5 Keys to Successful Goal Setting

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1. Be specific, detailed, and clear.



In order for your goals to have any impact, you must understand exactly what those goals are. By being specific, concrete and clear, you have identified what you intend to accomplish – this is important because you need to be able to know when you have achieved your accomplishment. This might sound obvious, but how do know that you've hit the goal if you haven't defined what the goal is. Highly defined goals are attained while ambigious goals are quickly forgotten.

2. Goals must be measurable.



You have to be able to analyze your progress and evaluate your results in a tangible way. Don't just say that you have a goal of making lots of money – that is subjective. Instead, define how much money you want to make and the time frame you expect to do it in. Being able to measure your progress helps you to know where you stand and can help you know when you need to modify your direction to stay on track.

3. Goals have deadlines.



Goals have a time frame by which you need to accomplish them by. By setting a time frame, you give yourself that added incentive to take action. As you approach your deadline, you can adjust your strategy to be sure that you stick to your initial time objective. If you pass your deadline – don't give up; simply re-assess the situation and adjust accordingly.

4. Goals need to be realistic.



Its important that goals stretch your capacity and push the boundries of your comfort zone – otherwise , you will never grow. But goals need to be realistic so that you do not get discouraged and give up on them at the first sign of adversity. It's important to understand yourself when setting goals – you need to know what you need to sacrifice to achieve your goals and recognize whether or not you are the kind of person that is willing to do so to follow through with them and make it happen. You are capable of achieving anything – however , sometimes our own mind can be our greatest enemy. If you have never climbed a mountain before and your goal is to climb mount Everest – you need to break your goal into smaller more consumable and realistic goals – like completing a 10 mile hike, otherwise you could get easily discouraged and give up on the first leg of your climb.


5. Goals should align with your values and beliefs.



You will find it easier to acheive your goals when they are in line with you value system – it would be difficult for someone to be passionate about raising money for a cat charity if you hate cats. When our goals and our beliefs are aligned, we approach it with more drive, and purpose. We have an inner motivation that pushed us closer to our goal everyday. Find this source of passion and tap into it when setting your goals.


Go out there and achieve your goals!!


You can do anything you set your mind to and no goal is too big if you approach it the right way. Some people had goals of flying, or going to the moon , or putting a computer on every desk in the world - now it's up to you to set your goals and hit your marks - don't let anybody stand in your way - especially yourself!




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That's a good write up on how to achieve goals and maintain your expectations.. good Job !

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. I will continue putting up similar content - I am a real estate investor and post a lot of real estate related blogs, but I am also really big on self improvement so I like to post on that subject a lot also.

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