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What in the world are you doing with your life?

Honestly, if you know who you are, then what you are doing should be reflecting that. Personally, I have three main identities, and everything else in my life comes after those three, or is an extension of those three. Knowing your purpose and goals makes life a lot more meaningful, and things are easier to accomplish if you know exactly what you are actually trying to accomplish.

This is just a random ramble from me, but I thought that it would be good to share and thought that it could also provide some insight into who I am and why I do what I do. Enjoy the video folks!


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What a powerful video. I have been on Steemit for only a short time and have learned to watch for the material you post, but I don't know how you can ever surpass this one.

I have worked in a very goal-oriented profession all my adult life. I have been successful in it, and as I approach the last few years of this career, I know that I have been very good at my work. However, I have not generally applied those skills in my personal life, and am only now beginning to realize my identity and roles going forward. If only I had done a better job of that as a younger man, as you have done.

Whoa! Your comment makes me think of what would become of me if at a later year of my life, I take this introspective look at myself. @papa-pepper you are inspiring.... I want to sit and digest the video a little further. #gemsofwisdom

Act now. A common thought for me is, "I wish I had done or known this 20 years ago." I know what my path is now, but the wasted time is regrettable.

Hmmmmm.... Your words will running through in my head Everytime I want to abandon something I should be doing on the long term

I’m new here... I hit the platform a month ago... Although English is not my motherhood language I have understood from your video that there are three things that matter to you. 1. Your relationship with God, 2. Your relationship with your wife, 3. Your relationship with your children. These define your life and the decisions you make spring from these relationships. All those relationship are the source of your identity... which is really amazing.
Am I right?
I have to admit that my identity and resources are in my relationships with God and my Lord Jesus.
Bless you and your family!

Good understanding!

I am glad I am following ya papa-pepper. My wife and I are working the best we can by God's grace to get out of debt and my long term dream is to live in the country off the grid as much as possible. Grow our own food, pump water from a well, be self efficient. But even that goal is something we need God's wisdom and guidance for. I can see that God has truly worked in your heart and changed a heart of a criminal to a humble man of God. I need to also put God first in my life so in turn I can love my wife and my children the way God wants me too. Love for God will help me to be a better man. By God's grace I can grow my youtube channel and steemit to be a good witnessing tool for others to be lead to Christ. Thank you for not being ashamed of sharing your faith. God bless and keep on fighting that good fight of faith.

Thank you for all of that. May the Lord lead you as you allow Him to. Be blessed.

@papa-pepper, you and I might be from different religions, you and I might be in different countries, you and I might be living different lives... but what you are saying is so true... Like I even don't know whether you will be able to read this comment, as hundreds of comments will be pouring in right now... but you are a good man and it doesn't matter what your past is if you learnt your lessons... God bless you Mr. Pepper... now I am going to go and hug my wife because we had a fight (we always do every now and then)... cheers mate...

Thank you for that my friend!

Knowing your purpose and goals makes life a lot more meaningful, and things are easier to accomplish if you know exactly what you are actually trying to accomplish.
This is completely true you cannot know who you are and it does not reflect in your life. It is only a person who does not know why he is living would end up living a worthless life.

I agree with you on it being a curse having both parents leave the home to work. It’s truly a blessing that you can earn money from home to be there for your family.

Just a few days back i was questioning my choices, was correlating success with money fame and popularity. But now i see that its happiness and satisfaction with work that matters the most and what is keeping your mind happy is what one should do. This is what they mean by " follow your heart" I guess.

Thank you for inspiring pops!

Cool! Thanks for being inspired.

I agree. I've learned while going after goals you first need to make certain it helps you in what you care most about. Mine are:

  1. Being the best Father possible
  2. Improving physical self
  3. Improving financial well being & business

The areas I know I need to improve even more on is:

  1. Being a great husband (I put child above relationship)
  2. Growing closer to Lord

Thanks for the video / post and honest response.

Your priority list is dead right. Mine is skewed which I am working on but I put in the order I am currently focusing on in the time I am putting towards it.

Sorry to blowup wall. I am reading one of the proverbs each day and applying it to my life. Thought you may enjoy this one.

I'll check it out. Thanks!

Thanks for your honest evaluation of yoursekf too!

Today I thought to define @papa-pepper but I didn't found any words to define. The inspirational video made me emotional. Words seem to be less to write here.
I had studied Murdock, Raphael Linton, Iravati Karve and many more socio-anthropologists who had defined the family and relationships among family members, today's speach by you was more emotional with natural behavior to define a good family. May be because it was with emotional expression.
Hope your relationship with God and family be as you think and better than that. And at last one line I am taking from your post "why do what I do" and try to make it "I do what I do".
Thanks for the great motivational and emotional video. God bless you and your family.


It looks like you are very aware of your roles and the important things in your life. I also believe wholeheartedly that we have to be aware of the values in our life. #livingwithvalues

Very true!

hi @ papa-pepper ..! I like every post you, your posts are always good and full of challenges may I join you, and ask for support in every post I ...?

Wow your post are amazing! Very good job, content everything is perfect... congratulation my friend. For me the life is for enjoys with the family and friend is the true happiness :) i follow you my friend @papa-pepper

I really like the design of your post ... like you, I am one of those who think that nothing is more important than spending time with the family. time it takes us to work. but having a fixed source of income and at home is a blessing since all the time or most of it would be destined to the family :)

we have to know who we are our identity, it is key to be able to evolve internally and personally :)

We are all created for a purpose and until we are conscious of the fact that we are created for a purpose, that's when we work towards achieving those goals attached to the purpose

Oh, wow! Sounds like there might be hope for even me some day!
Thanks for the inspiration Papa!

Lol, there is hope for us all. Thank you!

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Love the proof today :-)


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very nice steemit post

"WOW" This is so inspiring!!!!!

Thanks for this video. It's encouraging to hear that you have that same goals that I have: being a good son of God, a good husband and a good father. And it's definitely inspiring to see how honest one man can be, without any need to hide his deeper beliefs. Stay blessed!

you made me curious enough to explore myself and find answers to those questions :)

I think you should!

Nice post

Good video! Keeping to your path and maintaining what makes you happy is a great way to see your life. Ive been down rougher paths in the past as well and can understand the importance of staying true to yourself and in the present moment of your life. 🙃 Thanks for the unexpected gift in my wallet! Its going to be a great help!

Glad you got that. Thanks for having us over and for the interview.

Truly, the way nature made it ,our life is a reflection of what we do.whether good or bad .that's the reason that we should guard our action and be conscious of it ,because out of it lies our result.

Well said.. we must know what we are up to and what are our expectations.. Life has given so much but we must know how to utilise it. Thanks for sharing.
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I share your spirit, so I recognize the truth in what you are saying. Knowing who we are- a child of God- enables us to prioritize our lives in such a way that we can live it as God intended for us to live. Thank you for sharing this candid testimony. May others find encouragement to seek God in all they do.

Amen to that!

wow very nice

Knowing one's identity should be everyone's priority cause without you knowing your identity you are definitely lost, because that is the proof of the man you say you are.

Wow! You are living the most beautiful life. Being a child of God, husband of your wife and father of your children. @papa-pepper, you are a great source of inspiration to many of us. Your testimony is evident. Forgiven, saved and sanctify. I have got some things to discuss with you, I don't know which means you could be reached that will be more effective, Any discord server?

You can find me on discord.

Please can you help me with the discord link?

Knowing who we are and also loving for what we are.

To continue life, you must set clear goals, believe in your abilities to achieve your dreams always, and try not to fail and despair of life, because the failures do not achieve his dreams, perseverance and diligence are the basis of success in life, thank you my friend

it is very true @papa-pepper, because we have to reflect our own actions before it is done, whether it is good after being done or bad.
because every action we have to keep all the feelings of others @papa-pepper.
I really agree with your post this @papa-pepper.
because very many people who do acts that hurt others, it happens because they do not reflect the actions that will be done that, good or bad.


Very inspiring video @papa-pepper and very brave for you to share everything that you did wrongfrom the past, and there are some points here that really amazed me
My relationship with God is first & foremost
I am a husband (only death is gonna change that for us) sweet
I am a father to @little-peppers

Keep on inspiring us @papa-pepper


Glad that you took the time to check it out!

Sweet. Thanks for being you.

I have no other option.

I love this..
A friends friend here just lost his father.
And it got me thinking. What am I really doing with my life? Has it affected others positively? We all need to think about this carefully

your explanation adds to my knowledge. thank you

wow very excellent

Nice thought. You should know who you are and your actions should be reflecting that.
Your habits reflect that.

Your lifestyle revolves around what you do & what you do defines your lifestyle.

Well buddy I like the facts about your 3 identity well the 1st being the Son of God is the best suited and so the other as well Husband & a Father .Sure nice words buddy to make someone feel great and allow to move forward !

Glad that you liked it! Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you for this @papa-pepper. This is something I have also realized in my walk with God. We can do things our way, and we can do them with God. And with God, things may not be easier, but they will be the right way, and often we only reap the rewards later on in life.

My life also changed when I got married and although I was Christian before that, choosing to do things the right way (ie by not living in sin) has resulted in many, many miracles, that are not explainable by earthly ways. We are only walking this earth for a short while, and it’s best to walk that path with God.

Thank you for this post, I really look forward to your posts. 💜

Also - Yoda says, “Know thyself, you must” x

I'm glad that you liked it, and more importantly that you can relate.

I can totally. I think it’s something you cannot fully explain to other people , they will only understand completely when they are there themselves x

Your post ever cruise me and makes me feel like what you mean. This post touches me especially when watching the video... Thanks @papa-pepper for this wonderful update

whoa... what a powerfull video. I love it, grack tung guys. dont forget follow me. thanks

On the other hand realizing one's purpose is like reaching your journey's goal - it's not fun anymore, you may think "is that it, shouldn't I suppose to do something more?".
What are your thoughts about it?

Creat proofs and be the best you can be

@papa-pepper, I follow you since I started here, it's been almost two months from now. And I seriously think that what you do here and the support you have, is the result of those three identities that you have. And it's great! Besides, with that you're making me see things from another perspective, cause'in some how, I still feel a little lost. I thank you a lot for this post!

Glad you are willing to look at things from another angle!

Thanks for what you did, man. Seriously, you make me the day.

You are welcome!

nice post friend.I really like your post

well said and well wrote
thanks for the motivation dear friend

Hello! I'm new to the steemians community. My language is Spanish, but nevertheless I was able to understand the video and I congratulate him sincerely for his initiative. I could understand that for you it is very important the relationship with GOD and with your family (your wife and children) and I am completely in agreement, since we exist on earth by the mercy of GOD, without him we are nothing and we can not be and also our loved ones (who GOD Himself gave us), contribute to give meaning to our life. Definitely, our life changes when we have someone to love unconditionally.
Also, as you point out, it is very important to have clear goals in life, because if you don't know what you are looking for, you don't understand what you find. In other words, if you don't have a goal or a clear objective, you can find people, things and situations that are very valuable in life, but they can be lost if you don't take into account their value and importance. Hence the relevance of his video and personal reflection. Thank you very much. GOD Bless you greatly.

Thank you very much!

This is amazing Papa. Setting priorities increases the value of that thing. Placing appropriate value on the absence of people you can't afford and the presence of those you can't trivialize. Our temperaments sometimes, just sometimes determines how we think and how we act and i just posted about that, only IF you would love to read it. God and family is everything. God won't leave you, family would always have your back anytime and any day. Coming home to them is like stepping into the water: each time it is new.

always make yourself helpful for others,,,

As I see it, your identity is related to your moral values. That defines every desition and action of your life. If you have clear what is the purpose of you life, every action will have a meaning.

Nice video to get people think of a meaningful life. Thanks.

I never tire of hearing your testimony about what God has done for you! What we see here on Steemit is Christ through you! What a great example you are of what it means to have Jesus in your life!

Thank you for your continual encouragement.

You are welcome. You have a captive audience here. God is working.... :-)

I think the life in question, a life that can interpret other people, and can help others, that's life meaningful, @ papa-pipper

Awesome video (rant)! I am a spiritual creature made in the Creator's image. He guides me. I try to follow in his footsteps. I am human and am fallible. I am a wife even though I am widowed. That relationship went to a different level. I am a mother. That is the third vocation. To bring up my children and grandchildren in the Creator's love. My fourth is my relationships with my extended family and friends. This is what identifies me.

Nice identity my friend!

Great video, my Son.

Knowing your identity is knowing your worth. Who you are, what you do what you like, and what you want to become is part of your identity. Let no one modify it for your identity is unique. Do not let other people judge you, if they do so, let them be for that is part of their identity, being unkind to others. Know your worth for you are worthy enough :)