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If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.
-Mahatma Gandhi

With the way the world is today, having a sense of humor is the only way you’re going to get through life.

Committing suicide is pretty extreme, Gandhi, but the point still stands.

Life will throw a brick at your head if you let it. Sometimes, even if you don’t let it, you’ll still get hit.

Without a sense of humor, you will be overcome with grief, sadness, and depression simply by watching one night of the evening news.

You have to understand that we’re on this Earth for a short while. What’s the meaning of life if you never laugh along the way?

Regardless of how ambitious, stressed, successful, or poor you are, laugh every day.
Laugh with your friends. Laugh at your cat chasing a laser pointer. Laugh at how hard you’re working to get some more green paper in your pocket.

Laugh at the irony of life.

And when you’re done?

Get back to work. The grind never stops. Neither will you.

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