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While we are postponing, life speeds by.
-Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Time waits for no one. So don’t wait for time.

There will never be a perfect chance. A perfect opportunity. Where the stars alignyou’re your action executes flawlessly with no drawbacks.

It doesn’t happen. Every worthwhile, big, and planned action you perform has reactions that you never could have predicted.

Knowing this, why wait? Plan for the action, but don’t postpone it because it’s not perfect circumstances.

You could wait 2 years to start a business when you have more capital.

Or, you can start now. Learn the business. Learn the market. Create the foundations that don’t require a lot of capital. Find the market’s need. Modify your product or service.

Don’t wait. Try. Fail. Try. Succeed.

But don’t wait.

Wait too long and you’ll have more wrinkles than time.

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