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That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Character is forged through pain.

Why are rich kids often spoiled brats? They’ve never been through the rough times. The eating ketchup for dinner. The putting your own parent to bed every night because they’re too drunk to walk.

When you’ve been through a lot, not much scares you anymore. Not much stresses you. You don’t find most problems to be a big deal anymore.

It’s quite relieving actually.
If you’ve never been through anything, you don’t know how to get through anything.

How do you become stronger? Seek out pain through challenge.

Take the MMA class. Take the improvisation class. Go backpacking through Europe. Compete in your best sport at higher levels.

You’ll find you end up a better person when it’s all over.

Afterwards, you’re used to the pain. You’re used to the struggle. You’re used to the grind.

Now use it and put your ear to the ground to find success. Chase it with your new strength.

Chase it with everything you have.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Quotes, Notes, and Women!

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Whatever you need, gather it. Whatever you want, chase it. Whenever you can, give it back.


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Thank you! I appreciate it :)

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Good Post @riskybiscuit .Keep It Up. Have a Nice Day.

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