🔘 🔘 ‼️ comfortable for hours of office work and boss around 😚

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[peek 68 missed ;-]

More peeks @peekbit (i |🇨🇳 |🇰🇷 |🇪🇸)
Original pictures with nipples exposed to give pleasure on demand for a happier, more relaxed world… my attempt in contributing to the bright side of life.
About the concept why my peeks are monochrome.
Some remarks about my resteeming for my esteemed followers.
© Copyright - All rights reserved, especially for reproduction, distribution and copying. Peekbit

— 🇨🇳 🌏 — 舒适的工作时间和周围的老板几个小时 😚
更多的乳头窥视 @peekbit
原始图片与奶头暴露给乐趣的需求, 一个更快乐, 更轻松的世界..。为生活的光明面做出贡献.
© 版權 - 保留所有權利,特別是複制,分發和復制。Peekbit

— 🇰🇷 🌏 — 사무실 업무의 몇 시간 동안 편안함 그리고 보스 주위에 😚
더 많은 젖꼭지 사진 @peekbit
젖꼭지가있는 원본 사진은 더 행복하고 편안한 세계를 원하는 사람들에게 즐거움을 선사합니다 ... 생활의 밝은 면에 기여.
© 저작권 - 판권 소유 (예 : 복제, 배포 및 복사). Peekbit

— 🇪🇸 🌍🌎 — cómodo para horas de trabajo de oficina y jefe alrededor 😚
Más peeks de pezones @peekbit
Cuadros originales con pezones expuestos para dar placer a la demanda de un mundo más feliz, más relajado... mi contribución al lado positivo de la vida.
© Copyright - Todos los derechos reservados, especialmente para reproducción, distribución y copia. Peekbit

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how do all those steem basic income votes work? I want to receive those too.

You have to dedicate shares (1 steem each) to somebody('s content) you like. For every share you dedicate you always receive one share too. Don't mss to upvote @steembasicincome posts then - you will get up to +100%. Here is a link for more details... Note that it needs a long time of regular postings to have a return at the end.
😊 @peekbit

thank you @peekbit . You seem to be doing well with it though? I wouldn't mind my posts earning like yours. Unfortunately my nipples are not sexy lol

at least sbi is a nice idea...
and you always can come and see both of mine 😊 @peekbit

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