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Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.
-Benjamin Franklin

Getting rich is explained in six words.

Make more. Save more. Spend less.

That’s all there is to it. The reason there’s millions of books on getting rich is because there’s a million ways to make more, save more, and spend less.

Most of us are pretty aware of the need to make more money. We here the advice all the time. Network, seek promotions, go to college, start a business.

You’re also told the importance of saving more. 15% of your paycheck goes straight to your savings account before anythi…blah blah blah.

Few people talk about the most important one though. Spending less.

I know people that make 100k a year that live paycheck to paycheck. People buying the newest iPhone while defaulting on their student loans.

Stop spending so much money. There is nothing that will hurt your financial future more than buying useless shit.

You don’t need steak three times a week. You don’t need the best cable TV package. You don’t need to eat out twice a week. You don’t need a new car. You don’t need that dress that Kim Kardashian is wearing.

More money will help you. More expenses will destroy you.

Never forget it.

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Whatever you need, gather it. Whatever you want, chase it. Whenever you can, give it back.


I can only say happy 4th of july to you @riskybiscuit

It is okay to spend a little bit and it is okay to save a little bit to create healthy balance Millennials unfortunately not going to spend because they are do not have any money to spend we not independent we are all in enormous amount of deaths happy Fourth of July

Millennials unfortunately not going to spend because they are do not have any money to spend

This is a great point. I know more than a few people living with their parents simply because they can't afford otherwise! The cost to live alone is too much these days.

A good news at least you have your family close by

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