

Double bounce at 11k?

Hodl or buy more if you guys have fiat to spend. 👌🏾👌🏾

Loving the optimism! Feeling the pain....

Me encanto tu informacion .saludos.

Yes, I'm in with LTC! What a great entry point right now.

LTC is pretty stable in the market. It hasn't yet been shilled as much as other coins, thats why it ain't dropping like the rest of the other coins. Lesser weak hands on LTC.
Buy the fucking dip guys

Hodl people. Don’t panic! 👍👍👍

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this is crazy, the prices supposedly will continue to rise but evidently people have lost a bit of credibility in the btc due to the closure of the AriseBank and many of its shareholders lost everything as a result of the actions taken by the government on the first decentralized bank of the world, this has produced a fall in the price of the btc and will continue to fall

The Arisebank deal imploding has nothing to do with bitcoin itself, and is actually probably a non factor in bitcoin diving this deep. The Arise bank drama is related to bitshares and the founder of it not doing his due diligence on what was clearly a scam. Jared Rice is a con artist and a lunatic and shouldn't be anywhere near a fantastic project like BitShares.

the price of bitcoin rises because people trust in the cryptocurrency and with government uprisings against cryptocurrencies seeking to regulate or manipulate them, as now the closure of AriseBank causes people to lose confidence in bitcoin. that its price goes down; Regarding the issue of Jared Rice, I invite you to read the article of @ taskmaster4450 who has a very open perspective on the subject and explains very well what happened as well as @stan who makes a lot of reference during the reading there they say something else about Jared Rice

Interesting. I tried to get into the Arise pre-sale, and got an email saying "send 0 ETH to this address" and reported it to their support team. That wasn't the only bug I noticed. The support guy was nice, he said he'd honor the "0 ETH" and sent me an email indicating that I'd have some Arise when it went live.

Didn't even consider purchasing any more, due to the typos -- my thinking being, if they're that sloppy with their textual output, they're likely also hiring sloppy developers.

Great analysis.

Good information

Beating Apple and Amazon at what timeframe? Lifetime? Probably..this month? No

I'm down 400K from ATH. Just HODL!

If I had made 400k I'd have cashed out and be content with that lol

Hoping for a quick rebound! I like LTC think it's a good long term HODL.

Best of all HODL imho

@jrcornel steemed about the reaching thebottom today and now, that you are, I feel we're definitely close to it more than ever. So we should be prepared to see new highs. So happy and eager.


I have my buy points set as follows:

%10 at $160
%20 at $150
%30 at $140
%20 at $130
%10 at $120
%10 at $110

If we don't touch the lower numbers, I'll readjust and buy more on the way up and I'll save the rest in CASH.

I also think that the market is giving a very good opportunity to enter to buy since everything is at discounted price, after we hit bottom we will see new maxima, LiteCoin one of my cryotronedas prefered, thanks for the analysis

The bottom is so closed

Hi @haejin, I've been reading your analyses for quite some time since they were shared with me in a CC group. You're very insightful and informative, so thank very much you!

I want to re-iterate the following because these are my sentiments exactly:

"A $100k in BTC put in during 2011 would now be $3.7 Bil. What do you think it'll be in 5 more years? We are getting a near lifetime buying opportunity being handed to us on a platter and the fear, the panic, the sell, sell, sell mentality is suffocating....but a very good indicator for me to use in that the bottom is near!"

Cheers to everyone on steemit!

Thanks for the information

LTC >>> ALL !!!!!!