House Flip Update: Kitchen Makeover

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We've gotten a lot done since the last update - so much to talk about - but lets look at the kitchen. Does anyone remember when the kitchen looked like this:


and this....


Well it's had a major makeover...

New upper and lower cabinets, granite counter tops, porcelain coated iron farmers sink, new refrigerator, new dishwasher, new tile ceiling, new wood floor, extra electrical outlets, and fresh paint


Have a look:


The kitchen now has a pantry



A porcelain iron farmers sink



The window was removed and filled in


So we are very close to wrapping up this whole project and I will have a flip journal for everyone to review so you can see the finished product. We are excited to be at the end of several months of rehab and look forward to sharing it with you all. Make sure to check back to see what it looks like when it's completed. Today I need to go look for tiles for the bathroom and we will have some updates about that coming soon.




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Looks good I like all the storage wish I can redo my kitchen one day I do all the cooking gf would burn the house down if she tried to cook she has had like 3 fires from her trying to cook

lol.. that's funny... thanks for the compliment

I love seeing these pics. They give me inspiration on my project. Yours is moving so much faster than mine. That's ok. I'm doing mine very part-time while also taking a full load of school classes. I just finished a semester with 20 credit hours (7 classes). I should graduate in July and not have to worry about college again for a long while!

thanks! it only looks fast cause its the internet - this has been a 5 month process with lots of ups and downs. We have finally completed it and I will be posting up the final pics soon. Congrats on finishing your semester - July is right around the corner!

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