💚 For my Followers 💚

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I really want to give something back to my followers - to you…

Since I’m just the tiny @peekbit here on steemit my upvotes are not worth so much - at least if they are counted in STEEM/SBD.
But what I can do is to 'resteem' some of your post (3 maybe) regularly.

It will be a way for me to give something back to you - for all your friendly upvotes and nice comments.

There will be no sharp criteria which post I select finally. Maybe I like

  • the picture
  • the message
  • the effort of writing
  • the author ;)
  • ...

I hope my resteeming will support your post a bit - but mainly it's just to say Thank You.

😊 @peekbit

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We all started small. Don't worry about the perceived "dollar value" of what you offer--that's not important right now. Focus instead on curating the content of those who you feel best represent the community you want to surround yourself with here. :)

Yes - you are right. That's what I try... So you are very welcome around me 😊

That's very nice of you

follow me

I'll make it rain soft kisses for you wherever you want them. ) ❤️

so rain can be nicer than sun... ☺️

nice idea... and thank you @peekbit for all the peeks you‘ve posted so far 🙂

enjoy them 😊

I always do... happy easter... 😅

thank you 😊

Thanksfoto0001.png For resteeming.